Ratio is really narrow, thats, because im shooting with the new cinematic portrait mode of the vivo x80 pro. So this is basically portrait. Video youll get this little background blur and also shoot in a wider, wide screen aspect ratio for that cinematic vibe. So this is very similar to the modes that apple and samsung have already offered okay. So now this is cinematic mode with the you know: artificial bokeh, on the iphone 13 pro and the vivo x80 pro. How does it look right now, while we still have some light, but the vivo x80 pro at least one ups, the iphone in that it can shoot cinematic mode even at night, when low light situations like right now, whereas the iphone cannot, they can only do so. During the day, with good lighting, if you try it at night, it will say theres not enough light to produce a digital blur. So this little cinematic style is part of a package of portrait filters or styles that vivo developed for the vivo x80 pro, and it also works for still photos so its not just for videos. I really like this portrait film filter in particular. It gives off this retro film camera vibe that i really like and you can adjust the degree of bokeh and the focus point after the fact, after youve taken a shot in the photo gallery app, this mode is really fun to play with and ive captured. Some of my favorite pictures of my girlfriend with this phone in the last few weeks – okay, i know some of you guys are gon na, be like.

Oh, the videos look so grainy. Well, our main reason for that is because it is ultimately limitations of smartphone hardware. Theres only so much a hardware can do when youre shooting low light conditions. When you do shoot in better lighting conditions, you do get sharper footage, but for me personally, i actually think the graininess of this video add to the cinematic vibe. I dont know if you guys saw the recent batman movie, but that movie looked like it was out of focus and a little bit like noisy at all times, and that was by design. The directors did that on purpose for a cinematic moody vibe, and i actually think when you have a green light video. It actually looks like that a little bit. The camera hardware here is very similar to the camera hardware and the vivo x70 pro plus. There are only three changes that i know of so the first change is the main camera, the 50 megapixel main camera and now uses a samsung gmv sensor. This is a new sensor per se, but its really just a slightly modified version of the gn1 sensor. That was used in the last two vivo flagship phones, so that means its a really good sensor, still one over 1.3 image sensor size, but its not a complete brand new, never before seen hardware. The second change is the imaging chip inside is now the v1 plus. Last years, x70 pro plus used the v1, so the v1, plus its also just a slight iterative, upgrade on the v1 chip, but the v1 plus chip according to vivo is what made the cinematic mode impossible.

The third change is going to be a little bit controversial. So the gimbal camera system that, on the x70 pro plus supported the ultra wide camera. It is now moved to the telephoto camera. So now it supports the two times zoom lens now. Vivos logic is that you can use the two times portrait lens to take videos. Now – and you wont have as many shakes but im someone who likes shooting video with the ultrawide camera a lot and in my opinion i would rather have the gimbal system in the ultra wide camera and even though ultra wide footage on the x80 pro is still Reasonably stable, if i do actually move very fast, the x70 pro plus video is less shaky, as you can see here now, im just gon na be honest here: ive taken over 100 photos already with the vivo x8 pro and the vivo x70 pro plus, and the Differences between the two cameras are very, very small. If you have the vivo x70 pro plus, i almost want to say you dont have to upgrade to the x80 pro unless you really want to shoot cinematic video. But you have to keep in mind the x7 pro plus already had, in my opinion, the best camera system around particularly the main camera. It consistently outperformed the iphone 13 pro, the s20 ultra or the google pixel 6 pro in hdr shots and the x80 pro continues. This trend, particularly in shots from shooting at night, against neon light or any source of bright lights.

You see that the vivo x80 pro shot is just better balanced, better hdr than the iphone 13 pro max and the galaxy s 22 ultra. I personally, like the x80 pros camera better than the sony 2 ultra or the iphone 13 pro maxs camera, but you know its just not that much better if, at all than the x70 pro pluses, camera, okay ill come back to the cameras in a bit lets. First, go over the rest of the hardware. It is very, very similar to the vivo x70 pro pluses hardware, so you have a 6.8 inch oled panel, its a 2k panel ltpo. So that means the refresh rate can go all the way up to 120 hertz, but it can also drop down to one hertz, so it conserves battery theres a hundred 4 hour battery in there and battery life for me has been pretty good if im really pushing It heavily like when im outside all day filming and using the phone a lot it will drain up to ten eleven twelve percent per hour. So that means the phone wont even last me, 10 hours out on a heavy days of use, but on a lighter day on days, when im tied to the computer and the phone is more sync on a desk, then it will finish a 12 13 hour day With like 30 40 percent left, the good news is, there is an 80 watt charging bridge that comes in the box, and charging is very, very fast okay, so it is 7, 20 p.

m. Right now and im at 16 percent battery okay, im gon na plug it in it should be charging yep. It says: flash charge: 16, 720, okay, its not 7 30, so its been 10 minutes since ive plugged in the x80 pro and boom. We are at 51 at 7, 30, so in general, vivo just goes above and beyond with his packaging. You also get usbc earbuds, and this uh case. This is not a cheap plasticky case too. This case is made of a vegan leather or the faux leather material that was in the vivo x60 pro plus, and you just snap on. It covers the back and the corners, its quite nice, and i, like this texture, a lot more than the actual texture of the background. This is the same texture back as seen in the vivo x70 pro plus, and i didnt like that either its this frosted texture. That feels a little bit slippery in the hand, but the back of this gorilla glass victor. So you do get protection, but i have been using a case on it anyway. To get this a leather feel now other than the cameras. There are two upgrades in hardware from this phone over the x70 pro plus. The first is the obvious. This thing runs on the snapdragon 8 gen 1 over the snapdragon, triple a to be honest, youre, not really going to see a difference unless you look at benchmark numbers, i think mobile chips have gotten really really good.

Now that you know, even if you use one from last year, youre not going to see a big difference where you will see a big difference is in the fingerprint scanner, so vivo upgraded. The scanner here is in display scanner, but it is now an ultrasonic 3d max scanner from qualcomm, and this scanner is not only a little bit faster than the optical scanner used in last years, x70, pro plus, but also has a larger scanning area. In fact, the scanning area is so large vivo built this software trick. That allows you to launch an app directly from the lock screen, because you just have to put your finger on that part of the screen and you can launch that app and its completely customizable. So you can set it to launch whatsapp instagram gmail, whatever the heck you want so other than the fingerprint scanner and soc. The rest of the package is very, very similar to the x70 pro plus um same speakers, same haptic engine same display to my eyes and, like i said, the camera performance are very very similar too, and if you own the x70 pro plus, you really do not Need to upgrade to the x80 pro this one runs on android 12 with vivos fun touch software on top, so not origin. Os originals is only for vivo phone sold inside china. This is the global version, so fun touch. Fun touch is okay, for the most part, it stays out of the way.

Animations are pretty fluid, and i like that. I can now open apps in a floating window, which i couldnt do in the last couple of versions of fun touch. Okay, now lets get back to the camera, so the ultrawide camera here is a 48 megapixel sensor with a 114 degree field of view, and also as mentioned doesnt, have that gimbal system that was in here the gimbal system got moved to support the two times. Telephoto zoom lens is a 12 megapixel lens. Like i already said, i prefer on the ultra wide lens, but i can see why vivo chose to put the gimbal system on the two times portrait lens, because when youre shooting videos the longer the focal length, the easier it is to accidentally have shakes. So the gimbal lens will offset a little bit of that and, as you can see from these videos here, im shooting with the two times portrait lens, handheld and video – look relatively stable. You know its not too shaky, and finally, you have a five times: periscope zoom lens eight megapixel, exact same periscope, zoom lens here and the one seen in the vivox volts and the periscope zoom lens here is just okay, its definitely not on par of the galaxy S22 ultra epic periscope zoom lens, but it is definitely better than not having a periscope zoom. So anytime, i compare zoom photos between this phone and a phone without a periscope like an iphone 13 pro, this phone will win, but if i compare zoom photos against the s22 ultra, then s22 ultra will win.

But overall, though, like i said the vivo x80 pro just like the x70 pro plus really excels in low light, photography and also hdr photos. If youre comparing photos by the main camera, you can see the iphone and the s22 ultra can still keep up a little bit, but once you move to the ultra wide camera, the x80 pros ultrawide shots are just much sharper and much better illuminated overall than the Ultrawide shots in the iphone 13 pro or the galaxy s. 22. Ultra im pretty happy with video performance too, and im talking about normal videos. Now not the portrait style, video okay, so we have a galaxy s: 22 ultra and the vivo x80 pro 4k30 footage. Okay. So youre watching main camera footage with the vivo x84 on the iphone 13 pro max im on a pretty dark street main camera footage. 4K, 30.. So overall im very happy with the vivo x80 pro. I think, in my opinion at least for still photos. I still think this is the best phone on the market, at least with the main and ultra wide camera. Like i said, the periscope zoom lens is a little bit disappointing, compared to not just the s22 ultras periscope, but also like the xiaomi 11 ultra periscope. I think theres room for improvement here, but with that said, i keep coming back to this. If you already own the vivo x70 pro plus, you do not need to get this phone.

All the improvements are very, very minor. Its its almost like, i feel, like vivo, may be pumping out the v phones a little bit too fast, because you know other brands are releasing flagship phones, one model a year like theres an s22 and an s23 isnt. Coming till next year, vivos releasing a new flagship x series every six months, and i just think you know phone innovations has kind of slowed down a little bit im, not sure you can expect major improvements every six months going forward like im, not sure other than Improving the periscope zoom lenses, maybe what vivo can do the x 90 series that can improve on this? The next 90 series you know knowing vivo will be out like in september or october. I mean thats not that far from now, so i guess, vivos strategy with the x series is kind of like oppo strategy with the reno series, meaning this phone, the x80, its not aimed at people who already own the x70. This phone is aimed at people who might be coming over from another phone or someone who has the x60 or x50 its kind of like what apple does with the apple watch. You know when apple releases, an apple watch 6. The 5 still goes on sale, its not like the 5 gets replaced. The apple watch 6, its not aiming for people who owns apple watch 5., its aiming at people who owns the apple watch 3 or the apple watch 4.

. So i guess same logic here, but i do think maybe chinese brands need to slow down the releases a little bit. Okay, i dont know the pricing of this phone yet, but we already know going by the last couple of vivo top tier x series devices. This is gon na be over one thousand us dollars. It might even get up to one thousand one hundred one thousand two hundred dollars. I think at one thousand two hundred its cutting a little bit too close to the s22 ultra that most people will pick this showing to ultra. It has a better zoom as an s. Pen has slightly better battery life, but if you care about shooting the best hdr photos, particularly, we live in a city with a lot of neon lights like hong kong, tokyo, shanghai or like seoul. This phone is gon na blow you away with a lot of photos like to this day the vivo exciting pro plus still consistently grab shots. That makes me go like wow that the iphone 13 pro just cannot do so. This will continue that trend. This will carry on the torch as the best still photo camera phone of the year, probably so thats about it. For this review, i have a lot more content coming up. In fact, i might have content coming up the day that youre watching this video and i might be in another country who knows so yeah if youre interested keep up to date with all the latest gadgets.

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