This is apparently going to be the top dog phone, the highest end model in vivos x80 series theres, apparently not going to be a vivo x80 pro plus. Unlike the last few, models, like the x70 x60 x50 all had a pro plus model. This is the vivo x74 plus here i think vivo just trying to simplify its naming scheme to make it less complicated. So the pro is just going to be the highest model and for the most part, all the specs and components here are premium flagship territory. It seems like a natural successor of the vivo x70 pro plus. However, there does not seem to be much changes in the hardware, the main camera, its a new sensor, its a samsung gnv sensor, but its really just a minor upgraded version of the gn1 sensor, thats already used in the x70 pro plus and otherwise the ultrawide camera Zoom lens are all the exact same hardware, however. The vivo x80 pro has a newer imaging chip, its a vivos v1 plus. This one is just v1 from what i can see from the floor samples. It seems like the v1 plus aims for a little bit more natural colors. If you look at these side by side comparisons, the x70 pro plus colors pop a little bit more to some people. That may look better and im tempted to say so too, but it looks slightly unrealistic, particularly in shadows. When you shoot against backlight, you should have some shadows and the x80 pro keeps some of the shadows for more natural look.

Also, another change the gimbal camera system. Now its no longer supported ultra wide camera is supporting the two times telephoto zoom lens, whereas on the x70 pro plus, it was supporting the ultra wide camera. So that means, if i shoot ultra videos and im moving around the x72 plus video, may look more stable than the x80 pro. But what im gon na do is im gon na put it to the real world test, just to see if the vivo x80 pros camera system really is better than the x74 plus or not so earlier, i said during the day the x80 pro tends to have More natural colors, but when youre shooting at night, both shots at least right here in this scene, looks pretty much identical. Even if you go all the way up to 400 cropped and then were gon na switch out to the ultra wide same story with the ultra wide, not much to report here, both shots are virtually identical, so the x80 pros two times zoom has that gimbal stabilization System, so if you do need to use night mode, it should fare a little bit better, but here the street is too well lit, so night mode did not kick in at all. So these shots look exactly the same. Now, interestingly, at five times zoom, we can see that the x80 pros image is clearly better. The colors are very washed out in the x70 pro plus for some reason.

Im gon na do an ultra wide video and im gon na walk around, maybe jog around just to see if stabilization is indeed better on the x70 pro plus than the x80, because this one has a gimbal camera system. This one does not so im just walking kind of fast right now, im gon na jog a little bit. You can clearly see the x80 pro footage shakier without that gimbal stabilization, okay, while im out, i might as well test the main camera so were watching main camera footage now, with the vivo x80 pro and x70 pro plus theres main camera footage. So well look into this uh dark alley here to see which one is more light sensitive. How does it look in terms of grabbing my face, so one new trick? The x80 pro can do that the x74 plus cannot do for video is okay, video. You see in the x80 pro theres a extra button up top in the viewfinder that you dont see here. So there should be a little bit of a okay around me on x80. Pro footage, but not like 74 plus lets, see how it looks. Okay, so im in a pretty dark alley. Right now lets test out the cameras and low light performance. This is really low light. The main camera first to see the difference in image sensor size. So the first thing youll notice, is that the x70 pro plus colors pop a lot more look at how much more vibrant that blue is.

But again, this is the v1 plus chip in x80, pro maybe going for a more natural look. But i think if you ask people most people would say the extending pull plus image looks better ultra wide camera. Now both phones have the exact same ultra wide camera hardware, except the x70 pro plus, has the benefit of a gimbal stabilization system. So that means, if you do take photos in low light situations, which means you need to use night mode. The extending pro plus will be a little bit sharper because the gimbal offsets some of the micro shakes that your hand might produce okay. So here, even though im shooting low light and the phones use night mode, the x70 pro plus two times, zoom is still just as good as the x80 pro so im, not sure where that gimbal stabilization comes into play for the x80 pro five times zoom. So earlier the x80 pros five times shot beat the x70 pro plus is five times sharp and now here in low light situation, now is basically neck and neck quality is very similar. Okay, we have another. Pretty dark scene here. Lets take another couple more shots here. So now this is interesting, even though both phones did about the same job in pulling in light. It is now the x80 pros image that looks less realistic, because the x80 pros image fixed white balance a little bit to make the shot, look less yellow.

So the rules arent always the same with the v1 pluses color science so now for low light videos. We can see that the x80 pros video has a little bit less noise than the x70 pro plus. This is probably the v1 plus chip at play. Doing something to minimize noise, however, once i move over to the kitchen counter here, you can see the x70 pro plus. This video is a little bit better lit, but then you get more noise, no low light scene, same story. The two photos are pretty much identical in quality dude. It is like 401 a.m. Right now and im still here, editing uh this video doing this late night. Camera comparison, i mean im, also watching basketball but hey. I work quite hard to do these comparisons, so i would um really appreciate if you subscribe to my channel but anyway, so the vivo x80 pro plus thanks to the new v1 plus chip, it manages to produce a shot thats every bit as good as the x70. Pro plus, and sometimes better in terms of white balance and colors. However, there are definitely some shots where the x70 pro plus wins and, as you already saw when it comes to video performance with the main camera both for neck and neck, but with ultra wide camera. This phone has better stabilization because it has a gimbal camera system. Conversely, for two times zoom, the gimbal camera system – isnt really benefiting this two time, zoom for two times, zoom shots theyre, almost exactly the same with five times, zoom shot the xcd pro wins a little bit.

So ultimately, is the vivo x80 pro a better camera system than the vivo x70 pro plus i cant really say that i mean from youve seen the video samples in the photo samples everything looked really close, or the v4 x70 pro plus actually won so uh. I really think vivo may be pumping out these um phones a little bit too much now, because its hard to make major improvements even year on year, like we saw the galaxy s22 ultra, was only a little bit improved over the s21 ultra. So the fact that vivo trying to pump these phones out every six months, its really leading to fewer and fewer like improvements along the way. So that means, if you have the x70 pro plus you dont – need to get the x80 pro at all i mean the only other thing. Thats benefit here is the snapdragon 801 chip and that doesnt really matter too. However, if you dont have the xm eco plus, if youre jumping over from an older phone, then the x80 pro will serve you very well, because it has a camera system that is among the very best on the market. I know because this phone has one of the best camera systems on the market and theyre, basically very, very similar performers, but anyway this is not a review. This is just a camera test. Comparing these two phones. I will put this phone more to the test and have a full review coming later, and i will also test this camera system against the iphone 13 pro and the galaxy s 22 ultra.

So anyway, it is um 4 or five a.m, like a basketball to watch.