The portable pc has attracted a lot of tension in the past two years and it seems that two in one tablet is becoming a good option for mobile office study and entertainment. Well, we think the iwobi gt is definitely a great budget example for you to first try this form, then no more words lets see what we got here. Okay, just look at its design. First, on the front, this windows tablet looks pretty the same as those android tablets we have reviewed. It also comes with an 11 inch, fhd plus lcd display with a standard 60hz refresh rate, and it supports 98 srgb colors and a 75 p3 colors in daily use. Like watching film, it looks pretty good theres, no problem, if you view it at a side angle, as it supports 180 wide view, angles on the top of the display theres a front camera for video conference apart from the front one, it also equips a rear camera. Just like a huawei mate book e tablet, but dont expect too much from the imaging quality of these two cameras. Well from the size, you will know how different it is from android tablets, the variety of interfaces and the air vents seems to remind us that is a more powerful windows pc and if you get close enough, you will hear the noise coming out of the built In fan, but its not too loud, while its still acceptable, theres, two usb c port on the left side, along with the micro hdmi video out port on the right side, it features another usb 3.

1 port and a macro sd slot, along with a 3.5 millimeter audio Jack as a tablet, it does exceed our expectations in addition to the wired connectivity, the iwork gt also support pretty good wireless connection, including the wi fi 6 and bluetooth 5.1, especially for the wi fi, is driven by the intel ax201, which is a great chipset for Wireless network and the speaker intakes on both sides also indicate that the tablet also comes with dual speaker units for stereo sound, but the actual sound is not really impressive. A good news is that the iowa gt is running the windows 11. Instead of updating the system by yourself, you would get the tablet shipping with the new windows, 11 home edition and theres, no need to worry whether it runs smoothly or not, because the tablet is powered by a gen 11 intel mobile chip and theres an i3 and I5 version for options: the model, in our hand, is with an i3 11 15 g4 chip, which is more like a budget option for light uses, or you can also get the i5 model to get better performance. In addition, what really surprised us is that the 8 gigabyte ram is running at very fast speed, which, as you can see here, its 37 33 megahertz, which is also the highest speed supported by the i3 cpu. While for the i5 version, it seems to be able to clock even faster at 42 67 megahertz, they are even faster than some latest desktop pc, and we also have an nvme 256 gigabyte drive on board and the speed is really also not bad.

The i3 cpu integrates two processor cores and four threads thanks to hyper threading, each core can clock from three gigahertz base to 4.1 gigahertz boost in actual test. The operating range of the cpu is specified at 12 to 15 watts and thanks to the fast speed ram, we have to say that it does have a good performance for windows 11 and the i3 chips. Graphics is naming the gpu uhd graphics and offers 48 of the 96 eus clocked at the 400 to 1250 megahertz, while for the i5 version, theres more power, xe graphics, with adeus anyway lets look back at the model. We have in hand for the 20 minute. Cpu stress test: the i3 cpu is able to stable the run at the power at 12 watt to 15 watts and lets kick this one off with a look at the cinebench, r23 and r20. The result is also not bad for such power output for daily uses like office productivity, the tablet works pretty well and the result in pc mark 10 also proved it even for light digital content creation. The iwork gt can also offer relatively good supports for video playback. The chip also works well with different video files, and it does well native decoding for 4k and even 10 bit tapes. Then we run some games on the 720p on the tablets, including csgo and pubg, for cs. Go surprisingly, it could finish the fps benchmark at the 97 fps frame rate, but in heavy games like pug g, the 8 gigabyte ram is not really enough to support computing of both the cpu and gpu.

So it would be better to go for the 16 gigabyte ram version. If you play these kinds of games with no memory problems encountered, the i3 model of the iwork gt still can run the game at around 40 fps or even better. The single tablet is pretty lightweight about 600 grams at the windows tablet. Although weve seen many android tablets getting lighter, if you want to add the keyboards, there are two styles for options offered by audio coop. This is the cover one called the light keyboard and weve. Seen a lot of this kind on most tablets, its made of synthetic materials with touch pad. That falls out its quite a smart design for not seizing up the cover when its folded up after using it for a while, its not exactly a great touch pad. Since its small and could be a bit laggy, but of course, its better than nothing as an import cover for windows tablets, the flat keyboard covers support two standing ways. When you put the tablet in one is more upright. The other levels is slightly reclined, which is a better angle for me when putting the tablet on the table. In addition to the standard keys, the keyboard layout also offers a lot of function, keys that might help you type more effectively when its fully voted up. The whole package with the tablet is a bit thick and heavy weighing over one kilogram, but if you choose another keyboard, it could be even thicker and heavier when putting tablet on which weighs over 1.

2 kilograms. However, i actually prefer to this one with the new design. Once open the keyboard, you can see the poco pin connector on the right. You can just simply put the tablet on and the strong magnet will hold the tablet firmly and make it like a whole wing in the air which i think has better angles. If you try to use tablet for a long time, but if youve been used to tap the touchable screen, you may find out, it tends to be a bit wobble. The keyboard layout is almost the same as what we have on the last light keyboard, while the touchpad feels much better than last one with slightly lower latency theres. Another con. You have to take with this portable tablet, which is the battery the ’00 million power battery. Can offer around three hours of working time for the tablet under balance mode and under high performance mode battery life could be shorter, but on the other hand, the included 45 watt charger can also quickly collect the power back so thats. What you have to concern before buying to conclude the iwork gt, is really a surprise. We found a budget pc market is probably the most stable two in one budget tablet on the market, with relatively high power of the gen 11 intel chips. If youre, really thinking about the basic two in one windows tablet the iwork gt, no doubt will save you a lot of money so thats all about it.

Hope our review will help you out and if youd like to learn more about it.