com stickers., In the background, another small novelty that you will see now, slowly in all my videos, every now and then, when I do reviews, I wear this polo shirt of my dear friend, Paolo from the RBR world portal And his cbr rally team. This is because I collaborate with some realities with some teams and for a while. I am pleased to try to bring them here on the channel as well, every now and then to release the banner of some team. I collaborate with. I recommend you guys, go and see it, but now, as I always say, Just talk. Theme, song Hi guys. I dont know if you have already seen the unboxing. I made some stickers that sent me because today we are just talking about them. The stickers can customize in a very big way, what are our peripherals but in reality also the environment that surrounds. We felt with Fabio the patron of Costaest, and I decided to collaborate with him to introduce this world, which many already know, but I am pleased to bring it on the channel, because the customizations that costaest. com allows are guys only fantasy can stop us.. As I told you I dont know, if you have seen the unboxing I decided to, let me do two things. First, the sticker for my cabinet above, but of course I will send more specific videos to show you, even while I was installing it guys. This special thing, the sticker for my heel rest in this case ultra personalized.

This is because makes stickers that you can already find with their designs already beautiful and made, but the very interesting thing is that you can really customize them and Fabio. The patron will also help you in terms of design, because for this reason I actually gave him my logo and two tips on how I wanted it and then left him full freedom on how to make it. But one step at a time. As I told you, the nice thing is to be able to create your own sticker for your favorite peripheral in the most personalized way possible. You dont have to take something already created on a stylistic level, but lets get to the core of this immediately review. That is the quality of these stickers. As far as the stickers, like the one used in my furniture, are concerned, they are all stickers with the slightly breathable underneath part, which helps when you go to spread the adhesive and will remove all the bubbles present. Of course, you always have to be a little careful when you go to apply it. Mine was quite large and, on a very large surface, everything stuck without even the shadow of a bubble. But what surprised me most guys is this sticker here, because it is not a normal adhesive and a walkable adhesive. That is, it means that you can safely put your feet on it and it will not take off the color. It will always remain new.

I was a little doubtful for that. I delayed the review a lot because I imagine that already you have seen that sticker in my other videos, but I delayed the release of this video a bit because I wanted to test thoroughly what was the most important sticker. That of the pog already heel because, as you know, I always drive with shoes and therefore those with the rubber underneath always rubbing in the part of the heel rest. I had the idea that they would have canceled touched scratched. The colors of the sticker anyway guys nothing. First of all, it is not a smooth adhesive like normal ones, but it is slightly more porous, so it also gives an excellent grip with the use of shoes. I also tried it with socks. The effect is the same and also much more pleasant than to that of placing the heel directly on the metal part. But durability is fundamental and on that guys nothing nothing to say there is not. The shadow of a mark is fantastic. Just today, I disassembled the heel rest to do the review, guys its like, when I first mounted it its a little thicker sticker than normal ones, and it has another great peculiarity: the fact that yes, it can detach and reattach several times in reality. I had found this kind of stickers, even in some patches. It is in plastic that I have on my pedalboard and even I did not understand how it was possible, because I happened to detach it and reattach.

It guys did not do the slightest wrinkle glued perfectly. The adhesion on the heel pad is perfect. What can I tell you, Im really super satisfied, first of all, also with the coloring. Of course, I made it with my logo 23, which is my lucky number, unfortunately guys I was born on 23 and therefore, as they say in Rome., … great ass, …, okay, you know what they say. It is a collaboration that will certainly go on in time. I will try to bring you some other news on the channel, some other product that produces costaest, but I only hope with the quality of this sticker, which, in my opinion, is the most important, but also that of my door, because he wanted to recreate it as Likely as it could be a car door in another color that I really like that of the Gulf, I gave two or three indications and Fabio and boys created this wonderful product.. I think it could be all about the stickers but guys go and visit his facebook page Ill. Put all the links in description.