I love using it to follow my health. The fit track scale is absolutely perfect and a must have Music if im gaining too much weight too quickly or not gaining enough weight. This helps me keep track of that yo whats up guys, anthony shell time pettis. Here i just went in for ufc 241 169 pounds ready to go um big, shout out to a fit track for helping me track. My uh weight throughout this whole camp um. This wake up was the easiest way to turn my life today. Im going to show you something pretty amazing, Music, all right, so we got our scale and its perfect for our bathroom, so everybody can use it Music. I want to address using it for pregnant women. So because i am pregnant, my two favorite indicators at the moment are fat, mass and also protein mass protein is really really important in the cells for me and me, so the first step is to download the app you can save up to eight profiles. Alexi has his own profile, hes gon na get on and demonstrate how it works. So he gets on the scale and it very carefully calculates sends all of the stats to my phone. We do this about once a week, so he can know exactly what his hydration level is like protein in his body. So ive asked my crew what they liked best about the fitrak scale, and they were telling me all about it.

What do you like? I like? How you can take it to your phone and bring it wherever you want technology? I like the back set and measurements cool, Music, family goals and its fun. I highly recommend the fit track. Dara bmi scale to anyone who wants to track their progress throughout their health and fitness journey. I love it and im sure you will too hello alfonso here, hey. I want to talk to you guys about something weve all been through getting on the scale. For me, its been crazy, uphill downhill, lose weight, gain weight, nothing real, accurate. You know how skill it is. You have to try to calibrate it yourself and then its off the next day. You have to adjust it again. Man, its been killing me ive been looking for something that has a true indication of whats really going on with my body and guess what my trainer showed me, something its called fit track: thats right, fit track. It monitors a whole lot of things. Your bmi, your bodys fat, your metabolic rate, all, is great names and things i cant even think of right. Now it hasnt not only that it comes right to your phone thats right. You use on your phone, your smartphone, all that information comes to you. You dont have to wait for an office visit or go to get it or pay money. This is the real deal fit track. If youre not taking your weight seriously, youre messing around you got to keep guessing getting those skills, its not worth anything hey fit track.

Has been tremendous for me im able to track everything anytime i want to, and i know just what to do fit track. Thank you, hi guys. Now, as ive gotten older, i have started to focus on my health and my weight, and what i came to realize is that a traditional scale just wasnt, giving me all the information i need. My health wasnt, just three numbers on a scale and smart scales. Didnt really break down the information. The way i needed it either. My doctor, though, recommended fit track now. This baby gives me everything that i need gives me all the information and i can track it on my phone. I love this so much. I even travel with it its been fantastic help for me to maintain my health and my weight guys fit track.