It has a nice weight. The stainless steel casing is fantastic and the space gray finish is inspiring. To look at, i rock a leather case from apple on my iphone, and i really wish i didnt need to this phone looks and feels so good in the hand that its a shame it needs to be covered. All the time as for the display apple, took a really big step forward here. First, we get a noticeably brighter oled display that makes this phone even easier to look at in broad daylight. Second and more importantly, in my opinion, apple finally introduced the pro motion: 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate display. Therefore, the phone will noticeably feel smoother when navigating ios and using different apps and from my testing its worked so well over the last seven months that anytime, i switch back to a 60hz panel, such as my ipad, air or even my ipad mini. I notice a difference. It just feels slower and more clunky now to use a 60hz panel from apple, which is kind of surprising, because that panel a year ago, felt fine to me but to still stay on the topic of the iphones display. It is an adaptive refresh rate display, so that does mean that it wont always be clocking 120 hertz, with whatever youre doing it will clock down to save battery life when youre doing something that doesnt require 120 hertz. So thats leaving your phone on idle or even watching a 24 frame per second video, its gon na play that video at 24 hertz.

And if you listened carefully, i did say the adaptive refresh rate does save on battery and the iphone 13 pro has a tremendous battery built into the device. I never have to worry about battery life. On my phone, i literally just wake up. My phone is going to be fully charged and i go about my day, not even worrying about battery life and by the time i get home, theres still plenty of juice left to take me through to the night and sometimes even to day two without charging this Phone and for the people that are into statistics and wanted to know my iphone does regularly get seven plus hours of screen on time no problems at all. This is truly a battery champ and probably one of the best batteries youll get in any smartphone today and to continue that topic of battery just a little bit longer its no secret that iphones dont come with power bricks anymore. However, todays video sponsor basis has us covered they sent over their brand new 30 watt, quick charger, which comes in a black and a white finish. It features one usb c port and an additional usb port to charge a second device. They are easy to carry around due to their small size and its rated to charge an iphone 13 pro to 50 in about 30 minutes. The charger also helps protect your iphone battery by only fast charging on the iphone is at low battery power and then slowly reducing the wattage of charge.

Once your phone is getting close to a hundred percent, if you guys are interested in checking out their chargers, i will leave a link at the top of the description down below, for you guys to check it out again. Thank you basis for sponsoring todays video. As for the cameras, it should be no surprise that the iphone takes some of the best photos and videos today, theyre always so consistently good that i never have a moment where i think wow the iphone messed up bad here, as you can see from the variety Of photos ive been displaying on screen, it nailed a decent shot. Every time apple did bring forward some brand new features to their camera system, one being the new photographic styles, where youre actually able to select your preferred tone and warmth. Setting for the photos you take for your phone and you can also now take extremely close up macro photography images if thats your thing, if im being honest with you when i did buy the iphone, i was very excited about those two features, but seven, eight months Later i didnt really make much use of them. They didnt really have a real world application for the kind of life that i was living, the kind of photos i was taking, and i think that might apply to a lot of you guys watching this video. So i just want to say definitely: dont buy this iphone for those features alone, like theyre not going to make or break your experience.

As for video, its almost a no contest for the iphone its arguably the best phone out today, if you are looking to shoot many videos on a smartphone, they look crisp, clean and usable for professional work and social media apple did introduce a new cinematic mode. Where you can shoot with the shallow depth of field and automatically change focus between subjects, it works pretty well from my testing, and i think this is the best implementation of portrait video weve seen thus far on a phone. The only real catch here is that cinematic mode on the iphone is only shot in 1080p, so its not going to be available in 4k. Im really hoping the next iphone can do that feature in 4k, because thatd be pretty cool, as for raw performance apple. Arguably has the most powerful phone today thanks to the a15 bionic chip, so with all of this power, how does that translate in the real world, with this phone well apps load quickly and run very smooth on this phone and if youre, a gamer youll have a Great experience playing games thanks to the five core gpu built into the phone and your capacity to multitask between apps, has never been faster before in an iphone. And another point i want to add here is that if you are in the market to buy a brand new phone – and you want this phone to be the phone that youll have for the next three to five years, i generally believe the iphone 13 pro is Going to be your number one contender for that, the a15 bionic is a league of its own, its way ahead of its time in terms of power and its almost too much power for the average person, and when you combine that with the fact that apple does A really good job of providing software updates for many many years after iphones are released.

I dont think you can go wrong with buying a 13 pro if youre planning to buy this phone and keep it for a long time. So, overall, what do i think of the iphone 13 pro since its release? So if its not obvious already, i think the iphone 13 pro is the best phone ive ever used in my life. Up until this point it has a gorgeous oled display with 120 hertz. It has the best battery life ive ever tested before in a phone. It has the power to allow me to do anything. I want on an iphone and the cameras are consistently reliable. You cant really ask for more here. The iphone 13 pro really delivers on what matters in a smartphone. It almost makes me question are iphones getting too good. You know i wonder coming into 2022, if the iphone 14 pro, which will be coming out later this year, will be able to do enough to build upon the almost perfect phone that i have in my hand. I guess well have to wait and see, but anyways, thank you guys so much for watching todays video make sure to drop a like subscribe.