It has a large 3.4 inch, color touchscreen display voice to text while group chatting a staggering 36 hours claimed battery life as well as all of the latest feature sets that brighton has to offer from all of their previous devices. Like voice navigation, but at 400 dollars its also the most expensive bike computer, that brighton offers so with so many competitive options that are on the marketplace at that price point. How does this all new cycling computer compare Music? So i think what youre first going to notice about this device is just how large the display is, but whats nice is that it doesnt necessarily make for a massive overall size device. Its 58 millimeters wide 105 millimeters tall, and it has a pretty slim profile. Its only about 14 millimeters thick, and although it is a pretty big bike computer, it only weighs 104 grams and just for reference. The hammerhead crew weighs 130 grams uh. The 1030 plus weighs in at 125 grams. Now the brighton s 800 is offered in two different options: the e for four hundred dollars and the t option for four hundred and eighty dollars. Both of those options include uh the bike, computer, a bike, mount a protective case and a screen protector which is kind of cool, but the t package also includes a cadence and speed sensor. A heart rate monitor all of that added now shown here is just kind of all the stuff that you get in the e option, which im kind of guessing is probably what will be most popular.

The mount that does come with the 800 is nice, but i really like that you can actually switch out the back attachment area just to a garmin compatible attachment mount. So you just kind of unscrew these four screws and then you screw in the garmin compatible attachment. They call it their conversion kit and it costs 13 bucks pretty similar in price to what wahoo has for their little garmin conversion kit and then, as far as the computer hardware goes, you know, i think the two big stars of this device are the you know Very bright large high contrast display in the extremely long 36 hour battery life of this device. The screen is a 3.4 inch, color touchscreen and it uses mip or memory in pixel technology, which makes it you know very bright and very visible in bright sunlight conditions. But the device itself also has an ambient light sensor, which does help manage screen. Brightness probably helps with battery life. Also, and then you know, on the software side, youll get things like cycling dynamics, which means you can see things like left right, power balance. If your power meter, you know, is capable of showing that information, i also never had any issues. You know syncing two devices like power meters, i tried a few different power meters, cork power, meter and garmin pedals. I also tried a few different heart rate monitors in the garmin varia radar. You know thats just one of those things i just dont really like riding without.

I also didnt have any trouble using it with my smart bike trainer. So you know, if you like, to use your bike computer to control your smart bike, trainer that shouldnt be a problem with this computer. Also, the brighton has some very interesting new group ride features with this particular device. Where you can, you can actually use your voice to send a text to the group and you can track the group members locations. You know, i absolutely love the concept of this feature. I think that you know this is the kind of stuff that is really innovative, and i really love to see in bike computer technologies, its just that you know it relies on everyone in the group having a brighton rider s 800, which i dont know you guys. You guys all have brighton rider, s800s uh. This computer does have a climber challenge feature its kind of like garmins, climber, pro or hammerheads climber feature its the ability for the user to use a known route to generate detailed, climbing information. So you know when your large climb is coming up, or you know how many climbs you have left in a particular route and when youre actually climbing the route itself, you can see things like. You know how much longer the climb is, where the climb gets really steep and with gradient information. You know how many more meters or feet of climbing you have left. Unfortunately, the brighton device doesnt have strava live segments, yet i just figured.

I would mention that in case you know, thats a critical feature for you. I know its definitely something that i would probably miss if this was my only cycling, computer, Music. Okay, so you know heres my like general overall take when it comes to. You know a lot of the brighton devices, they are good, they do work, but you know theyre not without bugs uh or, i would say very often like confusing error messages. You know i tend to have a very difficult time. Loading routes, the cycling computer, is supposed to download them directly from some place like commute or strava. You know which does link up to the computer and the app no problem. It just tends to fail when actually downloading or syncing those routes, or you know every time that you go back to that route page. The app takes two or three minutes while it either tries to pull in or sync those routes. Even if you know absolutely, nothing has changed uh. You know here is one selected route that shows a map of taipei city in taiwan and then you know later on. I try the same route and it seems to work just fine, so you know i would say that you know if youre talking about something like the rider 750 computer from brighton, with a 2.8 inch touchscreen computer, that you can find on sale for as low as 230 bucks, you know thats less than the wahoo bull, its less than the garmin 530.

. Then at that point you kind of start to overlook some of those minor annoyances, the ui bugs and weird error messages that you get, but now the s 800. This is a 400 computer. I think its a little different. You know, thats the exact same price as the hammerhead crew or the garmin 830. uh its a little bit more actually than the wahoo roam. Now you know at that point i i really do think that we should be a little bit more critical. I dont know what to call them. Maybe something like you know those like polish issues but for 400 bucks. I just think that we might want more here. Uh we want a device that not only has all of those bells and whistles like the great screen and the great battery life and the cool features like cycling dynamics and climber challenge and voice to text. All the cool group features, but we also want it to work smoothly and all of that being said, you know, i do think that a lot of people are going to like the display of this device, and i think some people are going to be willing to Overlook some of those minor, you know bugs or issues, maybe because they really need a bike computer with that really long battery life. But you know those are just some of my quick takes on the brighton rider s. 800 id actually much prefer to hear what you guys think.

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