Even the length of this wrist strap is just enough for us to securely hold the pouch when its fully packed. This deck case feels very nice in the hand and is a good size measuring at 24 cm by 14 cm by 6.5 cm in compact mode and its 10 cm thick when its fully expanded in this video ill showcase. Two ways of how i use this element tech case. The first way is using it as a cross body sling or a fanny pack across my waist ill. Show you more of this everyday carry mode in the later part of this video. The second way is using it to store all my bits and pieces of tech gear. I love the different compartments in this tech case, allowing me to mentally remember where each piece of my tech kit is kept its like the memory palace or location method as thought by memory expert, jim, quick, ill link to his video down below. I know my notebook is in the furthest, outmost pocket, followed by my sandisk ssd, which is in the zipper pocket of the first divider and so on. This is my rsa key, which i used to lock onto website, and this is my portable wireless charger. 10 000 milliamp power bank and i have a video on this now. The second divider has another zipper pocket where there are three mini internal pockets. The middle pocket has the exact size to hold a credit card or gift card, and, as for the left, mini side pocket, i use it to keep my samsung galaxy phone usb a to usb c converter, a small, tiny brush, which comes in very handy when i Need to brush dust away from my camera or keyboard.

I cant remember where i got this brush from already anyway. Lets move on and in the right mini pocket is my extra sd card for my sony, zv1 camera. Once again, i know where each of these small items are because of the memory palace technique. Ok, these are my two seagate expansion drives. Why two of them is because i always keep two backup copies of the same data. Just in case, one of the hard disks crashed ill still have another copy to work with. Oh, i almost forgot about these. I bought these extra accessories when i backed this alpaca element tag pouch on kickstarter. This is the alpaca nano ink pen and the nano blade. Ok, moving on to this numoa battery charger, its a third party battery charger for my sony, zv1, camera Music – and these are my extra sony. Zb1 batteries ive made another video on this sony. Zv1 camera accessories, which ill link in the description down below Music up next is my? U green, usb a and usb c sd card reader. This high speed usb card reader is very handy when i want to transfer video footage between my phone camera tablet and laptop, and these are my short micro, usb and usbc cables. I pick the black and white colors to help me easily differentiate, which is which, finally, in the last pocket i have my spare earbuds. This is the soundpit f3 earbuds. I chose this as my spare set because of its easy, repairing process.

I can easily pair these with any device when my main earbuds run out of battery, and these are my seagate portable hard disk drive cables. They are usb micro b cables on the outer pocket. I keep my electronic device cleaning cloth. I got this handy cleaning cloth from ikea, ok, ill quickly, show you the nano blade and the nano ink pen while ive got them here. I intend to make another video dedicated to show how good the use of these two nano accessories are Music by the way. This is the nano phone holder which comes with my elements, tech case when i backed it on kickstarter. This might be sold separately now on the alpaca website. Okay, just to recap all the compartments, we have the first divider, which is attached to one side of the main compartment. There is a zebra pocket on this first divider. We then have the first accordion divider, which also has a zipper pocket, and in this zipper pocket we have three mini internal pockets, and then we have the second accordion divider, which does not have any pocket attached to it, its just a divider. And finally, there are two 50 50 pockets attached to the other side of the main compartment. Oh i forgot to mention. There is also this pen or stylus holder and once again, its very well designed and holds my asus zenbook laptop stylus very securely. Ah youve guessed. It lets do a quick, waterproof test and notice.

I specifically pour on the zipper pocket. I want to see if water will seep into the pouch through the zippers. If i simply brush the water away, i notice, underneath the zipper is a bit moist, but inside the pouch is completely dry. Well, i should have cleaned it with a dry tissue before opening the zipper. So if we were to dry completely with a cloth or a tissue before opening the zipper im, pretty sure everything inside will be okay, and these are all the things i keep in my alpaca tech element case. Okay, lets move on to how i use this element. Tech case as an everyday carry pouch. I always carry my water bottle with me whenever im out and about yes, youll need this type of flat water bottle to fit in there, and i have a couple of spare masks my card holder wallet, my samsung galaxy but live earbuds hand, sanitizer car key and Finally, my key holder – this is my lock down key holder, which has a really useful side clip. I can clip it in position onto the inner pocket, so i know its there whenever i need to find my keys. Finally, i keep my phone in the outer pocket. Its very easy to open and retrieve the phone to check and send messages onto the different ways i sling this pouch. This is the original sling strap that comes with this element. Tech case. The strap is very easy to lengthen and shorten Music, and this is the pro strap or cross body.

Strap that comes with a feet. Lock buckle its basically a convenient magnetic buckle where there is a quick release, pull tab for us to easily unbuckle the strap Music Music, and we can also use this pro scrap to strap across our waist and use this as a waist pouch or a fanny pack. Whichever way you want to call it because of the zipper and multi compartment, accordion design its really easy for us to locate and find the things in this alpaca element tech case – i got this alpaca element tech case four months ago and have been using it for Quite a while now – and i love every part of it, especially the well designed internal compartments, allowing me to dedicate a home for each of my tech kit, thanks for subscribing to help me grow this sky perspective channel. I really appreciate your help.