Today, we’re going to be going over a thousand dollar pc, build guide to make sure that you’re getting your best bang for your buck and building a system that works for your needs. But before we get into the details, be sure to hit the like button and get subscribed so that you never miss a video here at ufd tech. However, as i’m sure, a lot of you know we’re in a really rough time when it comes to the availability of computer parts and with the last pc setup guide that we did by the time that the video went out, everything was actually out of stock. So, in order to combat that with how quickly stock is shifting around on these computer components, we’re instead not going to be physically building the pc, but instead just showing you what you should be buying also provide some expected benchmarks. So you know exactly what you’re getting into with this pc, but again with just how quickly things go out of stock, i don’t want to risk buying a pc and then mentioning it to you and then you’re not actually able to build it yourself. However, in case any of these products go out of stock, you can come join our discord down below at the link in the video description, and we can give you the best recommendations at the time that you’re checking out this video so let’s get into the first Episode of free build friday after we talk about today’s video sponsor chirp, like a lot of you out, there actually spend a ton of time at my computer sitting in a chair, it’s, true, which leads to me having all sorts of back, pains and aches that my Friend is where the chirp wheel comes in, because it’s, the greatest system that i found in order to actually alleviate the back aches that i have by stretching them out effectively the terp wheel itself is simple to use and in fact, whenever you buy the bundle you Get three different sizes in order to combat different types of backaches that you might be having you have the large gentle wheel, which gives the best overall stretch.

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It wouldn’t necessarily be the same if you were comparing it to a modern day. Ryzen 5, but considering this is going for 150 and the ryzen 5 5600 x is 300. This is a much better value and the money that we save on the cpu here will allow us to actually spend more on the graphics card later on, which is going to take up a huge chunk of our budget and honestly, with 6 cores and 12 threads You’Re going to be able to get the maximum performance that you want out of your video games, while also still being able to do things like stream or even edit, in premiere pro it’s, a great all around trip priced at a really good price point. And it comes with a stock cooler, which is also going to save us a little bit of money so that we can again spend more on that graphics card. Part number two: is this gigabyte b460 hd3 motherboard it’s kind of on the lower end of motherboards, but it has everything that we’re going to need for this pc build. It has multiple m.2 slots for the ssd that we’re going to be adding in later. It has four ram slots so that you have room for future upgradeability once we go with the 16 gigs that we’re gon na talk about in a bit, and it has six usb ports, four usb 3.0 and two usb 2.0, which is going to be enough for Most people’s needs it.

Doesn’T have things such as wi, fi, steel, reinforced pci, express slots or even a bunch of rgb, but it’s going to get the job done and the best part is it’s in stock at a hundred dollars, which again helps us save money. For the graphics card later on, if we look at a couple of other budget, b460 motherboards like this msi mag, b460 torpedo that comes in at 110, but isn’t shipping until february 21st, you get extra features with this. One, such as the reinforced pci express slot. The nvme ssd heatsink, as well as the vrm heatsink, but you also get the same in terms of io, except for you get optical audio with this one. Instead, in my opinion, it’s not worth waiting a couple of weeks and spending 10 extra dollars on this one. So it’s not necessarily in my mind, a good idea, but you can consider that in case you want to the b460 steel legend from asrock is also kind of in the same ballpark of being slightly more expensive, not shipping for a little while, but can also get The job done and adds in rgb, as i mentioned before, with the ram we’re going to be going with 16 gigs. A two stick: kit that’s going to allow us to get 3000 megahertz on the speed, but also still have room for upgrading later on down. The line intel doesn’t benefit as much from ram speed, but you’re also not paying that much of a price premium to pick up the 3000 megahertz at cl 16.

. It only costs 72 dollars and in case this black aesthetic is not the one that you want to go for. It comes in a variety of other colors, such as green orange red, but the only one that i found that’s still in stock is this red edition. In my opinion, 16 gigs is kind of the minimum of what you’re gon na need for gaming pc at this point and with a budget of a thousand dollars, there’s no reason not to go for it. You can spend about 10 to 20 extra dollars. In case you want to get rgb, but i think the clean aesthetic of these oloy ram kind of make it a good fit into the build that we’re going to be going over completely. The ssd is one that i’ve used several times in the past and enjoy and it’s the adata sx8200 pro coming in at one terabyte. This ssd has all the speed that you need coming in at 3.5, gigabytes per second read and three gigabytes per second right, and it also has dram and comes in at affordable price of 120, but currently, as of today. It also has a coupon for 15 and extra savings that’ll allow it to bring it down to 105, which again saving money in this thousand dollar build project that allows us to spend more money on the graphics card for the case, we’re going with a company, that’s Kind of taking the budget world by storm this montek fighter 500 comes with a lot of features that are going to be beneficial for your pc build later on, but not at a price that’s going to break the bank it’s, not quite in stock.

At this moment only arriving february 12th through the 18th, but it does have free shipping and it only costs 60. As you can see, it’s a full atx case, which is great because we chose a full atx motherboard. But then it also includes four rgb fans. Now, we’re not going with the highest end components but having more airflow in your pc is definitely going to be better. However, the things to know about these rgb fans, from what i read is that they’re not actually addressable rgb but stay in that static, rainbow color, but it’s 60 dollars in a full atx case with four fans included, also in a great white aesthetic it’s hard to Go wrong with this choice. Now let’s talk about the power supply for a second, which is actually where i’ve gone a little bit above our needs. The 650w 80 plus gold power supply from sego step is actually a great choice, but we don’t need 650 watts for the i5 that we’re going to be using as a cpu and the graphics card we’re going to choose in a little bit but it’s fully modular 80 plus gold, a 73 dollar price with a 5 coupon, makes it a good deal to snap up and from the reviews that i read this sego step power supply is actually quite decent and likely not to blow up on you, which is always great seriously, though I would personally use this power supply in my build and the reason that i’m slightly going above our means because we probably could get a 500 watt power supply is simply because the power supply is probably one of the components that’s going to last the longest.

Most people tend to shift these to their next builds, especially if the capacity and reliability is there. So overspending now means that we’re going to have something that’s going to last us a little longer, plus it’s, only costing us about 10 to 15 over 500 watt power supply. That would be non modular and also when you tend to go cheaper than this. You start getting the ketchup and mustard cables, which just then makes your build look like crap. So now let’s talk about the gpu. After all, the other components are added up. We have about 441 dollars left to spend on the graphics card. It was highly necessary to kind of skim on the rest of the components, because the gpu market is so frustrating right now. Prices are not at all in line with where msrp is supposed to be, so we kind of have to deal with the market where it’s at and any new gpu that i’m going to show you on amazon or newegg or otherwise is either eventually going to go Out of stock by the time this video goes live or the price is going to be inflated to the point where you’re not going to want to purchase it. So that honestly leaves us with checking out the used market. However, if you’re smart and you pay attention to user ratings, you could potentially get a pretty good deal and also stay pretty safe. However, just note that, with any used pc purchase, you are at risk of the thing, potentially not working upon arrival or having a shorter lifespan that you’re expecting, but in all of my time of buying used hardware, i’ve had way more parts work than have failed on Me and it’s usually pretty easy to get a refund once that’s done.

So our two options for gpu at this price point of around 450 is going to be a gtx 1080, which is the one i would highly recommend or an rtx 2060.. The reason i would recommend the 1080 is that number one it’s slightly more affordable and number two based on the benchmarks that i’ve seen it’s either neck and neck with the 2060 or it beats it in certain games certain times it does lose to the rtx 2060 And it doesn’t have as robust features such as the new nvinc accelerators that’s on the rtx series of graphics cards. But if you’re only interested in games and cuda acceleration, the 1080 could be a great choice for you and you can see based on the benchmarks that either the rtx 2060 or the 1080 is a great choice. If you’re going for 1080p ultra gaming, which will get you above 60 fps, you could also potentially consider 1440p and that will still give you a very respectable frame rate if you drop down to high settings. However, as i mentioned at the beginning of the video things, go out of stock very quickly, so the first choice that i had was this amp extreme, which came in at 420 dollars, but it’s already gone out of stock, so that’s. Why i’ve gone through the effort of selecting multiple gpus that you could potentially consider down below in the video description? There are multiple 1080s below the 450 price point, so it does make it very enticing.

To add this to your setup, however, one thing to note is that a lot of the 1080s that are actually on sale are of the zotac variety which you can see right here in this listing says it has weak fans. This is something that zotac actually struggled with with their 10 series, but thankfully, also if you check out on ebay, getting a replacement set of fans is only going to cost you about 12 to 15, and in fact i had this exact same issue with my zotac 1080 amp extreme several years ago, so we actually have a video of how you can repair the fans on a zotac 1080 in case you’re interested. But there are several options, such as this gigabyte: 1080 mini itx. This zotac mini with non weak fans, this msi blower style cooler, which is going to be a little bit louder but perform roughly in the ballpark that you need it to as well as an asus blower fan gpu, and this pny blower fan gpu there’s. Also, another zotac amp extreme that’s, slightly above our price budget, but you might be able to get them down by making an offer and there’s. Also this normal gigabyte 1080. That looks to be a pretty good deal when it comes to rtx 2060s we’re. Actually, in a bit of a rougher situation, the cheapest price that i found on one of these is 400 and we don’t necessarily know what’s wrong with it.

But most of the time it actually looks like they’re in the 450 to 600 region, like this rtx 2060. Ko ultra, which is 500, you also have this rtx 2060 sc ultra for 490, but also this gigabyte wind force for 450.. There are a bunch of options that are actually available in the used market. However, if you’re trying to buy new it’s really going to come down to patience, i won’t be able to link anything in the video description, because, as of right now, all of the new cards for 450 are out of stock. I would recommend that if you’re gon na go use, maybe try searching local marketplaces first. This is great because sometimes you find people who actually aren’t aware of market conditions and will sell it way below what the actual market going rate is for a graphics card, and you also have the possibility of potentially testing it before you actually purchase it from them. However, if you are going to buy from a macari or an ebay, just do your due diligence and contact this seller first, so that you can make sure that you’re having peace of mind when you’re buying these cards. So adding all of that up brings us to the thousand dollar price point. However, i do want to add in a couple of extra accessories that might bring your pc build to the next level, but won’t break the bank so to go with the white monteck case that we suggested you could also consider these white cable extensions.

That would add just a little bit of pizzazz to our build costs less than 20 dollars and adds just a little bit of flair to your gaming, pc and in case you don’t, want to stick with the intel stock cooler because let’s be frank. This stock cooler is ugly and the cables that come out of it are hideous. You could potentially consider a white cpu cooler such as this vetroo for 25 dollars after a 10 coupon id cooling also has another great one for 35 and has several more ratings. To give you a bit more confidence, or if you really want to invest in the complete white aesthetic this arctic freezer 34 esports tower cooler also has a white fan built it. However, the parts we chose will still look good without any extras, because it’s just going to be a black and white setup with a minimal amount of rgb to reflect off of the white surfaces. But the parts list that i’ve provided you today that will be linked in the video description with our affiliate links to amazon, should be in stock by the time this video goes live. However, in case any of these products go out of stock, you can come join. Our discord down below at the link in the video description, and we can give you the best recommendations at the time that you’re checking out this video. I can’t necessarily guarantee that these products are gon na stay in stock.

For long, especially given the state of the current pc market, but that’s the best thousand dollar pc that i could come up with today, let me know what you think of the thousand dollar pc that we built down below in the comments and any changes that you Might make for your system also, while you’re down on that side of the youtube hit the like button? If you enjoyed this video, get subscribed to ufd tech for more tech, related content and check out today’s video sponsored chirp it’s really been the best back. Stretching of my entire life – and you should check them out the link in the video description so with that being said, i’m brett with the ufd tech channel.