This laptop is asus zenbook asus hundred book 14 processor is ryzen, 7 4000 series and laptop model is asus, zenbook em425ia, so let’s start now, first open the all screw laptop bottom case. This is small size and very critical open bottom case. All screw size are same. Only single screw have another design. I just open already four screw total of same size now open our last is this square? Is another size and big size screw now open the ejector use, ejector and open the rubber on bottom case both side and have two screw use. Another screwdriver and open the two screws just open it very carefully all screw and done now use ejector and remove the bottom case from keyboard module very smoothly. This laptop is bottom case, is metal, metal, finish and very hard when you open it, use ejector and use your hand and open it very smoothly because it’s too much hard even too much tight. I just opened it from my both hand. Already you are saying i will trying it more system and more need to open for more time, because this bottom case is very hard and so sensitive. If i mistake anything, then button is totally damaged, so i i open it very carefully when you open it on your laptop, you open it very carefully. I already says and again says: it’s stormered hurt it’s too much hurt need to remove bottom side. Bottom case, all side, it already open done have say here – is a big battery and one thermal fan and one thermal case first need to remove battery connector and remove to a screw from ssd have tape.

I just use a small ejector, a small screwdriver and remove one battery and one screw and have another screw just remove it and open the ssd, ssd card hinge or ssd card cover and now use my hand very smoothly and remove the ssd card after open it. I checked this in city have tape and this box is a new ssd. I just open it and check it. This is this astro bharu, gb512 gb um nvme. This ssd have a tape protector. I just carefully open the tape. I used my both hand and carefully open it. When you remove from ssd, be careful. If you are damaged the tape, then you cannot edit the new ssd so be careful and remove, remove it very smoothly. Yes, i already done, and now i have see ssd have pawns now we need to now need to remove the pawns, remove it very carefully. I already do it and edit the fonts in new ssd. I edit it very carefully and now finish it now. I am editing a tab in new ssd at the tip position and press my both hands. Yes, now we’re done and now added the ssd and laptop main board open the ssd and edit the ssd cover in right position. Do it very smoothly, and i close the screw – i have to screw close it. Yes, sd input are done now, connect the battery power, cable and open the laptop press, the power icon and need to check display up coming or not and ssd are supported or not supported.

Yes, i can see. Sda supported here is i’m pressing the power power button and shut down the laptop and now editing the bottom case and press my finger and close the bottom case and close the old screw here is the b1 screw and all these for same size just close it Just and this one, the last one close it and again recheck all the screw are closed or not, and added the pawn step in the edit. The rubber in bottom face both side and open. The laptop now and press the power button and laptop is automatic open by smooth and work is totally done, showing the infinity.