It has a fast qualcomm processor, a super sleek design with a great camera brand collaboration, hey guys, whats up its me al and for today lets go ahead and find out what makes the oneplus 10 pro 5g stand out amongst the sea of flagship phones out there. Now that thats out of the way lets go ahead and get to know the oneplus 10 pro 5g right off the bat you get this bright fiery red box with some oneplus branding all over inside the box. It has the phone the manual and sim ejector, pin a free sticker, the usb c cable and the 80 watt super vook charger. Now. The first thing i noticed about this phone is its massive camera module sabingani dewey our editor mo kang stove, young camera, module which, by the way, only houses, three cameras and a circular led flash, but hey the oneplus 10 pro and oneplus 9. Pro has basically the same hasselblad branded camera setup, but this time walang depth, sensor u1 plus 10 pro for its camera setup. It has a 48 megapixel main camera, with pdaf and ois, a 15 megapixel ultra wide and an 8 megapixel telephoto camera with a 3.3 x optical zoom and ois, which was co developed by hasselblad for design. The phone looks incredible, especially in the color volcanic black. You got a super clean, sandstone finish with a gorilla glass back panel, while you get a matte, aluminum frame and buttons.

This phone also has a solid ip68 rating for added safety for display the oneplus 10. Pro 5g has a 6.7 inch fluid amoled display with a second generation ltpo technology, and it also has a 1440×3216 resolution and hdr 10 plus capability, all protected by corning gorilla glass. Fictus, plus it has a dynamic 120hz refresh rate thats perfect for a smooth scrolling experience, as expected from a flagship display. Napa can determine video quality and you get vibrant, colors, deep blacks and plenty of detail with the oneplus 10 pro. The panel also has dual color calibration, which means oneplus turn the color profiles at 100 and 500 nits of brightness. So you get more accurate, colors in more levels of brightness for specs and performance. The oneplus 10 pro is powered by a snapdragon 8 first gen processor, thats paired with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage, and it runs on oxygen, os 12.1 based off android 12, with a speedy, 5g connectivity and so far you can easily play any Games on this phone hassle free from light moba games in high graphic quality to graphically intensive games such as apex, legends and gentian impact, to name a few, expect a smooth, fun and hassle free gaming experience with this phone, its 120hz dynamic display made the gameplay look. A lot smoother at sobranagustohank, it really has a bright and vibrant screen, so the animation looks well detailed with brighter colors, which is good on my book now for benchmark results with performance mode on the oneplus 10 pro performed lower than expected compared to other snapdragon.

8. First gen powered phones, but it did improve slightly when we turned on performance mode, which made the oneplus 10 pro beat the xiaomi 12 pro in 3dmark wildfire and pc mark work. Okay for the battery, the oneplus 10 pro comes with a massive 5000mah battery and based from our test, we managed to clock around 11 hours of battery life and considering the naka on you want 20 hertz, refresh rate yeah, okay battery life when it comes to camera Performance, i really love how the photos turned out the main and ultra wide angle, cameras performed really well in terms of color accuracy and details in most lighting conditions, dynamic range is good and even nighttime shots retain some sharp details with minimal noise overall, the oneplus 10 Pro 5g is set to deliver a bright, impressive amoled display a powerful processor, great cameras along with a premium looking design in the philippine market, and honestly, this device checked out all the boxes for me in terms of a promising flagship offering. So if you guys are planning to check out this phone, the oneplus 10 pro is priced at 52 990 pesos and is available at digital walkers online store and selected physical stores nationwide. So go ahead and grab yours now.