I purchased on aliexpress. This cable is a usb type c to usb type c, cable rated for 100 watts, and it also has a little wattage indicator in one of the usb type c ends. So lets open up the bag, its pretty simple, theres, a few details on it and at the front it says basis and at the bottom it says everyone is using basics. So i suppose i am everyone. I do have a charger for my iphone. That is branded basis, but lets see what this usb type c cable is like its actually very nice. So first impressions are really nice. Soft braided cable. In this case, i believe this one is a two meter cable. Let me just double check uh. It doesnt actually say in the packaging but im pretty sure that i ordered the two meter cable on the website. You see there is a busiest uh branded cable tidy, which is good to see and the ends have obviously busiest branding on them and theres a little bit of orange in here. So im assuming this is trying to say that it should work with high powered devices and smartphones that support ultra fast charging, such as, in this case xiaomi or honor devices, but well see in a moment and at the other end we have the little indicator here. Theres a little bit of plastic over this to keep it protected and it does say 100 watts on the side of it.

But lets get that plastic sheet off to see what it actually feels like. Oh well, ill give up on that for now. So what were going to do is try this out with my unitec charger. So we know that this is a high power charger 66 watt charger with usb type c, so lets see how it performs with the basis cable. Now the first test were going to do. Is uh the basis cable at one end in our usb c, one port in the unitec charger – and i have here my xiaomi 11 t pro 5g. This phone supports 120 watt charging its currently at 76 percent charge so its more than half but lets see what uh, what throughput we get with the basis cable and this smartphone so its indicating a quick charge which is great and were seeing that its now going Up to 23 watts on here now, this may not be completely representative because the phone is already semi semicharged, so its not a great example. So what were going to do next is ive. Given it a few seconds to carry on charging 23 watts is respectable. That means that your battery should charge, in this case the last third in around about half an hour, but lets double check that on the battery section. So, yes, it says 11 minutes until fully charged thats really actually faster than i was expecting and yeah, not not too bad lets move on.

So i have here my uh laptop in this case. Its an hp, x360 elitebook lets open it up first and open up the battery indicator and see where it is quick face, unlock going on here. There we go okay, then so im going to plug in to the side here to the power port, and we see that its running at one watt initially and it starts ramping up 22 30. So the beziest cable in this case is covering up to 53 watts, which is pretty fast, so it is a usb power delivery. Cable, i dont have any hundred and 100 watt devices to go for it, but overall first impressions are very positive. Its a soft braided cable, it has a cable tidy. It has a wattage indicator on one of the ends of the cable. This is a very useful cable for charging all sorts of devices, as we saw tablets, phones, computers and who knows there may also. It may also be used with power banks, but for now i think we can wrap up this review. It says what it does on the it does what it says on the tin. It tells you – or it says what the wattage charges so im pretty happy with that, for what is less than eight pound sterling on aliexpress ill leave, a link in the description to where you can buy this cable and a link to the unitec charger. That ive been pairing this with.

So, if you made it this far in the video. Thank you for watching.