This is nirmal here and in this video well be doing a detailed review of a new premium, uh ultra portable laptop from asus under the asus zenbook series, desu zenbook oled 14 ux3402. This is a newly launched zenbook with the oled display. So asus has been launching a really good, oled laptops. Now this is the new zenbook series, with an oled display its a 14 inch laptop with the top of the line. Hardware, the 12th gen intel i7 processor you get 1tb for disk 16 gigabyte uh ram is included a really good 2.8 k display with really great resolution. Its an oled display 75 watt hour battery and a full metal chassis so lets see how good the laptop is for the price segment it is being offered. So this is a premium uh uh ultra portable laptop under the zenbook series, desu zenbook, oled, 14, ux3402. So lets get started with a detailed review of the asus zenbook oled uh before getting started. If this is the first time on this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish. So lets begin so lets start off the detail review with the design elements of the asus zenbook 14 owner the ux43402 now similar to other zenbook series again, the zenbook colored 14 also has a really great design elements. It has a 180 degree hinge, which means you can make the device flat 180 degrees and uh.

This has a slightly changed design, especially with the back panel, getting a different design compared to the concentric circles. We generally see on other asus zenbook series, so there is a welcome change in terms of the back panel design and its an all aluminium body design, and it has just 16.9 mm thickness and just 1.’ kilograms in weight, and it is, it is conforming to the Us military grid standard, so uh asus, has not left anything out in that aspect. Now the design definitely looks good its a pretty compact device. The keyboard design is also good. The new hinge mechanism works really well, and the hinge is also redesigned with premium caps, and it also has this ergo lift functionality, which raises the keyboard deck slightly for more comfortable typing experience and also uh. You get the 180 degree hinge, so it is really good in terms of design elements. It also comes in two different colors. The ponder blue and uh also uh, the green color uh slightly greenish in the aqua selador color. So there are two colors available and the back panel design is something refreshing and it looks really nice, the keyboard layout and overall, the material finishing, looks great and being a laptop which is confirming to the us military grid standards. It feels really nice in terms of build quality and its an all metal, aluminium body, which feels really smooth as well as looks great too now. Moving on to the display now uh, as the name indicates its an oled display, and one of the good things about the oled display, is how the colors are its an impressive color reproduction, and here you get a 2.

8 k. Oled screen its not the standard. Uh 1080p resolution, its a two point k resolution and you get 2880 by 1800 pixels with a 14 inch resolution and 100 percentage. Dci, p3 color gamut, and it also certifies uh the display hdr 500 standards, and it is also a pandora validated display. You get 90 screen to body ratio and it also get 90 hertz refresh rate with 0.2 milliseconds respond right now, uh talking about the display quality, you get really smooth, visuals, great uh, color, reproduction and also uh. The contrast also looks great and already is a great display, especially for if you are into a multimedia or editing videos of photography. This is a really good color accurate display, and it was also a great display for uh, entertainment or multimedia experience. If youre watching movies, you get the best experience with the colorful and vp display, and it also has this 16 inch to 10 aspect ratio and 90 hertz making it one of the really good displays out there in this price segment. So uh the color reproduction and also uh the overall quality of the display, looks really great now one thing what uh many of you might be having doubt is regarding the oled displays the durability of oled displays over a period of time now, asus has some tweaks Uh with respect to this oled panel, this is made by samsung, so it also has the samsungs uh burning, refined technology and also the pixel shift technology.

So that means you get a really great experience with a display over a period of time, and there is also oled screen guarantee for 7000 hours of usage. That means you are well protected in terms of display, burn issues and overall, the oled brings in really nice experience on this device, so display is definitely class, leading especially for the color accuracy. The offers the contrast levels and also it is a great one for multimedia experience now next lets move on to the ports and connectivity. So, on the left side you get a usb a 3.2 gen, 2 port and on the right side you get hdmi 2.0 port audio jack is included. There is a thunderbolt uh uh, four usb type c port. A full function is there. There are two of them, and then you also get a micro sd card slot, so its well connected in terms of ports and connectivity, its quite similar to other zen books offered. Now, moving on to the keyboard experience now, the asus 14 oled comes with a good keyboard experience, thats 1.4 mm key travel and the typing experience overall on this keyboard looks really good. Actually uh, the keys have good spacing and you get all the functional keys as well. Uh the accuracy levels are also good uh. The key travel also enables you to have great experience overall in terms of the typing, and there is also backlighting option available. So keyboard experience looks really good.

Now, talking about the trackpad, you get a number pad, also uh its a illuminated number pad, which gives you additional functionalities. There is also gesture support, so the trackpad experience is pretty accurate. There is no uh reported issues or we have been using this uh trackpad and we havent seen any sort of issues as such with this number pad, which works pretty well so trackpad and keyboard. Experience is good. Now talking about the software. Now this device comes with windows, 11 out of the box and uh uh. Since we have already used a lot of windows 11 devices, we are not going into that its a windows 11 home edition, but my asus app, which uh asus offers uh, has a plethora of options included. You get some options to tweak the battery health. Then you have the option to have intelligence performance modes battery mode, or rather balance mode and whisper mode. Based on the fan speed, then you also get some options to customize the display quality. You can go with the normal mode vivid manual mode. So all those things are included, so software experience definitely feels really nice and you also get some additional options with this laptop in terms of the my asus app now talking about the performance now uh, this is powered by the core i7 uh 1260p processor. There is also core i5 1240p processor, so we have tested the core i7 version and it is coupled with a 16 gigabyte lpddr5 ram and 512 gb pci e uh 4.

0 ssd. Now the performance is pretty good on this device. We have been using this device for our regular work and hardly any issues here. Its very smooth experience – the 12th gen uh intel core i7 does really give you great experience, and the gpu is quite okay for the default work. It is intended for its again, not a gaming device per se, so you cant experience the high end gaming experience on this because its an integrated, indirect, iris, xc graphics card. So it does not have a dedicated graphics card, obviously because its an ultra portable laptop but uh all the benchmarks looks quite okay. Here are some benchmark scores, especially the hard disk performance and also uh the benchmarking. Schools are quite okay for this price segment, so thats the benchmark score of the in asus zenbook 14 oled. In terms of audio experience, you get harman kardon certified speakers, just like any other uh audio uh experience on the zen book series, and it also has dolby atmos support, so the dual uh speakers obviously gives you great experience in terms of sound, especially because this is A more of an entertainment and utility laptop so having a good speaker system helps it, and here also you get the ai noise cancellation audio for video calls, if youre, using that the microphone has ai noise cancellation, so that experience also adds up. If you are using this for a lot of video calls Music now moving on to the battery life, so this device comes with a 75 watt hour battery uh.

It is now the battery performance is quite okay. It also has a 65 volt fast charging supported now, while uh the previously reviewed zenbooks had a slightly better battery life this here you feel that battery life isnt that impressive, although its quite okay, you can get like six to seven hours of battery life on an Average uh on this laptop, so it is not bad actually, but again, if you are only using it for multimedia usage, then probably you can get like seven hours plus, but otherwise its kind of probably six hours is kind of expected, with the regular or mixed usage. Its not bad actually but uh previous zen books did have slightly better overall battery life. Now you also get uh the fingerprint, unlocking uh for windows, hello, support, uh. This is integrated with the power button. There is also an hd webcam included. The quality is definitely improved. Its an hd webcam, so you can use it for your zoom calls or your video calls its quite okay in terms of the quality. So that is our experience with asus zenbook 14 oled ux3402. So how good is this device, its a really good package, with a gorgeous 14 inch oled display it has a 90 hertz refresh, which means it offers great smooth experience 600 needs of peak brightness with hdr support. Then it also has good speakers. Then then, 12 gen processors from intel offers great performance. Then lpddr5, ram and 16 is to 10 aspect ratio.

Uh brings in good aspect now. The uh cons of this laptop is probably that there is a display slightly glossy. So that means in slight angles. You may not have the best experience, then, if youre putting this device into the performance mode, the fan speeds uh. The sound of the fan. Speed is slightly on the louder side and the battery performance is slightly lower compared to the previous generation zenbook oled devices. So that was our experience with the asus zenbook 14 oled ux3 is 402., so priced at 1, lakh, 4, 990 rupees uh. It is a pretty good package for what you uh get, including the 12th gen core i7.