You feel that youve actually bought something which is a compromise jack of all trades with a master of none. Well, welcome to my unboxing and review of the hp chromebook x2 11. Music, a and all of this at a starting price of just fifty four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine coffee bags power adapter. We have the type c charging cable, so quick, first impression after the unboxing, its very, very light right and just a unibody design here, its got a very sturdy frame, its built very, very solid, mascot flex. Weak around nothing is happening in hand feel both because of the weight you can easily carry it around flights for whole business meetings. Behold your arm is not going to get stored, dual front firing. Speakers will be banging classic hp, they are not really compromising, but that is not all turn this into a laptop asana. Like i told you, the keyboard comes with it turn it into a laptop kickstand and the magnetic connection of the tablet and keyboard is Music. Its a very nice soft touch or non slip bear which is actually very, very nice and really feels good tablet. Color pickering you get the color coordinated keyboard with it, a key to travel coffee, its quite decent, but look not the best. Looking you know with the fact that its a folio keyboard, i think, its still pretty good full sized keyboard, hair full size track pad function keys, so that also works very very well and because of the mobile processor processor is my battery, because you also want the Performance and this one checks that box also is kind of qualcomm 7c processor with 4gb ram, and this is where things get very special yeah chromebook and not windows and chrome is lighter, faster.

It doesnt need insane raw power, a machine guy handles daily tasks without even breaking a sweat or apko multi complete google play store suite of apps. I cant talk about productivity without talking about this, the stylus and the ports, so good job hp, not many brands, understand sd card readers, kitten, essential. Okay, now to the stylist, we have worlds. First, wireless rechargeable pen, thats certified by usa, usa, matlab universal stylish initiative. You know youre getting a stylus pen that is actually great for drawing taking notes. Illustration not just for showing off your talents, attach katta to the side of the tablet like this nice click, and it gives you about 20 days of battery your stylus say youll, be certified by google for its accuracy and like a stylus nerds. The holy grail is here, they can all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but not if jack owns an hp, chromebook x211 gaming youre into multimedia movies. Everything looks fantastic for google custodia gaming service and on this hp, chromebook subscription free, mirror, plus all the usual stadia benefits to sony ps4, and then there are all the games on google play store that you can play without even thinking twice about it. A touch screen here, of course, so everything runs very, very well tablet mode. May the chromebook doesnt suffer from the typical software issues. You click other android tablets, theres a massive plus here, also when you use it in tablet mode.

Absolutely. I have five megapixels a selfie camera thats a bland honestly, but then you dont really need it. Video calls so that is good. Just dont take selfies with it pj 8 megapixel rear facing camera, which is about okay hp. Chromebook x2 johanna hits the nail on the head on a lot of things. They can eventually end my who is it perfect for, if youre a business traveler on the go a lot, a work from home and work from office, hybrid type of person, youre, a small business owner, a student there that wants it all work and play or a Creative person, who wants to run a business store and pretty much everyone else who wants a two in one around fifty thousand rupees. This is the two in one to get starting price on upgrade fifty four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine youre getting all these accessories. In the box – and it gets much better than buying a typical android tablet and i think its value military for money compared to maybe ipads by the way, excellent variant that costs about 59 999. So if you want to be connected, always theres that option for you the benefits of getting a chromebook or even more a call with hp and understand their business model, that you should have already done a long time back hit that subscribe. Button miss out now carry on all these great videos from me.