Save you money, make your life easier help you take better care of your home and more in this, video were going to look at the top 5 best tech gadgets available on the market. Today we have made this list based on customer reviews and our own opinion. We looked at the features and quality of each item and selected the best ones for more information, along with updated prices on the products that we mentioned. Click on the links in the description box below coming in at number 5 is the jackham r4 smart ring. This smart ring is not only a remote control but also an anti loss device and a health monitoring device. It can help you to find your phone and make calls while running you can even change the volume of music playing on your smartphone. Using this gadget, the jackhammer r4 is compatible with both ios and android smartphones, which means that it will work great with any phone that you have in your handbag or pocket. This smart gadget works perfectly well in both wet conditions, as well as dry conditions. It is waterproof for up to 50 meters deep underwater, so theres no need for you to worry about taking care of it properly. Every time before, going for a swim or diving into water bodies like lakes, slash rivers, etc. The jacom r4 comes with an ole display screen, which shows all kinds of information regarding its activity, status and battery level.

The fourth product on our list is the rat knock mouse gun. The ride. Knock mouse gun is a great product for kids and collectors. I bought this for my nephew, who was thrilled with it. Its easy to hold, and the built in battery lasts a long time before needing to be recharged plus. It looks like a real gun if youre looking for a fun gift idea that will make your friends laugh. This is an excellent choice. Its lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand rough handling by children or adults. Still havent seen a cool tech gadget that youre interested in thats okay keep watching because we have more coming up. Also, if this is the first time youre visiting our channel, be sure to like subscribe and hit the notification bell icon so that youll know when our next video drops up next in third position is the fingerbot smart robot figurebot is a smart, robotic finger that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and can be used for playing games and taking selfies. It comes with rechargeable batteries and the finger can be controlled using the app on your smartphone. The fingerboard also includes an accelerometer gyroscope speaker, microphone and led lights. You can use it to create music by tapping or clapping in different rhythms. The second product on our list is the notepadlock. The notepadlock is a keyless padlock that you can unlock with your smartphone, its rechargeable, so it doesnt use batteries and it has a built in bluetooth chip to automatically unlock.

When you approach the lock itself, is waterproof and has a rugged aluminum body with anodized finish for durability, against the elements its very affordable and comes in three colors black silver and gold. Before we reveal the number one product be sure to check out the description box below for the newest deals on each of these items, also dont forget to like and subscribe. If you want to stay up to date on some of the best products available on the market today, based on our opinion, the number one product on our list is the nest. Learning smart, thermostat the nest. Learning thermostat is a smart device that learns the temperature preferences for each room in your house over time. It changes temperatures automatically so that you dont have to, and it saves energy by doing so. This way, when no one is home or asleep at night or if everyone is awake, the thermostat will lower or raise the temperature accordingly, the nest also learns which rooms are occupied at what times throughout the day. This allows it to prioritize heating or cooling those rooms. First, in order to conserve even more electricity usage, the nest is a great buy for any home. Last but not least, we have a bonus product selection, the card sharp knife. The card sharp knife is an awesome gadget to have on hand it sports, a stainless steel blade and lock. So you can keep the blade open while youre using it for cutting things.

It also comes in different colors so that you can pick one that matches your style. The best thing about this gadget is how lightweight it is well there you have it and thank you for watching.