We have the mercedes c class ill. Give you our first impressions, the newest c class in the lineup, its called the baby s, but were going to mainly talk about one thing. The tech inside the car then were moving on to the msi g76 radar 2022, with the most powerful internals possible on the laptop huge 17 inch screen its built like a tank, and we really enjoyed using this. Then the sony hd a7000 sound bar nice, powerful soundbar from sony uses 11 custom design drivers to create immersive, dolby, atmos audio, all right its here, the bbs mercedes c class. Our first impression gorang and ravina – took the new c class c300d for a spin to experience. All the tech inside now this really is chock a block its not just the infotainment system. Well, show you that also, it has so many amazing other things also its like the s class and all its features have come to the c class. It has a 12.3 inch lcd driver display 11.9 inch display in the middle for controlling the entire car. The software on the car is also quite amazing. Mbux it has, you know every profile can be configured to every driver who drives the car. The car will remember all their preferences from their seating, their preferred sunroof position how they like their audio, every single thing, the really cool part the car is coming to us and it will be with us for quite a while were going to take a second look At this car in detail very soon right now go wrong.

Rubina its all yours, its a rare sight that we are bringing you today, all the mercedes c class models ever produced, starting with the one that launched in 1982. Here we are for the launch of the next generation of c class. We have three new variants from mercedes for c class, and now we will take a look at the c300d, which is also called the baby s Music, hi, im, ravina mungya and im guranga roda and today, as you can see, we have with us the mercedes c Class c300d and we are going to talk all things: tech inside this car right goran. So, yes, we are going to talk about everything that is the infotainment system. The audio and every tech feature that you get inside the car. Also, the mbux right, yeah thats a whole new innovation and were going to get into all of that. So lets sit in the inside the cargo run. You might want to unlock it with your phone first, yes, of course, Music. As soon as one gets inside the car, the first thing felt immediately is how great the c200d looks on the inside. It appears like a great mix of style. The legacy car maker has perfected with the technology that mercedes is trying to incorporate. So what you see are two big screens fitting in well with the leather and metal enveloped interiors of the car. The main screen is a massive 11.9 inch lcd.

It gets plenty sharp and is easily visible to the driver due to the brightness and how it tilts towards the driver by 6 inches. It sure is premium as it is borrowed directly from the x class. The second screen lies behind the steering wheel with the speedometer and everything else that the driver needs to see. The steering wheel itself is flat at the bottom and has knobs and buttons to control everything in the car. So ive been really excited to test all the tech inside this car and it starts the minute you sit. First, you need to configure your profile, your seating position, your steering position, your ambient lighting, anything that you want and each time you enter this car. All you have to do is select your profile and the car remembers it plus you can customize it now for other people as well Music. So as soon as the user sits inside the car and scans, the fingerprint on the reader located right beneath the screen, their profile gets activated. The seats automatically get in their preferred and configured position, and the sunroof opens just as much as the user would have it. The other big feature that you will see in this car and the other two cars from mercedes, which is the s class of the maybach, is the car 2x. What it actually does is you have one mercedes car talking to another and whatever information and data that they collect, they send it to a cloud owned by mercedes, while google maps have a lot of data, car 2x feature will take a while, because there are only So many mercedes car on the road it will have impact in the future.

We just have to wait and see for that. Another tech related part of this profile system is the barmester audio system inside the car exclusive to the c300d. Another great part of the mbux and the profile system on this car is the fact that how every user can configure the audio according to what they require and what they like, the bar mister speakers, can be configured in such a way that the audio that comes Out of these speakers is according to that specific user that is using the car. At that moment the treble can be altered. The mids can be altered. The base response can be altered where the source of the audio primarily is, can be altered. Everything is configurable to that specific user, but yes, this entire burmester audio system that is limited to just c300d. The other two variants of the c class do not get that. The initial setup of the audio involves altering the volume intensity and the balance amongst the treble bass and mids of the music being listened to. Then comes the 3d audio setup which selects how wide and how high the audio goes around the car, along with deciding the position of the primary audio source. The sonic performance of the audio system, regardless of the preset, remains excellent. The mids are incredibly detailed. The treble is sharp and comfortable. At the same time, the bass is lead and deep, with the low end, details being rumbly and satisfying the 3d audio preset also works well with songs that depend on bass, heavy frequencies.

So we would not call it a gimmick controlling or configuring. Anything on the car requires the user to deal with the mba x7, which is rather easy. The menu systems are simple to understand. The buttons are big and easy to find, but the motion and animation do not seem to be as smooth as we would find on our smartphones. The ui elements seem to be taken straight from 2000 based ux designs, but that is just something: weve come to expect from legacy car makers, but that is the only part where the catch up is felt because everything else seems to be working so well when it Comes to tech, if that was not felt so far, smartphone integration is where you might feel that, while it does the simple integration of the smartphone into the car through android, auto and apple carplay available, it goes the other way around too. The car can be integrated into the smartphone through the mercedes me app. This app can be used to unlock the car check, statistics for the engine, brakes, tyre pressure, mileage and trip data, and can even be used to check for the service load after driving down the mountains and testing out all the tech in this car. I have to say that i really like how perfectly it adjusted to my height and then, of course, the infotainment system and the car 2x feature like one of my favorite standing out features watch the car 2x.

What about you garand? So i love the mbux. I love the infotainment system and just how well the bum speakers work and the whole profile system is my favorite thing hands down of this car. The new c class, in unlimited time with it, seemed to be living up to its baby s moniker, but also exceeded it at times with the great things it does from the perspective of tech. So in the end, the experience was not only elevated by mountain roads. Beneath us, but also all of the technology that surrounded us inside the new c class Music and now after that, car weve got the laptop of all laptops: the msi ge76 radar 2022. This is huge 17 inch display built like an absolute tank intimidating to look at, and at this present moment this is one of the best weve drive built with metal all around great keyboard. The number pad. Besides, it is fantastic, surprisingly small track pad, but the 17 inch display is beautiful, great colors and the speakers nice powerful, loudspeakers plenty of ports also and the best possible specs one can get on a laptop best. Cpu gpu on any laptop price tag. Guess guess: guess: 4 lakh 24 940, but we think its worth it. This one is right at the apex. This is the most ridiculous laptop to show up in front of us in recent weeks all because it goes bunkers in every aspect. This is the msi ge76 radar, a huge 17 inch laptop with the best possible specifications.

One can find on any laptop and the ridiculousness of the power shows up everywhere. It is a monstrosity and the laptop not only knows it, but also embraces it, and you will find out how in the next few minutes, this is a literal tank of a laptop. It is much larger than most of the laptops we have been reviewing. It is entirely covered in metal. It is an inch in thickness and weighs a little over 3 kilograms, so it wont fit in most backpacks and when it does, you will feel the weight. But given the power, it packs is in a way equal to a tower pc that is fair and the thick chassis also means better heat management for sustained performance. The front edge of the keyboard is entirely covered with an rgb light bar, which throbs with animations and such a huge size also results in a full size keyboard with a number pad. The keyboard is an extremely comfortable one, with plenty of travel and subtle shades of rgb going across all the keys. The trackpad under it, though, is an entirely different story. It is smooth in the operation and precise with its mechanics, but the size is almost too small for the sheer size of everything on the laptop, but where no stones were left. Unturned are the ports, as there are so many one usbc thunderbolt 4 port. Two usb a 3.2 gen 2 boards, one usb a 3.2 gen, 1 port, one rj45 ethernet port, one sd card reader, one hdmi, 2.

1 port and one mini display port. Basically, everything you might need at any point time to talk about the second biggest reason for the size of the chassis. The mammoth display the unit we got had a 17.3 inch full hd display with a 360 hertz refresh rate. It gets bright enough and the colors are vivid and beautiful, but with the 360 hertz refresh rate, gaming gets extremely smooth with the user, having barely any limit to the number of fps they can get on any game. But apart from gaming, watching content works out. Well, if you are looking for a better resolution, you will have to go for the more expensive variant. An inch of thickness of this laptop is for a very important reason. It helps in keeping up the sufficient airflow needed to manage the heat generated by the ridiculous internals of this laptop. Our ge 76 radar came with the 12th gen intel core i7 12 900 hk 32 gb of ram and an nvidia geforce rtx 3080 ti. This is an absolute monster of a laptop average tasks are nothing for it. 4K video editing is an absolute treat on this laptop. Any sort of creative work is made easy by intels, incredible processor, and when it comes to gaming, the 3080 ti performs well at 1080p. Getting more than 80 to 90 frames per second was an easy task at maxed out presets for all games. Everything looked great on the display without any stutters or slowdowns anywhere.

The fans had to kick up to full speed with such performance, but still anywhere where the hands were placed. Heat could be felt only slightly with these internals, where any laptop will suffer is battery life and the ge 76 does suffer with average usage. The laptop will last for about 5 hours if gaming or any task, which needs sustained performances involved, 5 hours is cut down to 1 to 1.5 hours at most. Even so, not many people looking at this laptop are concerned with portability or battery life. Hence such performance with the battery is fair and thats how the msi ge 76 radar owns up to its monstrosity. It embraces it in every aspect and makes sure that the user looking for it knows what they are getting into. Be it the design, the internals, the display, the performance and the experience, and if that does not do it look no further than the price the radar starts at a price of 4 lakh, 29, 940 rupees and for the ones looking for the absolute top of the Line this behemoth of a laptop will be well worth it. Music lets take a quick break right now and we come back lots more happening. Music Applause, Applause, Music Applause. Next up is the sound bar by sony, the sony hta 7000. Now this has got a simple design, but powerful sonic performance default. Sound level is very neutral. Sprinkles of a punchy bass, further detailed by the very, very good sound bar subwoofer.

That theyve, given most audio context, sounds great on the sound bar and the audio can be calibrated by the sound bar as for the shape and size of the room for ideal dolby atmos performance. As for watching movies, the sound bar together with the subwoofer can produce excellent, sound, deep rumbly bass to make the movie experience absolutely amazing Music, while the product having different variants with different things, added to or removed from each variant is a common practice amongst most tech Products this one ends up being a little too complicated. This is the sony hda7000 soundbar. It comes in five different variants and in our review, were gon na. Tell you if the soundbar is worth buying and which variant you should get or which variant you should skip Music. The one thing that remains unchanged in all of the variants is the sound bar and its simple and basic design. A mesh grille covers all of the front firing drivers and tweeters a fabric. Grille covers the upward firing drivers and there are base ports on either end for the built in movers. It is 130 centimeters in width and looks good with tvs measuring at least 65 inches. Other tvs will be locked and the flow with the basic design is its glossiness. The entire top barring the fabric grille, is a glossy shade of black, which reflects the visuals on the tv screen. Above it, it is pretty distracting in low light. The solution, though, is in the box, which are walmarts, but still it would not have been necessary if this surface had a matte finish rather than glossy on the right side of the soundbar are some buttons for performing basic controls and on the right side of the Front is a small screen.

This screen displays the common information, like the source of audio volume and audio format on the back are some very capable ports. Apart from the regular power port optical input, port 3.5 mm audio jack and the usb, a port are three hdmi ports, two hdmi inputs and one hdmi error ports with all of them being hdmi 2.1 connector. So they support passthrough of 8k content at 60hz and 4k content at 120hz in hdr10 and ob vision formats. There is another s center port through which a bravia tv, when connected, can be used as a part of the audio system. As for the connections which do not require ports, bluetooth, 5.0 and wi fi connectivity are supported with chromecast and airplay 2 capabilities. The inside of the soundbar inhabits two overhead up firing. Speakers two beam tweeters five front firing speakers and two built in woofers built to provide seven channel audio experience. The sound bar takes the help of the sound reflection of the walls in the room in an attempt to create a 360 degree. Audio experience for the user enabled by the mics on the soundbar, the mics, calibrate the sound by measuring the dimensions of the room, but even so when it is just the device itself, the 360 degree soundscape is where it struggles the most. While all the sound processing focuses on increasing the surround sound, it only works out well for the left and right channels. The volume is lagging, and even so the soundscape set is dense, detailed and rumbling, and even though the top firing drivers for effect the channel to need it at the top of the soundscape, the dolby atmos performance suffers as there are no rear channels.

Hence that is where the rear channel speakers come in, and even the built in woofers are great. With the 500 watt application behind them, they cant still come close to replacing the incredibly detailed rumbly base of the dedicated subwoofer. The sas w5, in this case with the rear channel speakers and the subwoofer it feels like a dimension, has been added to every aspect and frequency of the sound the hole in the soundscape behind the user is wiped out. The base gets further separated from the dialogues and vocals when the dialogues are enhanced further by the sound processing. The experience of watching content is made even better, so the soundbar by itself can leave you desiring for more, especially when it comes in at a price of one lakh, forty, nine thousand nine. Ninety, even with all the features and capabilities it suffers. Hence that is the variant to skip our suggestion, buy either variant with the subwoofer and rear channel speakers to get the ideal dolby atmos experience the variant with the subwoofer and two rear channels starts at an introductory price of 1 lakh, 65 970. Hence, in the limited time that this price is available, we would suggest you to get it Music. That, then, is the gadget 360 show for this week.