Ive been trying it out for a little bit and want to share my thoughts with you on whether or not its a product thats worth your time. Welcome virtual dreamers, my name is gregory and lets get this review started review unit provided by amvr the amvr charging dock for the quest 2 controller is exactly, as its name says, a charging dock for the quest 2 and its controllers. It comes with the dock itself. Two rechargeable batteries, a usbc, the usb a cable and replacement battery – covers for the quest 2 controllers featuring a velcro based knuckle grip solution on each one, starting with the pros here. The simplicity of the product is well appreciated as a made setup, both painless and quick. Take off your normal battery covers make sure to take off this. One plasticy lock in bit, put in the amvr ones, put back in the plastic bit connect the usb c side of the cable included in the pack with the dock and connect the type a end to a usb port. Put the controllers into the dock and youre. Pretty much done if you happen to have a spare usb c usb, a cable laying around you can even connect your quest to to the charging dock as well very easily from the setup once set up lights, clearly indicate when the charge has been completed and can Be turned off to avoid being a bother at night. The battery cover knuckle grips are actually fairly functional and, in the event that the elastic piece breaks off, they can be replaced with the included optional bands.

In that situation, all in all id say its a pretty good setup, alas, good isnt perfect, and i definitely found some facets of the product that could do some improvement to start the cons offering a charging option for the quest 2 headset itself. While a nice feature feels like a bit of an afterthought, as they dont even include a charging cable in the box or a spot to put it in when you do, they advise using the quest 2s default cables, which, considering just how short those are well. I might have to work on that its far from an ideal solution. A con with the interface is that the station itself only shows you if the device is charging not connected or fully charged. It doesnt clearly tell you where, in the middle between empty and full, the batteries are, which brings some elements of doubt on whether or not youre going to be good to play or not. Im not going to harp on amvr too much here since i dont actually see any competition resolving this issue either, but i hope theyll take this criticism as an opportunity to improve, maybe having just the exact same parts but making it so blinking green indicates that youre At 80 percent or 70 percent would be a good middle ground here that doesnt involve having to get more extra parts thrown in there. Moving on to the next matter, having come from a dedicated, rubberized quest grip solution, the straps here feel both more finicky and less comfortable.

After going through the new electronic mix, tick pack for beat saber. I found myself missing my other grips fairly quickly. I cant say that this product on the whole is bad, as i definitely found a spot for it in my primary usage lineup, but im definitely keeping an eye out for something else. As things are. To sum things up, i can recommend picking up the amvr charging dock for quest 2 controllers, but only if it matches your specific needs to a t. If you want a charging dock that has a good integration for charging the quest to look elsewhere as this isnt. The best option for that at all. Otherwise, if you arent, expecting to be sweating, buckets or trying to beat high scores in beat saber all the time, and you want a better solution for keeping your controllers topped up than having a bunch of spares or externally rechargeable batteries and want to have the experience Of just being able to put the thing in the dock and just have the knuckles whenever you want at roughly 46 us at the time of this review, i think the amvr charging dock for quest 2 controllers is a fine option. Ill be continuing to use mine for the foreseeable future, but i am looking at a few other options in order to try to meet all of my needs at once till next time, virtual dreamers.