However, nothing is perfect for this projector, though im just gon na split this review into two big segments so ill talk about what i like about this projector first and then ill talk about what i dont like about this projector in the second half. So lets begin Music. I have spent the last long holiday with the freestyle and i have to say there were a lot of good times and there were a lot of annoying times too, when i was using this freestyle. But i managed to balance the freestyle at the top of my bed headboard, if i should call it that yeah and i was watching netflix on top of my ceiling, so it was definitely usable at that situation. If i should say like this, however, it did take. Quite a lot of setting up to get it working that way. So lets start off with what i like about the samsung freestyle. First number, one, the projector looks fantastic. This is a tubular shape, projector and it is very slick yet functional. At the same time, it has a free spinning angle, hence the word freestyle and it rotates to a large selection of angles. Thanks to how distinct is designed – and i guess this is where we also have to talk about the base – we can take out the base. If you want to so, they are just two plastic screws on either sides of the freestyle that you can unscrew with a coin.

Do not ever use a flat head screwdriver because it will strip out the plastic screw here. However, i do not have a coin with me, so i wont take it out anyway. However, if you choose to get some other accessories like the battery base, for example, you will need to take out this screw and then you need to change out the entire base to the new battery base by the way, our unit of the samsung freestyle isnt, a Retail unit and it comes with a very big difference, which is the lack of the pogo pins at the bottom here i know this is because i watched some other retail versions of the samsung freestyle unboxing video, and they did have a rubber flap behind here. That covers all the golden pins, which is supposedly to be used with the light fixture adapter thing, so yeah just keep in mind that ours here is not exactly retail, even if you want to use the socket adapter as well for the light fixtures, you will also Need to take out this space, however, both of these accessories are said to be coming soon, and we also have yet another accessory thats available to us, which is the skin. You see all of the samsung freestyle. Look the same in this white color. However, this white color sleeve can be removed, so you can choose between a total of three different colors, so you can change it to pink, green or coyote color, and the second feature that i like the most is the sensors.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of sensors at the front of this projector and also inside this projector too. Those sensors are pretty much what makes it the freestyle, because you can use it in any either way you want, and this projector will automatically rotate itself to. However, you want it to be, and the third feature that i like the most about the samsung freestyle is, of course everything is automatic, and what i mean by that is that the freestyle have two different sets of sensors on either side at the front here, and They are smart and it can detect what kind of surface that im projecting the image to, for example, the wall that i have here is not exactly white its a bit yellowish, so this samsung freestyle will auto correct the image for me, so it will look the Best at whatever color surface that im projecting it to even the focusing keystoning and angle straightening are done automatically for us too, just plop the freestyle onto whatever table or whatever surface that we have, and then this thing will do all of its magic for us. Of course, its not perfect, all of the time so well have to head into the settings menu to do some minor changes if we want to more on that later and number four, the image projection is beautiful. After all of the automatic calibrations that its done, this projector can actually go up to 100 inches in size diagonally, which is amazing coming out of this small little projector.

I also need to clarify that, even though samsung kept saying that this projector can output a total of 1080p resolution, it doesnt really actually matter because resolutions for projectors they kind of work differently and number five is the rather good internal speakers. One of the amazing thing about this freestyle is that it has a 360 degree speaker at the bottom part here, and the subwoofer is actually located right at the bottom of this projector. It actually sounds good, no matter what angle i put it at so have a listen here: Music, huh, Music and now for the things that i dont like about the samsung freestyle granted. This is how i personally would like to use the projector and it kind of reflects my personal taste when it comes to a product like this so number one. My big complaint is the ports. I think the port selection here is just kind of horrible. I think samsung position all of the ports here is because we can plug in whatever cable we want and then rotate it. However, we want and the ports wouldnt get in the way of this base. Here, however, i think there is enough space to put a full size, hdmi port and also maybe one more usb type, a port. Currently we only have one type c, one micro, hdmi port and a mic mute button, its just not enough. So imagine if i want to load my own videos to watch on the freestyle, then its literally impossible and by the way theres also no micro, hdmi dongle in the box.

So you have to get your own if you want to connect it to your console or laptop or whatever. Also theres, no audio jack in the freestyle as well so well have to either use external speakers through e arc, which again we dont have any micro, hdmi dongles. So we cant use that unless we buy our own and bluetooth, speaker is possible to be used with the freestyle, but it has a lot of inherent problems like audio delay, and my second complaint about the freestyle is the lack of an internal battery. You see, the freestyle will always require a cable connected to it, and that is for power. Samsung even included the charger in the box and kept promoting that the freestyle can be powered by a mere power bank, but only if your power bank can supply up to 50 watts in total that kind of defeats, the purpose of being a portable projector right. I cant even carry the projector to some other places like the camp and then i want to have a pool party or something like that. This projector will always need some kind of battery connected to it externally and thirdly, the freestyle carrying case this is an official accessory by the way. I think this is rather incomplete to put it lightly. So if you see it like this, this freestyle, we can put it like this. Okay, the whole freestyle goes in really nicely and it fits in snugly if we screw in the top too.

However, there is no other compartment to store this remote control for the freestyle and theres no place to fit the charger as well. So there is a problem. However, if you get the freestyle battery base, then this case wouldnt work with that base, because the freestyle battery base is a lot larger than this base, so yeah it wouldnt fit in this case by the way this case cost 299 ringgit or 60 us dollars. I just dont think its worth the price, and fourthly, i think that this projector needs some time to get optimized. You know when we say the freestyle doesnt have any built in battery each time. I want to carry this freestyle to other places. I will have to turn it off unplug the charger go to some other place. I want to set up the freestyle once more connect everything back again and then turn it back on each time. I do that this freestyle will take quite a long time to boot. Up, i really dont think thats a problem for everyone, but thats, just an issue that i personally encountered and remember when we said that, even though the projector is technically automatically set up for us through all of the automatic sensors and whatnot yeah, i discovered that when I want to modify the focus just a tiny bit. It lagged quite heavily, so i dont know why that happened. At least netflix and youtube ran perfectly for me and also theres some sort of an optimized ui here, look its totally different from the interfaces on samsung.

Smart tvs and the freestyle has a simpler home screen, but for some reason we cannot quickly access the entire list of installed apps from the home screen, and i cant even add those apps shortcut to the home screen easily too. I will have to go back to the app store search for the installed app and then i can add the shortcut from there its not really that big of an issue but its annoying for sure and number five. My biggest problem with the freestyle is, of course, the price at 499. I just think that its a very hefty price to play for a projector like this, and that also leads up to our conclusion for this projector here: im really on the fence about the samsung freestyle, its not exactly free in terms of freedom. But it does have a lot of style points, so the freestyle is still, i would say, a technological marvel in some fronts like the auto color correction, auto straightening, auto rotation and auto, focusing, however, the lack of ports and also the lack of an internal battery for The samsung freestyle is definitely my biggest strike granted. The freestyle is still in its first generation, and i think there is a lot of room to improve for the next generation of the freestyle so thats it thats all. We have to share with you about this projector here yeah.