I wanted to throw out a quick video, giving my thoughts on the moto gadget. Glassless mirrors from germany ive had some questions regarding my thoughts on them on the various groups and forums uh. So i just thought id put together a quick video and let you all know what i think so stay tuned ill be right back, Music, all right, so the moto gadget glassless mirrors. I love them. First and foremost, i love them. I think they make the bike. Look fantastic and they have not moved on me since installing them uh. That was one of my least favorite things about the oem mirrors is when i would do a hard wide open throttle, pull the right. One specifically would droop and id have to readjust it. Every time i rode almost never happened with the left side, but there was no way to that. I know of to tighten that ball joint. I tried dumping some loctite inside the ball joint and letting it dry didnt make a difference. Um i tried spinning the mirror. Clockwise as many times as i could, it didnt make anything tighter. Thank you um. So that was my big problem. They look fine. The only thing. The only other thing i didnt like about them was the adapter at the end stuck out pretty far and had all these silver beds and stuff um looked a little goofy to me might not bother most people, but if youre, one of those types thats just trying To get rid of every little silver bit on your motorcycle thats, one of those things thats going to stand out uh if the install was pretty darn easy check out my video on how they were installed up here, um for the coil squirrel for the mirrors themselves.

I spent about 300 bucks for the mirrors and the adapters that go in some might think thats a bit pricey, but check this out. I was able to sell my oem mirrors far end adapters, all the hardware for 250.. So ultimately, this mirror upgrade cost me about 50 bucks, minus shipping and whatever other expenses i incurred. So overall i thought that was a fantastic deal, but here are the common questions: do they vibrate? Yes and no um, when youre, accelerating hard yeah, theyre vibrating, once youre at a constant speed, almost no vibrations, but the big thing for me was they do not droop when i launch or or do a wide open throttle pull. That was the most annoying aspect of the oem mirrors to me and uh. Once i got these dialed in, they have not moved not one bit um another issue you may need to be aware of uh. These are polished aluminum with like a hardened silicone. I dont know what it is type of coating over it, so they are softer than glass and from some of the reviews i read, they can be easy to scratch. I havent had an issue with that, but just be aware and be very careful with them and not bump into them or smack them with your keys or whatever some user even said. He just covers them with socks when hes working on his bike, so he doesnt accidentally tap them with anything um.

So yeah. It hasnt caused me an issue, but i can see over time sure they may get scratched and or damaged a little bit, but the they changed. The bikes look quite a bit to me. All those silver bits are gone theyre. They hang close onto the edge of the bar um and i love them. I played with different orientations with the point facing out point facing in i like the point facing in the most, and it gives me the best visibility overall and i can say without a doubt that i get better visibility out of these than with the oem mirrors. Uh theres a little bit more surface area to to view things behind you on and um. More of the surface area is further inward and not covered up by your sleeve or your arms, so overall fantastic purchase. I love these mirrors and would do it again in a heartbeat. So thanks again for watching barber nation. As always, this is jim bobbington, reminding you dont, be a skidmark.