So, as usual, marys a black box seek all the cubes well screen protector, how nice normally and, of course on tablet itself na malakayang display 10.4 inch and like is color silver, so kita data, all the cube, keypad qc pass so quality control pass already and, of Course: charging cable, my sim ejector pincher management, user guide and, of course, 15 watts, now fast charger, and so much for that. However, nothing here is, of course, the 10.4 incher. Now my 2k display me the aldo cube and its one of the more recent offerings. The old cube and this one is being powered by the unis of tiger t610 on my octa core processor inside and brightened up nothing on screen, and it looks something like this okay. So this is the landscape mode, so kita nathan on display is quite bright and brightness, but for me, okay, nato right now here on my channel, so the t610 for me – is not the fastest. The processor that i know and sleeping on nothing quickly is antutu benchmark. 184 000 points, which is for me normal samoa, uniso, madalanga manager, 200., is being powered by the android 11 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage, quickly lincoln tablets and loudspeakers on one side: meron, xiaomi, noise, cancelling mic and, of course, some canyon, sim tray, Microsd, expansion or dalawang namushim, say baba, speaker and, of course, charging porno type c. On the other side, again the power button and volume rocker telecoil version 5, mp, now rear camera and sahara.

Metadata 5 mp not front facing camera mirrors, 6 thousand milliamp hours. The battery lasting you the whole day without having to worry now browsing the social media looks something like this and smudna mancha. Of course, ninety her subscriber freshly, then Music, now watching videos here is very nice. Unlike other tablets, this one Music is the thinnest that ive seen, but for me already, okay, that is kind of price point happy at home, watching videos here on this tablet: mapa anime man or one of my favorite, shows on youtube. This is definitely enjoyable. Now checking the color resolution. Okay, i got the display. The colors are punchy, probably not the best that my amulet, but for me already: ok, its nice, its punchy. It has very nice viewing angus. Also. Definitely if youre watching your favorite shows see all the cube keypad. Now alumni tablet has dual speakers: its a satisfactory check. Nothing come on Music now, the music that we lay nothing deto. I can see okina mancha its quite okay, not the loudest in any tablet in a gametco, but for me its already okay, watching my favorite videos. Here listening to spotify is okay. You can always use your favorite bluetooth, headphones tws. If you want better and more immersive sounds now for me. The battery endurance set on tablet that is quite good, 10 hours and 18 minutes right, nito, so meaning its more than a day so tonight on the machine meeting on a daily basis and, of course, uh using it for social media watching videos, uh, of course, using It on zoom some conference meeting and so on and so forth, starting the day at around eight, then i got a battery at around six, roughly thirty five percent and battery teradito considering screen and two keypad display synthetic at fifty percent and kind of max brightness and Well, kind of charging these tablets is a pain roughly mp.

Both are well for me, a bit sluggish indigenous but using it on zoom meeting okay namansha as long as may allow better taking photos for me. Well, quite a bit, so so nicosia trip taking photos of this tablet. Now guys, if you ask me it on tabletop iconic gripha and definitely its one of my favorite budget, so guys, i can recommend this to my people, who are studying, who do a lot of online researching and, of course doing a lot of online conferencing details. Uh, of course, pandemic, and i could highly recommend this – some of people who love beans watching on youtube that have 2k in a hundred display, subreddit on screen, size, 10.4 and major mata, galaga and battery, and all of these you can buy this for just 7500 pesos. Only just click on the description box below official site meet all the cube.