Welcome to the premiere episode of tech talk right here with me, pnk, and you know what i do here. I talk about technology, new tech, thats out on the market im talking about microphones, im, talking about phones, im talking about cameras all up in here and if you want more of this and anything, you think you want me to review. Put it down in the comment section im gon na: do it for you anyway, man lets get right to it. The first thing were doing today is the phone. It is the realme 9i, so were going to be unboxing this and get to know everything there is that we can know about it. Music. I have the real me on my hand right now and uh 9i realme 9i and were gon na unbox. This so lets get right into it: oh thats, a cool phone and a neat trick. So thank you. That was the unboxing of this phone. It is out of the box. No, we still have to talk about the phone talk about the phone. So what does this box have? Lets get right into it? Well, this one right, i was like. Yes, it has a manual in it. I am not sure im going to get that much later. This is the paper wrap that comes with the phone. The phone is inside this wrap paper. After that we have something that i have no idea what useful, but it comes with a an adapter and a usb type c, two cable charging cable that you would need so very important, no headphones.

I was think most phones have headphones, but this one doesnt, but anyway this is all that is in the box, the phone, the charging type c2, cable and the adapter lets get to the phone. Then the realme 9i comes in a plastic frame in different colors. That is black and blue. This looks like peacock blue im, not blue anyway. It comes also with a glass front, a 6.6 inches glass that is comes at 1080 to 24 12 pixels, which is amazing. If you ask me uh the phone is pretty light. You can throw it around no dont throw the phone around its, not a good idea. The real me 9i display is pretty good. If you ask me, the screen itself is bright, it is responsive, it is. The display is amazing. You can watch videos, youve made or pictures youve taken. You can netflix and chill its really good. If you ask me, as i said earlier anyway, it is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon octa core is. That is that that is right. That is right, okay and uh, and a bunch of numbers that youre gon na see here are they? I think that the realme 9i comes with two memory: variations that is 64gb and 128gb, so thats a lot of memory to download movies videos, not those videos, pictures anything you want to do. You can keep in your phone and the ram is from 4gb to 6gb, and the realme 9i has an added feature, an advantage you have to.

You have up to 11 gb dre ram. Dr dre made another one, dr dre, okay, the dynamic ram expansion technology uses the storage memory to act as a ram when required, allowing users to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable multitasking on real me, okay. Well, we have learned something. All of us lets talk about. The camera the realme 9i, has a 50. The realme 9i lets talk about the camera. The real me 9i camera has a 50 megapixel camera, that is the main camera and a 2 megapixel macro 2 megapixel depth. So you can take amazing pictures. The front camera itself is basically a punch, hole camera and we have a 16 megapixel in it. You can take nice videos, nice photos, the videos go up to 1080 pixels and 30 fps, these acronyms 30. What is fps the realme 9i battery life is amazing. It is 5000 ph of 5000 mah 5000 mah battery life. Is it battery life? Yes, okay, um. It has approximately 900 hours of standby when youre, not using the phones. Just there lying around. It has 20 hours of whatsapp texting and all that listening to music. For about 116 hours, and then also we have 48 hours of talk time. Why would anyone talk for 48 hours on the phone? The real me 9. I had nine high jesus. The real me 9i has a fingerprint sensor on the side, which also acts as a power button. Also, we have the volume buttons, the sim tray, which is dual sim, and we have a jack theres, no headphones on the box, so you have to buy your own headphones.

We also have a loudspeaker. That is pretty amazing. If youre out on a picnic, aboreta palette, uhuru gardens, you can chill and play music with it. We also have the port for the usb cable, the type c2 usb cable. I showed you earlier so thats about that lets. Talk about the os. The os is, i know this one. I dont know this operating software. The operating software android 11 is what were using here. It is pretty fast, the screen is responsive. We have the apps that are easy to use. Anyone can come out of anywhere and just use. This i mean all in all: the realme 9i is a pretty good phone. If you ask me, the processor is amazing: it is fast and responsive the camera good, the battery life, long lasting as use as i told you earlier. So if you like the phone, you can go check it out on their website up here. I really hope its up here. That was the realme 9i review and unboxing you like this video like it. You want to say something about this video. You want me to review something different write in the comment section and um get back to you and do this and uh im getting this phone? No youre, not youre, not getting the phone lets be real im getting this youre, not getting the phone really. No, no! Really real me really real good, no okay! So guys, if you like this video uh do like share and subscribe uh subscribe is over there.

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