It can go here every day and on your favorite adventures, really ultra lightweight and portable. You can drink water from here here here, practically anywhere and its been trusted by outdoor experts, survivalists and emergency response workers. Since we started drinking water straight from these sources, sound risky its not with this technology water passes through a membrane micro microfilter with microscopic pores that removes bacteria parasites, micro, plastics, sand, silt and sediment. The membrane micro filter lasts up to 1, 000 gallons. Your purchase has impact for every lifestraw product purchased. A child in need receive safe water for an entire school year. Everyone needs safe water, stay safe pack, a life straw. Take your outdoor adventures to the next level, with our survivor filter pro le our sturdy design is very durable and easy to use for anyone who loves the great outdoors, traveling or emergency preparedness upgrades weve made for the survivor filter pro le include a 100 000 liter Ultra filter, pre filter, larger hoses, a convenient new hose clip and a zippered carrying case. Our system has three levels of filtration, which include the 0.1 micron ultra filter, pre filter. It blocks out large debris and acts like a barrier to help, remove harmful bacteria and protozoa. That are larger than 0.1 microns. The ultrafilter pre filter can be easily cleaned and backwashed after every trip up to 100 000 liters by utilizing our cleanable pre filter system, the life of the internal filters are greatly extended.

Next is the carbon filter. This level of protection is designed to improve taste and help reduce heavy metals, chemicals and pollutants. Finally, water passes through the 0.01 micron internal ultra filter, which is designed to help remove the remaining contaminants that make it through the first two levels. Once the water has passed through the three stage system. Independent tests have shown a filtration of 99.9 percent of virus bacteria and staph, and a significant reduction of heavy metals surpassing epa standards for portable water filters. Take on the outdoors with survivor, filter, Music hi. My name is bardia, and today i want to introduce the water storage cube as someone who loves the outdoors im, always looking for products to make my experiences more enjoyable and more convenient, and this reusable water storage cube does just that with the water storage cube youll. Never have to worry about being without water again. Here you can find a color card that gives you instructions on exactly how to use it now. What makes this product just so amazing is how compact it really is its easily collapsible and doesnt take up space like a traditional water cooler, which makes it really easy to store and travel with Music Music. You can fill it up and use it for water for drinking or hygiene. With the largest cube, you can store up to 20 liters or 5 gallons of water, its perfect for traveling, the outdoors and its extremely versatile. It can be used in a variety of situations like outdoor events, parties and convenient hand, washing stations and best of all, it has really fast water flow, its also extremely sturdy and durable.

It features a patented heavy duty, spigot cap, so youll never have to worry about the water cube breaking down on you with the water storage cube, i feel confident knowing i have a reliable solution for emergency water. For me and my family, you never know when a natural disaster or the need for water can hit and its extremely important to always be prepared if youre looking for a convenient way to store water, whether thats for the outdoors or in an emergency kit. I highly recommend this water storage cube get yours today. Music, do Music, do Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, coughlins, new deluxe pop up trashcan is great for organizing and tidying messy campsites, rvs and garages, while compact for storage in smaller tight spaces. It expands in seconds and with three integrated stakeout grommets along the bottom edge. It also features four alligator style clips on the top inside edge to secure the bag. A fully zippered lid keeps everything in its place when not in use and securely sewn webbed handles make transport when full a breeze. Additionally, there are two clear pockets, one to keep extra garbage bags handy and the other to label contents for storage.