But over the years when i look for taco gadgets on amazon, three of the ones im testing today always came up. Theyre amazons choice, theyre very popular, so i want to include those one of them was recently sent to me. So i completed the set with that. One lets get started the first one that is this: the make it real meat taco stand. This takes tortilla shells and makes a flat bottom crispy, shell, out of them, lets see how it really works first up with the unboxing and then test it out. This is the me taco stand: got those on amazon two for 20 bucks, 4.4 star rating. I have about a thousand ratings. This allows you to make flat bottom crispy shells not much in there. Okay, its, like you, wrap the shell around it put it in the pan and there you go. Is that worth 20 bucks for two of those i dont know 20 bucks, i dont, know better be good. Maybe it will be. Apparently you put the shell in between these two and that holds it in place. Thats thats kind of what im, what im gathering its a two part thing here, all right, so the way youre supposed to use this is you wrap your tortilla around the frame and then you add the clip on the bottom. Just like that and then youre pretty much ready to go now hold it down for 15 seconds im pushing down on it, and now i have to let it go for another 30 seconds.

Weve got a nice sizzle here, its looking good, all right after 30 seconds were supposed to lay on its side. Lets see how that bottom looks. Okay. The bottom looks good. This is what we got were looking good so far. Looking good now for the sides, they say to just uh fry it to your taste, so the 30 seconds was just for the bottom. All right lets try the other side here, all right, thats side. One lets take a look at how this looks. On the other side, here, oh, i think were done, i think, were done im gon na drain off the grease all right. The way they say to do this is to use a fork to hold down the clip and to pull the frame out that worked. That worked as well, i got ta say it worked right. The first time im always happy when that happens, and we have a nice flat bottom crispy, shell and when things work right, the first time im always impressed and it worked right the first time. So i guess im impressed lets, try a flour, tortilla and see how that goes. Im, not sure if this is the right size or not, but were going to give it a shot. Wrapping the tortilla around the frame and adding the clip just lower it into the oil, see what happens. This might be too big of a shell. I dont know im just trying to see if you can use that, because i know people are going to going to wonder im supposed to hold it down for 15 seconds im just holding these together, so they dont they dont open up all right.

Let me put it on the side and see how that goes. Oh yeah, their video showed flour and corn tortillas. So i i assume we can do this. Let me time to flip this one got a little bubble forming there, but i guess thats not a big deal. That looks nice, though im not sure that flour is better than corn. I think corn is better, but in this case either one is working. We got some bubbling here, but i do think it turned out pretty good. Let me move over to the plate and see how it looks. Theres we got before removing the taco stand, im just going to gently lift that out, and i think we are good to go. Lets take a quick look at this. I definitely think the corn tortilla came out much better. I think its more designed for that. Although a flour does work, this is definitely what i think that the the intent of it is im very impressed. I think im gon na do is load these up and give them a shot and see how they taste. I got like a mini basic taco bar sitting right here. Lets uh load this thing up and see how it tastes. Everybody has a different idea of what should go on taco. This is like the most basic i could come up with. I dont want to go too elaborate. I just want to see if this taco stand works and it did, it did work so im pretty happy about that nice flat bottom taco and everything is being held there.

So let me give it a taste test me. Taco stand taste test all right. Well, as far as the taste goes perfect, nice and crispy im very happy with it. I it was the first time it went well, i had nothing really to add to. I dont think i could do any better. The second time so as far as im concerned to meat taco stand is a resounding success. Lets see whats next next up is this very highly rated taco holder set theres four of these can hold 12 tacos at once, lets first unbox it and then get started. All right, this is a taco holder set made of food grade stainless steel kind of non descript packaging, but lets first crack it open. It is very heavy. I mean it has a lot of weight to it. I dont feel like these are cheaply made, so here it is this, is it comes as a four pack i paid 16.49 for four of these. I bought this because these are very highly rated on amazon. It has a 4.8 star rating among over about 8 000 reviews and its an amazons choice, theyre the highest rated taco holders. I could find they look pretty simple, but people must like them so lets see how they work. So here is the taco holder set in my very minimal taco bar here now a lot of times when people make tacos at home, they put it on a plate like this.

They load it up, but what happens is by the time they get it full. They realize theyve overfilled it and its hard to fold. Everything falls out with something like this. You can prepare it already folded and you can serve it that way so lets see if it actually works, because in theory it should work. You can do three or you can turn it over and do two. You can do either one. So the idea is, you can either prepare your tacos and put them in here to serve or you can put them in there and prepare them in here as well. Ill do a couple of corn and a couple of flour. I got five total. I couldnt do six but im doing five. Here we go im just gon na prepare a couple basic tacos with my basic taco bar all right. So here we go looks at that. We got the three on this one. Weve got two over here. We got corn and flour. I will say that i was able to prepare all five of these pretty quickly more quickly than probably i normally would so its a pretty basic device, but it does exactly what its supposed to do and quite efficiently so im pretty happy with that. Next up, two items for consuming tacos lets start off with the taco tamer. Will this tame my tacos? We shall see this packaging says its sold at tacotamer.com and amazon. This packaging says its sold in walmart on clip strip.

This looks like a four pack. It says easy: taco slider prevents shelves from breaking hard. Shell, taco utensil great for soft shells and lettuce wraps too bpa free fits most standard tacos. I just throw the box im tearing the box, looks like there are four of these im just going to pull one out all right, so thats what its kind of like it looks like an orange taco by itself, but you have this slider here. You have this slider that will push your taco forward, so you uh, itll, collect all the stuff, keep your hands free and also dispenses it as well. It also looks like it has a stand, so you stand it up, pretty cool. I think. As far as i can tell, the four pack on amazon cost about 15 bucks before i use this one here, i did take this out on a field test. I got a couple of cheap tacos from taco bell to see how it worked there and heres. How that went all right, quick field test here, ive got the taco tamer and ive got a couple of different tacos from taco bell. Ive got crunchy and ive got soft. Let me try them both in taco tamer see what happens. I dont know if you really need something like that with this, because these already have wrappers, so i dont know maybe well see im going to place the soft shell taco in the taco tamer thats.

As far back as it goes, there is still some taco hanging off there, so i guess its uh. You know its not supposed to encompass the entire thing, so i guess ill eat halfway and then start dispensing because you cant dispense when its already hanging off like that lets see what happens. It does keep your hands clean now, given that my hands are very clean. Theres a little bit of drippage coming out the back so its not its, not wire tight back there, so if youve got dripping, tacos theyre still gon na drip, even with a taco tamer time to dispense this a little bit here now. Im gon na push this forward it does. It does push forward all right so its dispensing properly, but i got ta have a napkin down here to catch the drippage. The taco tamer is all the way at the end. As far as dispensing goes – and there is that much that much left and i just dropped some, so you can go pretty close to the end. I guess i guess you have to just kind of grab it for the very end. Now the crunchy tacos got a big old split in the bottom. Look at this thats, not good thats thats. What this is kind of designed for you got one of those splits. You still have something that can hold it and keep it in place. Im gon na insert the taco into the taco tamer and im dropping stuff all over the place.

Right now i was trying to hold up for the camera and im making a mess. I dont think that would normally have done that taco tamer take two all right. Something else ive noticed about the taco tamer is, if you tilt it back to take a bite of it. This it kind of falls over this. This dispenser right here. So it looks like the technique. Isnt, you cant, do the taco tipping technique. You have to do with the head tilt, so more of a tilt than a tip im, dispensing im biting im, going to do a head tilt this time, theres something oddly satisfying about dispensing a taco. Is it necessary, maybe not, but its? I still hold it satisfying. Last bite you got to grab, i guess so that was the fast food test lets head back to the kitchen and see how that goes all right with the field test. Out of the way lets get right to the ones that i made today and see how it works there all right. So it worked pretty well with fat with fast food tacos, but how it worked at homemade talk, theres a lot of different sizes and shapes. It says it works with most standard taco sizes, but what is the standard taco size? You got these little tiny street tacos and you got some larger ones like this one down here so theres, some difference of opinion here. Ive got these flour tortillas here.

These are pretty large, tacos and lets see if it fits oh, its a lot hanging over there i mean this is this is kind of what i got and its all the way to the end, as you can see there its uh, i guess it does hold It though it does seem to hold it before i eat one. Let me just try all the different sizes here that one seemed a little bit large, but it still held it now. If you had something small im not going to fill this one up, i have a tiny street taco shell here, look at this that one just it just disappears into there. So if you had a street taco, very small im, not sure thats really ideal for that either. Now it held the hard shell taco from taco bell, but i got some flat shell taco shells here, heres one i bought from the store. This is a store bought, taco shell lets see. The problem is, if you see the difference in width, the width of the flat bottom taco is wider than the taco tamer, so that one does not really fit in there. Unless you have it up higher, i mean i guess that works its just, not optimal. I made a second shell with my taco stand and it turned out nicely lets see if that fits in there. The same thing with the bottom is wider. I guess i could just place in the top kind of like that that doesnt feel ideal, though it doesnt really feel ideal to me.

So it seems like the ones from taco bell seem like they fit better than these do im going to try a homemade taco in the taco tamer im going to do the soft shell flour tortilla one because its kind of large the hard shell ones i have Dont fit all the way in there, so i kind of kind of have to do this, one it wasnt by choice. This is kind of by default. Im doing this one. Here we go all right, so i do want to point out while im testing this out is. This is something thats pretty good for taco tamer is that you can actually set it down while youre eating this youre not laying outside. It actually holds it in place while youre eating. I do like that, even though it hangs over that feature is pretty nice a lot of times when you lay down inside everything kind of flops around the shelf flops open there, its just a disaster. This prevents this disaster from happening. This is a disaster preventing taco holder, but lets keep eating. It ive eaten this far down now its time to engage the dispenser so im going to slide it forward. I do like this part of it. This is probably my favorite part more than a dispenser more than the fact that it holds it in place. I like the fact that you can actually i mean, is it necessary? Maybe not, but i do like it kind of keep dispensing this im getting down to the end here.

Let me try a smaller size taco here. That seems like its maybe a little bit more. It still hangs over, and this is a pretty small shell, but it does seem like it holds it, maybe a little bit better. I do like the fact that it stands up, though thats one of the probably the nicest feature of the taco tamer it pretty. Much. Does whats supposed to do im, not sure that it fits all size tacos, but its kind of fun, probably its unnecessary, but im glad i tried it out and finally, this is kind of a fun one. This is the tacosaurus rex, its just a taco holder. I guess mainly for kids its also, i guess kind of a display piece. They have a lot of different designs. This seemed like to be the best one of the bunch not much of an unboxing on this one, but lets go, get started and see how it goes now, its time for the final product, the tacosaurus rex, i didnt do a proper unboxing this one. So let me just crack it open all right here. We here we go not much to it. I mean thats. It is a dinosaur with two slots in the back, where you can stick a couple. Tacos come on, i thought the mouth was going to open or you could like pretend to feed it. Tacos or something mouth does not open. Oh well, in fact, nothing moves on here.

Theres, no moving parts, maybe thats a good thing – i dont know so. Will it hold this flat bottom taco? I keep trying to pawn off and everybody it wont it will not hold this one. It will hold this one. It wont hold, it wont, hold a flat bottom hard shell, it wont nothing seems to like those no holder seems to be able to hold this type of a taco, which is a shame, because i really like it. How about a large taco like this one? All right so weve got a large chocolate lets, try a small taco that works pretty well too. I mean there really isnt much to it, but if you cant get jacuzzi tacos, i guess having display it in a fun. Little item like this might help. It is a nice display and they have a bunch of different dinosaur designs, theres, a brontosaurus stegosaurus. They got multiple out there, theyre not cheap, but they are kind of cute and i guess somewhat functional and i know theyre mainly marketed to kids, but you know theres people out there who are not kids, who still enjoy this and theres nothing wrong with that. So i guess, as far as this one goes theres not much to it, but what its supposed to do it does do. Well. All right lets talk about some pros and cons of these taco gadgets. Now, first up i would say, as far as the me taco stand goes that worked flawlessly the first time, which is always a good sign.

I did a couple more after the fact heres one as well. It was perfect. You never know how easy or hard theyre going to be that one worked very well, so i think that one is definitely a keeper. As far as a taco holder goes. I think that one worked pretty well too its very highly rated, because i think the fact that its just extremely simple and very effective its very durable. This is stainless steel. It feels solid, it not only facilitates making your tacos but also serving them. So i think that is a pretty good choice, as well now onto the consumable side of things you have the taco tamer thats a little bit of an interesting gadget, im, not sure everybodys, going to want something like that theres a bit of a novelty to it. The real con about the taco tamer is that it doesnt seem to hold all sides of flat bottom hard, shell tacos. It had no problem with the ones from taco bell, but the ones that i made it didnt fit as well in there. It does serve a couple functions though one thing is, it will prevent you from squeezing your taco too hard and squishing, especially if its a corn tortilla or hard shell. It also allows you to stand on a table, so it has merits. It might be a little bit strange, but if you know someone who is a taco enthusiast and they have everything, this might be something to add their collection and finally, the tacosaurus rex.

This is just something more for kids, its kind of a fun display piece. I mean maybe not just for gizzo there isnt much to it, but it is very uh very attractive. It looks very nice. I think that uh, if you serve tacos in there, especially the kids, they would probably like it and it does hold them pretty. Well, they slide in there. It seems to hold them it soft shell that holds them up. It doesnt seem to hold all the flat bottom tacos for what its supposed to do it. Does it well? Well, thats it if youve tried any of these taco gadgets.