Now this kit should include everything we need to get our cars driver and passenger side glowing with a lot of cool features like music, sync control, app control and the control box itself, along with any needed mounting hardware and power equipment. Well, thats enough. Chit chat lets check out what comes in the box and get on with the video taking a look in the box. Here we can see, we get some instruction documentation, a qr code to find the app that will allow us to control the lights, some mounting screws, some cable ties to help with wire management and the whole lighting system itself. Taking a closer look at the lighting system, we see there is a sleek looking control box that will allow us to control the lights from a physical push of a button and it also sports some 3m mounting tape. Much appreciated wed love to see when thats included. We have the power plug itself, which is conveniently already designed to plug directly into the car and also has another power button right on top. Finally, we have the light strips themselves. We can see we get four nicely housed, rgb strips with a choice of mounting them via screw holes or some 3m mounting tape. That is everything that comes in the box. So lets go ahead over to the front of the bronco and get these lights all set up Music. The setup process should be relatively simple. The only part that may be a bit challenging depending on your vehicle is the cable management, but well see what that entails.

In a little bit so here we are going to first plan where we want to mount the lights based off their cable length, ensuring that we have enough left to neatly tuck the cables away and reach the power port, which in my case, is right at the Bottom of the infotainment center, once we have that all decided, we can go ahead and prep the area with some rubbing alcohol to get rid of any grease or oil, providing a good surface for the tape to stick. Then we can peel back our light. Strips 3m mounting tape and stick it in our preferred location, Music, so so, Music, Music, Music next up, were going to be working on our cable management. Finding any way we can push some plastic panels aside and press the wire in between again. This part is really up to you and your car, so just take some time and plan it out before you mount the lights once we have that all done were going to go ahead and plug in the power plug into the 12 volt socket. Next, all we have to do is decide on a suitable mounting location for our control box. Now, remember it has buttons, so you definitely want to choose somewhere. You or your passenger can reach it easily from a seated position. Thats all there is to getting this device set up its really simple and thankfully the kit comes with everything: youll need to get the lights mounted and working.