This is Anuj from Gadget Gig., SO we are back with one more dashcam video, and this time we bring you a budget dash cam and its the Qubo Dashcam Pro., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you how it performs.. So here is the box of the Qubo Smart Dashcam Pro.. In the front we have the Qubo branding and Qubo is part of Hero Group Venture.. In the middle we have the dashcam photo along with the model name.. This dash cam, as you can see, is made in India and that is very good.. At this side of the box. We have the info about the app the app offers: easy navigation, better event, access and user friendly., And here we have some benefits of dash cam and, like i always say you can use the dash cam video as evidence against card accidents, incorrect challans insurance claims and For casual journey vlogging. – And here we can see the features such as 1080p fhd, recording multiple recording options, low light performance, SD card support, wide angle, view on demand, recording intelligent, eventstime lapse, parking mode and you get the wifi support.. The MRP on the box is Rs.. 5990, however, you can pre book this dashcam for just Rs. ’90.. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So here on the top, we have the Dash cam itself. And looking at the dash cam. My first impression is that the build quality and design of this dash cam looks very good.

. We will look at the dash cam in a moment. Lets see what else we have in the box.. So in the box we have the car charger, and here we have two full size: usb ports in it.. The output of this car charger is 5v 2.4 ampere., And here we have the Qubo brading.. Then in the box we have the Barcode which you can scan to download the user manual., And here we can see you get a 12 months warranty with this dash cam., Then in the box we have the adhesive tape and a prying tool which will be helpful While installing the dash cam. And then here we have the USB connection cable. Its a mini, usb cable and the length of this cable is 3.5 meters, which will be sufficient for installation of this dash cam., So thats, all we have in the box now lets look At the dash cam closely. Qubo Smart Dash, cam Pro is a budget dash cam., But looking at the design and build quality, I find the design very good, and here we have a fixed mount, but you can adjust the position of the lens of this dash cam.. In terms of the build quality, even though this dash cam comes under a budget car accessory, we get good build quality and the material used in this dash cam is of good quality., So design and look wise. It will look good in your car. Now in terms of the overview in the front.

We have the Qubo branding along with the speaker, and then here we have the camera lens.. This dash cam can shoot in FHD and you have the WDR support, which is the Wide dynamic range., And also you get a wide angle view and the FOV of this dash cam is 130 degree.. On the right side, we have the power button, which also has an led status indicator. And on the left side we have the Power port long with the micro sd card slot.. There is also a reset pinhole next to it. And guys talking about the micro sd card support. This dash cam supports microsd card upto, 256 gb.. Now, looking at the top, we have the 3m tape for mounting the dash cam on to your windshield.. So, overall, in terms of the design and build quality, I find this dash cam pretty good and as its budget entry level dash cam, you still get good quality and compact design dash cam.. Now lets set up this dash cam.. So guys you can do this setup process either in your car or at home before installing the cam.. So the companion app is the Qubo Pro which is available for both android and ios.. And here we have the app installed. For configuration. Just connect the power cable and you will hear a voice prompt and then the led indicator will start flashing Once you see that just tap yes and you will see the dash cam in the available device list and now set a password and thats it.

Your dash cam is now all ready to use.. We will show you the app features in a moment. First lets go to the car and install the dash cam. Installation process is really simple and you need to clean the windshield just behind the rear view mirror.. This is an idle position for installing the dash cam. Once done, remove the cover from the adhesive tape and then mount the camera. After that, connect the power cable and run the cable from the roof and use the prying tool to hide the cable under the roof Cover and hide it behind the A pillar of your car. Now connect the car charger into the socket and then connect the USB Cable., And you will hear the prompt from the camera that the recording is on.. Now before we show you the performance. Let me quickly show you the app features. So guys. Once you do the initial setup, you dont need to connect to the dash cam again and it will auto connect to the dashcam as soon as you open the app in the car.. So here we are on the home page. On the top. We have the live preview, and here you can click a picture turn on the speaker or enter into full screen mode. Below it. We have the timeline, and here you can see the trip as well as event recording.. Apart from that, you have the neatly categorised events and trips, video at the bottom.

, And also guys you can download any of these videos to your gallery and view them later on. Your phone. In the settings we have the toggle button to turn on the Audio recording. In the record quality you can set it to high or low quality.. After that we have the Jolt recording trigger, and here you can set the sensitivity. So guys. This dash cam records a 1 minute video in case there is any jolt or any kind of impact on your car. And save it in the micro sd car separately.. After that, we have the Audio alert, toggle speaker, volume, Parking mode, and in this it will create a time lapse. Video when your vehicle is parked, But guys this requires an additional accessory. That is the hardwire kit.. After that, we have the time zone, jolt, recording limit storage info and then the factory reset option., So guys thats. All we have in the app and feature wise. It looks good and the UI of this app is simple and very user. Friendly. Now lets talk about the main thing, and that is the performance.. We have tested this dash cam in different lighting conditions, and here is the output at day. Time.. You Get FHD video output from this camera and performance wise. The coverage is very good and you get a good wide angle. View. You have the Qubo branding at the bottom and on the top we have the date and time.

About the performance more. The text is sharp and you can easily read the number plate of the vehicle in front of you at both low and high speed.. The colour output is natural and you might find the video output a bit noisy and oversharp sometimes, but the visibility of the text and numbers is quite good.. The built in mic also performs well and it records the in cabin sound as well. Some outdoor sounds., The exposure shift, is also good, and here you can see the exposure adjustment while entering in the basement. And similarly, we have a decent performance at night. Time. And again, you can see the text and number plates easily.. This dash cam offers loop recording, which means it will overwrite the old videos except the emergency events.. So you get the continuous video recording in this dashcam and you need to delete the old videos. And in addition to that, it generates a time lapse. Video for the events captured during your trips., You can create a timelapse from the last 5 days. And once the timelapse is created, you can save it in your gallery.. So overall, the Qubo Smart Dash, cam Pro offers good design and build quality.. The video output of this dash cam is good, keeping in mind that its an entry level dash cam.. This is not any other luxurious accessory for your car, but the main purpose is your safety and your peace of mind. Hero Group is a trusted name, as they are an Indian origin brand.

So they know the needs and requirements of Indian users quite well. And keeping in mind the performance and the offerings of this dash cam. We think its one of the best budget entry level dashcam. We have come across this year. And as usual, if you like this dash cam and want to buy one then do check the buy link in the description below., So thats it guys. This was the review of the Qubo Smart dash, cam Pro.. Let us know if you like it and also if you have any queries or questions about this dash cam then do let us know in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.