It was well liked among users and now for this video. We have got the new amazfit, gts2 mini new version. These two smartwatches arent very different from each other, yet well have a closer look at the new version smartwatch in this video and find out if this smartwatch is worth buying or not Music Music. So my first impression, as soon as i took this smartwatch out of the box, was that it is so lightweight and it genuinely is the smart watch. In fact, the dial weighs only 19.5 grams. It is made of aluminum, alloy and plastic. The straps are, however, made of silicon, and it feels really smooth on skin, not itchy at all. This smartwatch is around 5000 rupees, so considering that it comes with good and strong body structure designed, it has got a square dial and, to be honest, it goes well with my body type, because ive got a thin wrist, so it suits me well, but this doesnt Mean that a person with broad wrist would not like it. They will like it too. A smartwatch screen size, 1.55 inches. It is an amoled panel with an always on feature and a resolution of 354 by 306. The watch offers 450 nits of brightness technical information. Is the actual experience, so the display feels really smooth you actually get that mukkan like experience on this smartwatch, the colors. Look, vibrant, sharp and crispy. The viewing angles are also really on point and when you are outdoors under the bright yellow shines, the legibility is appreciable.

Now its time to look at the user interface, it is easy to understand and fast users can quickly move from different features on the smartwatch and it does not hang back. It works on firmware version v. Point the smartwatch has thousands of watch faces hundreds of sports modes. Well, yes, that is exaggerated and plenty of health features like 24 hour heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking blood, oxygen, saturation measurement and stress level, monitoring and more for women. The company has also included female cycle tracking now why this smartwatch gets winning points for all these features. It is because these features are quite accurate and they are extremely good plus. The smart watch offers a host of customizations other features on the gts2 mini new version include built in elixir, support and gps water resistance up to 50 meters and bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Among other things, eight important cheese do smartwatch for honeysuckle vibration intensity and this smartwatch gets it right. Coming to the battery capacity of this smartwatch, it is 220 image usage Music. This is available in three different colors blue black and pink uh basic platform requirement here. Android 5.0 yeah ios rupees. Now let me get straight to the point: just go and buy it.