I am telling this as future proof, because In this you get to see a special RS mode With the help of which obstacles, Car detection, Speed of your car, All the things it can detect. And how does it detect the speed? Because in this they have also provided built in GPS And with built in GPS Over here, you can see built in storage, Which is eMMC5.1, So the traditional dash cams were there In that memory card was required In this. No memory card is required And about dash cam. We will come to know in the video Plus guys with this dash cam setup. You also get to see TPMS setup, And this is its box. Packaging And TPMS means Tyre Pressure Monitoring System And guys, with the help of this particular setup, You can monitor pressure of tyre Continuously Plus. You can also monitor tyre temperature So guys over. Here we have done a lot of talks And if you have came first time on Tech, Unboxing channel The definitely subscribe the channel, Because on our channel we bring a lot of tech related content And over here you first of all enjoy cinematic intro, Hello friends. My name is Abhi And you are watching Tech Unboxing And now we will do quick unboxing of this dash cam. So after opening the box Over here, you will see a compartment Where they have provided 2 electrostatic stickers, Along with that a user manual. Quite big user manual you will get to see And finally towards below the actual dash cam Initial impression built quality is very premium.

They have also provided 70 Mai branding on it. So at present we will keep it aside, Then guys over here in the second compartment. They have also provided type A to type C cable, Which is of 3 meters, And then you can also see a crowbar And dash cam holder sticker. Also, you can see – And then over here in second compartment. They have also provided dash cam holder And its build. Is of polycarbonate completely And finally over here you can see 70 Mai car charger So guys over here you can connect it with the help of car charger Plus. They have also provided the hardware kit And over here with the help of hardware kit, You can attach it directly with the battery. You can connect with the help of type C And guys over here with Unboxing. We will directly connect it with application, Which is 70 mai application, But before that over here, With the help of type C cable, You have to connect it The main dash cam And on the side, you will see a power on button. You just have to press it. Turning on wifi hotspot And guys over here, you have to take care of one thing That before connecting The dash cam, You have to reset it. So you have to quickly press the power on button 5 times And then guys. The 70 mai application In the the scan button is there. You have to press it And over here you can see 70 mai m500 dash cam Has came over here.

You just have to click on it And you have to connect it with its hotspot. By going in settings And after connecting with hotspot Over here, you can see Dash cam is successfully connected, So guys dash cam is paired over here, And I know you all are very much excited To know its camera quality Because it does 2k video recording. But before that we will talk about its built quality, So over here you can see complete polycarbonate built Where they have provided dual tone: colour, Black and grey colour Black colour over here is with glossy finishing, And if I talk about ports On left hand side, they Have provided type C port On right hand, side, you can see the power button And on the back side They have provided mic and speaker setup And towards front the actual camera lens. If I talk about camera module, This camera module Come with f2.0 Aperture And it records 170 degree wide angle, video And this camera over here does 2k video recording At 30 FPS And guys this 2K video recording To save it. They have also provided built in storage, Which is EMMC, 5.1 64GB, Guys the variant that we have, That is 64GB variant Over here. You also have 128 GB option And guys now it is the time to install it In the car. So, first of all The electrostatic sticker, You have to place in on your windshield Like this, And you have to stick it properly And then the dash cam holder That you have to place Over her.

You will see an arrow marking. You just have to push it over here And over here it successfully placed And then the dash cam holder, The plastic wrap on it. The initial plastic wrap you have to remove it And then over here the electrostatic sticker. On that you will see a proper marking. You have to align it on that and stick And after sticking the dash cam holder, Then, with the help of type C cable, You have to connect it And this type C cable, Its wiring, with the help of cross bar The rooftop. In that you have to properly align like this, You have to place And then over here you can rotate it And you will directly plugin In car charger, Start recording video, So guys this way within 15 minutes. You can connect this dash cam with the help of car charger Plus over here the hardware kit, With its help, you can directly connect with the car battery So guys that thing You get that thing done from some expert. That is my suggestion And yes now it is the time To check the video recording capability So over here in the application we have set 2k at 30 fps resolution we had set, And over here you can see The first thing. The live, video recording will be visible to you in mobile application only, But for that You have to connect dash cam hotspot with your mobile And over here you can enjoy live view And yes over here, you can see This particular video recording.

This is 2k at 30 fps. We have done the shot in daylight And over here below, you can see Date time. All the things are visible, Plus over here kilometer per hour, Which means your speed is also visible to you And also latitude and longitude, Because it has built in GPS And guys over here. The daylight footage That is very clearly visible. No matter your car is in whatever speed, You can clearly see number plate of the cars. Similarly guys, you can also see the night footage over here In night footage. Also, All car number plate will be clearly visible to you, Plus guys, with the help of 70 mai application. You can monitor the footage And over here they have provided RS effect mode, With the help of which you can monitor speed. You can see the direction In which direction your car is going Over here. Roll angle is there Pitch angle? Is there You can also monitor G sensor, And if you will look over here carefully, Then the car in front of you. It will also accurately calculate the distance and tell you, Plus it also easily detects pedestrians, So basically guys RS effect. It will give you a feel like an iron man Whenever you are seeing the application Means literally, It monitors each aspect And it showcases to you And yes, they have also provided built in GPS. So you will get to see a complete map in the application And from where you started the car And where you stopped the car And how much distance you have covered.

It will be visible, location, wise, So guys you saw the footage. You also saw the RS mode We saw built in GPS, also Plus guys in this. You can also see the ADAS system, Which is Advanced, Driver Detection System And guys with its help. If you are changing the lane Or the car in front of you is moving Or if you are going to collide All that things. This will give you instructions, Which means the voice command in this. It will notify, with its help And guys to use this function. You have to go into the application ADAS system Enable it And over here the lens calibration process. You have to complete it And guys now over here. I will showcase All the alerts that This dash cam prompts you in voice command Calibration, successful Lane departure Lane departure Caution, front car Attention to riders Vehicle ahead motion detected So guys this ADAS system – That is very amazing, Especially your old car. Also, It makes it as good as new car over here That also with advanced system. That is why I have called it future proof And yes, in this 247 Car surveillance support also, they have provided For which you have to connect this with hardware kit, Because guys the regular car charger. If you switch off the car, Then it is stopped. But if you are connecting it with battery, Then they have provided 247 surveillance option And dont take tension. It will not at all drain your car battery.

If battery of your car is low, Then it turns off automatically And plus. There is also an option of voice command provided So over. Here I will showcase you different different voice commands Take a photo Shoot emergency video Start, recording emergency video Record, audio Audio recording is on Stop audio Audio. Recording is off Enable hotspot. Wifi hotspot is on Recording, complete Disable hotspot. Turning off wifi hotspot, Wifi hotspot is off So guys, no doubt that the dash cam is very amazing, With voice assistance And voice commands, And now we will directly move on to 70 mai application UI, So guys this is 70 mai application And the dash cam over Here Is currently connected From here. You can directly monitor, live footage Plus guys. You will also get albums option from here. So over here stop recording video. The recording has stopped because You are checking timeline over here And you just have to scroll. You can scroll over here datewise And over here. They have also provided RS special effect option. So, as RS special effect is turned on Over here, you can see Direction. Is there The car is front? What is the distance Pole angle pitch angle, Kilometers per hour? All the things you can monitor from here, If you want to download then From here you can also download it As you go in categories Over here, you can see You will get to see videos category, You can access all the recorded video from here Or you Can download, Plus guys events over here Where we had said emergency video, recording That also it showcases over here only And the photos that we had captured That all also will be visible to you From here.

Only you can download delete the photo All the things you can do, Then guys you will get settings option from here Where video coding or The resolution, Then you can see over here 2k. At 30 fps resolution We had set In 43 aspect ratio. You can also select 169 aspect ratio That you will see in a bit less resolution Then guys over here below video, clip duration, Parking surveillance, Collision detection, HDR Time lapse. Video recording Logo auto mark Speed altitude Plus over here. The video recording format You can set it to NTSC or PAL And below over here Voice control option is there Which we have enabled Over here. You will also see different commands, ADAS system you can enable from here And below over here. There is speaker volume, Sound effect, Then over here auto turn off Date, time Language, all the things You can select from here. You can also upgrade firmware The built in storage That also you can format So guys you get to the information in very detail In application directly And guys. No doubt It is very futuristic dash cam, And with this You can also see TPMS system, Which is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System And, as you unbox its box. First of all, you get to see the user manual Along with that over here below You get to see. Knobs For tyre pressure monitoring And finally over here, They also have provided tool kit To mount this And guys to connect.

This with application Is very simple: You just have to go to the application And over here you have to select TPMS section, And then you have to scan the QR code Of left right. Tyre Rear left rear right tyre. In this way, you can easily scan the QR codes And then over here the knobs That you have to mount on the tyre of your car. You can mount it very easily. It is the task of hardly 2 minutes, So guys. No doubt the dash cam is very amazing With TPMS system It will make your car future proof And over here I am missing out 1 point Of this dash cam In this. You can see built in battery Of 500 mAh. So, even if you are switching off the car and going Then also till some time, It will keep on recording the video, Which is very good. If you are connecting it with a hardware kit here, Then it has capability of recording for 247, So guys over here. In video We have discussed about all the aspects Of this particular dash cam And over here, the variant that we have, That is 64GB built in storage, variant And its price. That is roughly 10700 rupees. And if anyone wants to check out this Or if want to purchase, Then I will drop the link in the description box below Definitely go and check out And personally, if you will take my opinion, Then I am going to install this in my car Plus guys.

All the cars at home, In that also I am going to instal this And guys this was todays video. I hope you all might have liked this video. If you liked this video, Then please, like this video And for such tech related unboxing. Please subscribe our channel And friends, one more important thing, Please, like my facebook and instagram page also So friends, we will meet again in next video Till then.