My name is noelle and i do unboxings, mostly lifestyle subscription boxes, but a variety of other categories too, including books, beauty, jewelry, travel, home, decor and the very occasional dash of disney. So if you enjoy unboxings particularly subscription boxes, i hope that youll consider subscribing to my channel and hitting the notification bell and that way, youll find out whenever i post new videos, announce giveaways or go live and as always, if youre already subscribed thanks again so much For being here and welcome back today, i have something a little bit different for the channel its the first time. It is appearing here and it has been sent to me for review, but i thought that it might be a really good idea as a fathers day. Gift subscription, so, if mothers day kind of snuck up on you this year, you can be prepared. Fathers day is, i believe, sunday june 19th, and this might make the perfect gift for the guy in your life. So it actually came in a mailer on the outside of this mailer, but the box is called gadget, club theyre actually based in australia, but they ship worldwide and this particular package. I think their fulfillment center must be in china because the package came from china, but i will say that the shipping was very quick. This box is just 49.95 u.s and that does include worldwide shipping. You guys, i think that is so awesome and i do have a code for you.

It is maui noel and that will save you an additional ten dollars. You can get this box and this is the june box that has been sent to me for review for basically 40 bucks. I think thats pretty darn good. So let me just read to you a little bit about it. It says every month, youll get a box of one main gadget and two mini gadgets. We source the best and most innovative gadgets directly from a range of top suppliers directly to you. Every gadget comes with a one year warranty and a 30 day return, which i think is also pretty awesome so inside just a very simple sleek black box again perfect, you could definitely just put a nice bow on that and call it a day so inside. Let me see what we have got all right, so they did tell me that they didnt actually have the product card for this june box already typed up, so they would normally have a product card to tell you all about the items inside so were just gon Na have to try to figure it out, put our best like tech, gadget, hat on and figure out what these items are you guys so the first thing which im guessing is not just the biggest thing, but also kind of the main item in the box. Oh, this is pretty cool its actually something that we already have in my household because um there is a little bit of a like.

You know retro, like vintage um, nostalgic gamer in my house, so it is the mini game, anniversary edition, uh nintendo, so pretty darn cool looks pretty familiar to everyone. I think that the nes classic the mini came out in maybe 2017, and it was such a big hit. I remember that it was like out of stock people were selling it on ebay for, like a ridiculous amount of money um. So this is pretty cool, though so it has built in 620 classic games. Now let me know in the comments below, if you were a nintendo person, i wasnt allowed to play video games as a kid. But when i went over to my friends house, i would definitely play what were the two things that came with it. Like super mario brothers and like duck, hunt and look – i was always all about that, but i never had like a game boy or anything like that, so i dont think it actually says nintendo on it, so its not the actual nintendo nes classic mini. I think its just like the reboot that theyve done um kind of white labeling, it so um, but this is pretty cool, because this one actually comes with the controllers two of them, and i believe that when i did finally splurge and get my husband, i think I got like i think i did pay an exorbitant amount over on ebay um. It only came with one controller and it had like a really short cord.

So this one it looks like they have nice, a long cords which is awesome so theres that connector and then this one also has a nice long cord, so thats good. You dont have to be like right up on your um screen to play, which is nice, and then i do think that you can probably get additional um pieces, but you probably need the two plug ins. So you guys, i was just not one of those people who, like understood, like i couldnt, even get like i couldnt, even get mario or whoever it was to like jump on the flagpole at the end to save the princess like i could never get past level. One just because i didnt really like play so. This is great, though, if you guys you guys, they did include a travel adapter. So, yes, this might be uh like drop shipping from china or a different country, but they did include the travel adapter so that you can plug it into your wall. So i can totally see a dad. You know of a certain age being super psyched to get this, so you can see where it plugs in and then weve just got like the port back here, where you would plug it into your wall so yeah. So it has this kind of plug, which you know is not our usual us plugs, but we did get the adapter, and i do appreciate that they included that.

I can see the dad being. Super duper excited to dive into all those like old school games like what else would be on there like do they have stuff, like is frogger even older than that i dont, remember um, but they did actually include some instructions for it. This one says built in 500 classic games and the box is 620, so either way, thats a lot of games um and it does give you lots of um information and it is in english, so definitely appreciate that user manual for your mini pc game um. I think thats a pretty awesome thing and even that just for 40 bucks, which was way less than what i paid for the other version a few years ago, is a pretty good deal so that im consuming again is our main gadget for the month of june. Lets take a look at the other one: oh, this is kind of cool, so this does have chinese script on it, but it looks like a nice like solid, like maglite or a flashlight. So let me see if i can get into this the nice thing about something like a flashlight as a gadget is its pretty self explanatory. You dont have to worry about plugging it in or anything so lets see. It says that it is uh c r e e l, e d portable, and it has three modes. So let me go ahead and open this up and see so lets see just came into this little bag in here and then ill open it up and im.

Assuming we have to add batteries to it, so this is what it looks like. I guess you just probably click it on and off. Let me see i dont know if it came with batteries. Lets see it came with a strap so inside here there was a strap hidden and then i dont see any like batteries or anything. So you might have to add batteries. Let me see if i can unscrew it. It says b, best b e e, like a b um. Let me see im trying to unscrew it, so this is the only part that unscrews sorry about that sound you guys. So here is yeah. So here is our little like battery cartridge. I guess so. It looks like thats, probably for a double a. I would guess, thats what it looks like it looks pretty thick and then thats. All you have to do is pop that in there. So i will report back to you guys in the comments. If that works pretty good, but it does say that it has three modes: um whoa says triple a battery on the side set so aaa battery got those on hand. Thats perfect its not like any special battery that you have to like, go out and find at a special battery store and then it just screws back on and then well click it and hopefully well have nice three modes. So we have one more mini gadget out of our three, but i could totally see a guy enjoying this every month, getting like one like bigger gadget and then a couple of like little small ones, but like im, you dont have to be a guy to appreciate, Like fun stuff like this um this well, this i dont know so this i dont know for sure um this uh they did also warn me, does not have english instructions, which just makes it a little bit more challenging.

I mean technically, the instructions at ikea are in english too, and i still have a little bit of trouble with that. So this looks like a bag of fun right um this, i believe what they told me is a mini desk bench drill when you finally put it all together. So let me just see if i can show you the components of it. So there is, there are instructions they just dont happen to be in english right. So weve got these like wood boards, where youre gon na um punch out those pieces. You can see one of my pieces like already came out. I think so theres three of those in like a light, balsa wood that youre gon na put together and then theres all kinds of pieces in here like little rods and bits and screws and springs which im not going to get into that. And then here it looks like we do have a battery pack, so you can see that this goes this inserts somewhere. My battery pack um cover got a little bit cracked, but you know thats still gon na work. Just fine ive got some red tape on that. Let me see if i can just close that up, so that it doesnt get more more mushed um and then well take a look at the instructions and see if it looks like something that i could actually put together myself. Im glad that im not planning on taking photos of this box, because you guys would realize again how much i struggle with instructions.

So here are the instructions. They are pretty detailed, so um, you can see all of the pieces and then you just follow all of the arrows to go ahead and put it together. And then let me just show you theres, basically 20 steps or 19 steps and then, at the end, you wind up with this. So its a mini desk bench drill its like a science project kit, its definitely going to be a test of your ability to follow instructions even without english, but it does look like you could figure it out, and i did hear from gadget club. They said that theyd considered like taking it out. I was just like. Maybe you should just do an english version of the instructions, but they said that they got such great feedback that so many parents really enjoyed the challenge of putting this together with their kids and like the success of having that drill, actually work at the end. That theyve kept it in there, and so i thought that this would be a really good one again for fathers day for the month of june. So it could be something that was like a family activity not on a screen but actually kind of learning. How to put something together, i do think that is a really good idea, even though to me this looks a little bit intimidating, so i actually thought this was a pretty good deal for 50 bucks, including the shipping and 40 bucks.

If you use that coupon code, we got the cool uh classic games, console with the controllers that does have the travel adapter plug. So you can go ahead and plug and play literally. Then we also got the cool flashlight, which, probably for me, is going to be the most used item in my household, because you can always use another flashlight tucked into every corner of the house for emergencies and then, of course, we have that kind of challenge. Uh. The science project kit, the mini bench, drill, which i dont even think, ive used a full size bench drill like any time recently, but i can totally see how this would be an enjoyable box, the game console and the kit, especially for a father or a parent. Um to put together with their kids, so let me know what you guys thought about this box again. I think its a pretty good value id definitely be interested in seeing it again, but this does seem like a curation that was put together specifically for the month of june and the holiday fathers day. I hope you all enjoyed this video.