Oh, my goodness, wow this thing is loud: Music got a new drip from eddie fire. The d12 sound system lets check it out. So this is the box. This side then well its the front, obviously eddie farady 12, also on top and lastly, this side right here and yeah never mind the first box. It was just the cardboard cover anyway, so thats the real box right here – d12 stereo, bluetooth, speaker by edifier. Of course, on the other side, we have the product picture on the top of the box. We have a short features: overview line in aux in 70, watts, rms, four woofers, a wooden enclosure, bluetooth 5.0, and you can use this all over the world. Basically, on this side of the box, we have the content, so we have the speaker. We get a remote control, we get an audio cable, two actually and the manual of course, and on this other side of the box, are the features in detail. Well, take a look at that later. Okay, so lets open up this one. So, on top we have the manual the remote, the two audio cables and this protection layer and thats the speaker right here there we have it its all wrapped. So here we go, as you can see, manual, two audio cables, remote and the speaker system. Of course, okay lets check out the accessories in detail, so these are the cables we have aux to change and change to change.

Then here we have the remote back side and then right here. If we pull this tab out, this little tab well, its now activated and thats the power source of this little guy, a cr2032 button cell and, lastly, lets check out the manual so thick, one multi languages, well, multi language, one and two three and four five and Six: seven 8, 9 and 10 and thats the end of the english english section and thats. The back of the manual done with the unboxing lets get to my first impressions, so thats the thing right here: first impressions, its looking really nice on the front. We have this grill well, this cover this is a fabric mesh. On top, we have three dials base treble and volume input and the top has a some sort of a leathery texture to it. Actually, let me show you so we have the three dials right here and this nice looking texture right here, yeah right here and then on the side. We have a wooden body. As you can see, we have this wood texture right here and its also looking really nice. The bottom also features this leathery texture and on the back same story, basically and also back here, we of course have the inputs we have line out aux in and line in, and we also have the power switch. And here we have a close up of this. Of the data down here it has a good weight, oh yeah, and of course it also has rubber feet down here.

So four of these pads, perfect and almost two meters of cable length good stuff. Now let me tell you all about the specs and the features Music so before we get to the features, let me try to remove this cover. Oh yeah, its perfect comes off very easily and now look at that. This is looking awesome. So, first of all, as you can see, this is a stereo speaker and is designed for desktop use. We have a wooden enclosure to minimize acoustic resonance. We have bluetooth 5.0. For that stable connection. We have a 90 millimeter diameter, silk treble unit 3 4 of an inch by the way and a 4 inch or 160 millimeter mid base unit for accurate responses in all frequencies. Basically, we have a lot of connectivity. We have aux, we have line in and we of course have bluetooth. There is a theater or music sound stage, selection top mounted volume control and a wireless remote for easy adjustment, and we also have a front facing reflex port that is designed for a wider, sound stage and powerful bass. So yeah we have a bass reflex case and you can see the holes right here, so one hole for one speaker and this ensures higher efficiency and also deeper bass compared to a closed case. So pretty awesome and also thats. The infrared receptor right here, not bad right next up is performance usability and a good old sound test back to back lets.

Go alright. Swooped up lets turn it on blue light right here, thats, the pairing mode. I guess so all right there we have it. Edifier. D12, nice and were ready for a test. Oh lets, go Music, oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, wow! This thing is loud Music. By the way, the quality of these knobs is exceptional. They feel and handle great really sturdy. They have a middle position. It will lock in you know it has this little snap in position, they are smooth turn. They only have this middle position, but the volume knob. As you can hear, this is a digital dial and it has this grid. Basically, they are analog and they go from min to max and yeah this one. You can turn this all the way around as much as you want. Oh, you can also press this one. They feel really good its crazy for this price point its amazing. By the way, i just noticed that you can actually extend the speaker system too, because there is a line out on the back, so you can add an additional subwoofer as well. Oh, my goodness, wow! Okay, lets go for the sound test, got my zoom h6 two expensive microphones, the km 184 in a stereo configuration thats. The xy configuration should be pretty optimal for the stereo system. I cant go too loud because my room isnt optimal, to say the least, so medium loudness and now lets see recording.

So the first sample will be acoustic, guitar, centered, Music, okay, the second sample will be the base test. Monkey Music, all right, not bad, and lastly, lets go for something something: okay lets go for an ncs song hold me close till i get up time. Music is whats, left Music go Music. All right, not bad lets go so by the way. Thats. My tv right here, my setup. The d12 is down here its looking quite small in comparison, but trust me, this speaker is not small. The tv is just huge. 65 inches anyways. I have no sound system hooked up to this tv. I have this little subwoofer computer sound system, its sounding really bad, its, not hooked up to the tv. I use it for listening to music because it gives me a good bass, but the sound quality is trash so and up here i have a like a little pc keyboard and lets actually get rid of that yeah, and i want to make the d12 my tv Speaker because the sound is actually great, so this is what i came up with. The platform is way lower now so that i can still put my pc and keyboard on there, and it is now connected over the aux cable to my tv and the best thing is. I was also able to extend it well to actually add the subwoofer down here, nose up with the sub, but the problem is its sending the line out and my whole system down here is playing so thats bad.

I would need a frequency well, a a filter, a cut off a low pass to only activate the sub, but i dont have that its clearly not optimal when both systems are playing. But you have this possibility to extend this system with a subwoofer, and that is awesome. Now i have a a proper speaker for my tv and its also looking great by the way i just used it over bluetooth and when i want to use it with my tv, i need to change the input blue light and green light for the aux in Blue light is bluetooth and the green light is for the external input. So, as you saw, the d12 speaker system is surprising in many ways like this. It is looking neat and clean, but you can also quite easily remove this cover and make it look raw. Bringing out that speaker. Sexiness awesome, build quality, awesome, sound quality, especially for the price i mean. How is this even possible? How is it so affordable? It is crazy, even the dials, its its so good. Also many many use cases. I can definitely recommend it its awesome, its definitely drippy. Definitely alright. Before you go smash that like button then subscribe ring the bell and click all to never miss amazing.