This is one of the most powerful phones that ive used in a while. I do want to say thank you to oppo for inviting me to be a part of their ambassadors program. You may have seen some of my coverage over on twitter and also on the xda forums ill, be sure to include links to that. This is a majorly, powerful phone. It has this really awesome: hasselblad camera with the all new mary silicon x, mpu processor, for image processing. It also has a snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 processor, so weve got lots of performance very fast charging, pretty good battery life. This phone checks, all the boxes of a super premium high end phone, except for maybe one or two. Is it worth the price point this sells for just under a thousand for the eight gigabyte version and at about 1400 right now for the 12 gigabyte version here in the us? This is my review of the oppo find x5 pro lets go ahead and get started. This video is sponsored by aura. We all know that fishing and malware attacks are steadily on the rise since 2019. In fact, cisco recently reported that 86 of organizations had at least one person to click on a fishing link and lets be honest. Anyone could fall victim to a phishing attack. Hackers are getting super sophisticated, making very realistic emails linking to very realistic websites, and even if you are super savvy theres, no guarantee that your family knows how to avoid these attacks.

Aura provides all in one digital safety. For the entire family, by taking proactive steps, theyre doing more than just simply alerting you when things go awry or offers features like transaction monitoring, credit report, monitoring and even dark web monitoring. Theyll, let you know if your accounts have been compromised. This even includes a free vpn so that youre able to privately and securely surf the web. The best part, is you get up to a million dollars worth of coverage on the individual plan. If something were to happen, if youre looking for overall protection, look no further than aura, or was nice enough to offer my subscribers a 14 day free trial be sure to head to shanestarns for your 14 day free trial today, the first thing that really stands Out to me about the oppo find x5 pro has to be the design. This phone is thinner and much lighter than the galaxy s 22. Ultra that i am used to carrying also love the fact that they kind of went in their own direction with the camera bump. On the back, i love how the back of the phone just seamlessly integrates into the camera bump. It looks really elegant in my opinion, and it stands out from the rest of the pack when it comes to that camera bump design. They had this in both glazed black and ceramic white. They sent me out the glaze black version and im really a fan of this mirror.

Like finish on the back overall, this phone feels super premium with that ceramic coating also like the fact that it does have curved edges on both the front and the back. It kind of tapers into a very thin edge, making the phone feel even thinner than it actually is on the right side of the phone. You will find a perfectly placed power button, thats right there, where my thumb usually would rest on the left side of the phone youre gon na find the volume rockers which this phone isnt as wide as the galaxy s22 ultra that im used to so getting over. There to that volume rocker was pretty easy for me on the bottom of the phone you have the usbc charge. Port and youve also got your sim card tray slot plus a speaker. The display is covered in corning gorilla, glass victus, which should help with the durability of the display. I would like to mention here that the phone is super slippery. It did come with a case, so youre definitely going to want to use a case or maybe even like a vinyl wrap or something like that im, risking it all and just using my phone without a case, because i really love that glaze black finish. The next thing that stands out to me here is the display. The display is exactly what you would expect from a top of the line premium flagship phone, so you do get a 6.

7 inch. Amoled qhd plus display with 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate colors on the display, look vivid and the phone gets really bright at 1300. Nits youre going to be able to take this outdoors in the sunlight and still be able to see your phone, regardless of whether youre in a bright lighting, condition or indoors in the dark, with the 120 hertz dynamic, refresh rate youre, not going to experience any lag. When youre scrolling, through your twitter or facebook, feed or just surfing the web, and its also going to help when you are gaming, this also has a 240 hertz touch, responsive rate, which will also help you to have a competitive edge in mobile gaming. The camera cutout on the top left hand side of the screen, doesnt really intrude on the viewing experience, and i love the fact that we have this in display fingerprint scanner, which is actually really fast and accurate when it comes to the oppo find x5 pro. The camera has to be the main focal point of this phone. I have to tell you that i am not a professional photographer. Most of the shots that i take are just quickly pointing and shooting, and i usually use the automatic settings within the camera. That being said, i was able to get some really incredible shots with this phone. The main camera here is a 50 megapixel, f, 1.7 aperture lens weve also got a 50 megapixel, f, 2.2 ultra wide camera with a 110 degree field of view, and the camera experience is wrapped up with a 13 megapixel 2.

4 aperture telephoto lens with 2 by optical Zoom when it comes to the main camera photos, look amazing whether im shooting in a very well lit conditions or even when im shooting at night. So i actually took this camera out to my downtown area and took lots of photos at night and thanks to the mary silicon x, mpu, these images turned out stunning also notice that theres tons of detail in these photos and the colors look amazing. I was also very impressed with the ultra wide lens there again, whether shooting in bright sunny conditions or at night i was able to get really good shots with this ultra wide lens. I also love the fact that there is a macro mode with that ultra wide lens, so you can get really good close ups on different things, which i was able to get some really good macro shots as well. What i would have loved to have seen here, especially considering the price point and the competition, would have been like a periscope zoom two by optical zoom was still okay. It would have been nice to see at least a three by optical zoom or even like a 10 by optical zoom. Zooming on this phone is just not really comparable to something like the galaxy s22 ultra. The front camera here is a 32 megapixel selfie shooter and for me it just felt a little flat. I think its gon na be great if youre doing like video conferencing or something like that.

But most of the images that i was able to grab with this were a bit washed out and i didnt think that they were an accurate representation of the shots that i was taking. So if you take a lot of selfies, that may be something to consider when it comes to video recording on this camera. This camera does do a great job with video. You can also do 4k at either 30 or 60 frames per second and theres a 1080p mode. I think stabilization on videos was pretty awesome. There were a few interesting shooting modes. The portrait mode here does an amazing job im able to get the subject in focus and apply a bokeh background for a very pro effect. There is also a pro user mode on the oppo find x5 pro. So if youre into setting your own iso, your white balance and things like that, you do have that option and i think its a great option. If youre into that hasselblads x, pan mode is also featured here, which gives you a wider aspect ratio, and you can also do things like quickly switch between standard and monochromatic mode. When it comes to performance, this phone is a performance powerhouse, so it does come with a snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. My version that they sent me came with 12 gigabytes of ram on the 8 gigabyte version, theres also an option in settings to free up some of your storage space to be used as ram as well.

One thing that i noticed about this phone: it opens applications just about instantly and its able to keep them stored in the background, so im able to multitask im able to go from app to app without having to wait on them to reload. That always really comes in handy when youre talking about speed and performance of a phone when it came to gaming, i didnt notice any stutter or lag or anything like that. One issue that i had if i did any prolonged gaming, i did notice the phone did heat up quite a bit but thats just a common issue with the snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. Overall, the performance on this phone was incredible. In my opinion. Another main feature here is the battery life and charging capabilities of this phone. So it does come with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and id say that it powers up the phone part of the course when it comes to a flagship phone. So you have to consider the fact this is a 5g phone. It has a really nice bright screen and it has that powerful processor all consuming battery. But i was still able to get a full days use out of a full charge and even have some battery left over at the end of the night. If youre looking at screen on time, im talking five to six hours of screen on time, depending on how youre using your phone, if, for some reason you do find yourself running out of battery, one of the main benefits here is that 80 watt fast charging youre Gon na be able to charge from zero to one hundred percent in under 15 minutes, which is just absolutely insane, i think thats pretty awesome.

This also has some of the fastest wireless charging that ive ever experienced at 50 watts youre able to get a full charge in right about 45 minutes, so i think thats another main benefit of this phone. This also has 10 watt reverse charging. So if you need to top up the charge on your smart watch or even your earbuds, or something like that, youre able to get legitimate wireless charging with the reverse 10 watt wireless charging when it comes to the operating system, i didnt really have any major issues With color os, i felt like it was light and snappy and functional. There were a few little quirks. I personally dont, like all of my applications, just kind of uh thrown up onto my home screen. I like to have an app button or an app drawer. Of course, i had to instantly go into settings and turn on the app drawer which wasnt an issue some other things about, like you know, going into the settings and trying to find a particular setting. Those are things that once i was able to get used to, i was really happy with the color os experience. I also really liked all of the theming capabilities. You can really make this phone look exactly how you want it. Its gon na best represent who you are so. I love the fact that there are all those theming capabilities. Coloros did come pre installed with a few things that i didnt care for.

There was like a more apps folder, a hot games and hot abs folder. I could have done without those, but those were easy enough to remove from the home screen. There were also some exclusive color os features that i really liked like the privacy dashboard allows me to go in and manage access to permissions im. Also, a really big fan of the oh relax application, which gives you plenty of ambient noises that you can kind of turn on and get in that relaxing mood and then theres also a hidden camera detector application which can pick up and detect wi fi cameras that Are in the area, so i think thats, a pretty neat feature as well. Overall ive really enjoyed the oppo find x5 pro. If you need a phone with a very fast charging good battery life, a great display and a unique design, this may be the phone for you if you need a phone with a good telephoto zoom lens.