This pad pump just made blowing up your pad the easiest part of camp setup. The pump house ultra drastically reduces sleeping pad inflation time by gathering a large amount of air at once and easily pushing it through the end valve its made with durable aviation grade. Ultra light fabric and securely attaches to axl core ultra air core and insulated air core ultra and qcor slx sleeping pads. The pump pass ultra can also be used with standard sized traditional valves on other pads, never go camping again without your multi use, pump house ultra pad pump again youll be the most popular kid in the camp Music. Okay, so we have the snoozy camping and travel pillow from wiseau Music. You do get this nice little bag, for it has a handle down here as well. You can always hang it up somewhere like in a closet all right, so when you pull it out, of course, its gon na be a little wrinkly, its been crushed up into that bag. This whole time Music feels pretty soft, its, not a huge pillow. It is a travel pillow, but it also has a little zipper here on the side. If you open that up, you can take the actual pillow out you can wash the pillow case, just like you would on your bed, but uh overall, its a nice solid, small pillow. This would be good for, like a cot stuff as well when youre camping, but this is the wise owl travel pillow Music, when jackets intense rip theres.

Only one tape youll want to use tenacious tape, is an ultra strong repair tape available in clear nylon and ripstop nylon. Just peel and stick to seal leaks, patch burn holes and cover stains its easy to use just start with a clean and dry surface cut a patch to size, peel off the backing, stick to the surface and apply pressure, color match the tape for barely noticeable repairs Or have some fun and use shapes to personalize your gear, unlike other tapes, heat is not required and the patch wont peel back over time. Youll have a fully washable weatherproof patch that stays put rain or shine. Repairs have never been easier use, tenacious tape on tents, tarps and all your outdoor gear dont.