I just got in the mail. This is the box that came in this is the color sorta c phone. This is 128 gigabyte, pixel 6., its going to be replacing a nexus 6 that ive been using for many years. The next six hasnt had an update since 2017 october and it was running android 7.1.1. So this is the latest android operating system in here. So this is the way it is mailed in this box. This is the back of the phone. This is where you have the cameras right here, other sensors. This is that sea foam type green on the top here, almost just like a white with slightly green thats. The back then theres protective cover on there and then inside the box. You have an instruction booklet, you have a usbc usbc data and charging cable and then it looks like they have some kind of a usba to usbc im, not sure what thats for, but i do have to be able to get data off this phone so that I can extract video files, well be figuring that out now theres a lot of specifications on this phone online. You can go online and see all the information about it. I was charging the phone and it was charging okay to 100 percent. Now we have a phone like this. The way it comes now is theres no charger in here, so im going to be using a typical charger. This is a 3 amp charger with a usb c interface on there.

So im going to be powering this thing up once i read the instructions and transferring the sim card and then seeing how the phone works. Now, in the back of the manual and the warranty, there is this device, which is probably to help you gain access to the sim card now using the included cable and the charger i have it up to 100 before i want to turn this on one thing: Thats important to note is that on the website for the pixel six, they do mention that theres five years of updates and uh. This will be updated till october 28th, 2020. Okay, so ive got my new pixel 6 all working configured and im going to show you how easy it was when you turn the phone on its going to tell you step by step how to get your data from your old phone on all your apps to The new phone and remember i mentioned what this connection was – i wasnt sure. So what this does is allows you to use your normal cable that you connect to your phone with to put into here and then plug into the pixel 6 right there and then itll recognize it and itll. Tell you step by step. Itll say: remove your sd! Your sim card, using that tool and youre, going to open a little tray right there youre going to remove your old phone and youre going to put it in there itll go through the whole process.

The screen was real, intuitive and then itll tell you to connect this cable and then itll go through the process of downloading apps and pictures and everything in settings right into the new pixel 6 from the nexus 6.. It was really seamless and it worked really nicely now – im theres a lot of features on this phone theres. A lot of features on this phone. The camera produces some amazing footage, im going to show you just a simple demo of it, and what i was really impressed with is the image stabilization and that youll youll see that the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus so its. It looks very professional, puts emphasis on the subject just like when i shoot reviews and i use more expensive cameras. This phone was doing that automatically, which is really nice. So i have the lock setup and everything on here. Everything was pretty straightforward and seamless to do, and it worked really well, and this phone just has a lot of features on there. Let me show you how to get your video or pictures on your pc. Now. First thing you have to start off with is make sure you have a cable that has usb a on one side and usb c on the other and make sure that its a data cable, because there are just charging cables available. You want to make sure that its data, because were going to be plugging this in to the pixel 6 and youre, going to hear my computer responding and you hear that sound and then it comes up with a screen on there.

Charges device hit that bottom arrow tap for more options. Then you can see that there is a file transfer, android, auto mode that you want to hit and on my computer, responds and ill show you what it did so now i have access to the pixel 6. See it says: internet storage, double click on that and you have all your typical files that the android operating system has and you want to go to the dcim and youll see a camera right there. Then you have these different videos, ive taken, and you can just drag these across and bring them to your desktop where theyll be downloaded for you to edit with them or to just view them. Okay lets take a look at the video quality of the pixel 6, which is really good. Even has slow motion were going to test that, but right here its their image, stabilization is turned on. You can see it. Remove the camera stabilizes the image and whats unique, is look at the background im in focus, but the background is not quite in focus and thats really good. It emphasizes the subject matter its great for photography and most higher end cameras. Do that, but most mobile phones, dont, so thats really unique. I really like that, but the video quality is excellent on this pixel six. So after testing this phone and getting all my apps going on here, testing the video. What do i think about this phone? This pixel six im really impressed with it its beautiful looking this color on here.

The camera was amazing, you could do slow motion footage and i showed you how it has an amazing depth of field to put your subject in focus and the background out of focus. It just looks really nice to video, and this is a excellent phone. All the apps worked on here, its very fast compared to my nexus 6. So im really happy with this purchase. I think you will be also im going to give this pixel 6. A full 5 star rating, please remember, hit the subscribe button and the bell icon so alert to new video uploads, and if you like this review, please hit the like button. I hope the information i presented helped you with all your buying decisions.