I hope i see gadget sidekick and welcome back to my channel so nakita nathan, a quick unboxing me vivo, y73 phone nato, its priced at 14, 990, 8 gigs of ram and 120 gigs of storage in bali. Taco promos not happening this coming 5, 5 or for me, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9, 10, 10. and hawak nathan. Right now is the diamond flare nub version. I i think. Okay, i cant decide at 3d. Well, it looks well pretty. Okay thats! All! I can say g95, i know the g955 okay for gaming, already multitasking and more than okay for daily usage and tina, no notice and two to 340 000 points and the hua cosa antutu version. Nine point three point: four, which for me: okay, im gon na score: hindi, shama baba and given 340 in a shot, and this phone is already and this phone is already running vantage os under android 11 and guess what anger will extend up to 12 gigs of Ram on daily usage im impressed with this phone anganya 170 grams yeah, and i love the way to fill ya know. Probably you might be looking now: bahamut, 90, 120 hertz, but well sad to say, youre stuck with 60 hertz. It doesnt mean that 120 hertz on display, so i did try to check the tofoneto dynamic shell for social media. You name it for watching videos and 90 hertz screen refresh rate must smooth but of course, uh thats as much as you can go.

Detox scream yeah on the good news ciderman for nato is level one against security level, so why? By meaning you can watch hd on this one, certainly not on the videos on youtube. I was uh watching it ohina mancha, i dont have much problem with it um. I think im gon na display the amoled, the black is blocker and, of course, panchina magama callers, except that inditos meaning it takes out a lot of space screen unsanitant. It might have been six point. Six inch linen screen so giving you a better display, bigger view because of all nato another downside net on phone. Nato, probably, is that islam and a loud speaker, hindi, dual steer speaker nah. I expect for a phone at this price point on. One speaker is Music. You might want to use your favorite headphones, but i must immersive experience, and so i put two games to the test because i play call of duty mobile. I play asphalt 9., given a helio g95. I expect now not bad gaming performance, so i did try and miller. I was well surprised, not okay, enough of performance and uncanny screen. Uh response is okay. Lets call of duty. Mobile, probably mentioned a bit enough for this finance. Sound though so i put on my favorite headphones and enjoyed the game so in like economic settings, nikon was a soberan synagogue, uh and the gameplay was okay, smooth amount of experience. But time to time i know you feel comforting frame drops and putting lugs and the phone is a little bit warm silicone, but major tobacco and gaming.

Probably the cooling system is not the best mi vivo de to support nato and the experience is well. Okay, naman uh asphalt, 9. Okay, nothing experience veto. Well, i dont want to feel that anything. Any problem, because again i was able to reach through several rounds. Well still, ok, its not the largest. It only has a four thousand milliamp hours of battery pero alkaline charging kind of support up to 33 watts of fast charging, and apparently napalm charges are up to full net information in just one r and the star types of 15 to 100. You know nothing charging time so not so slow, not bad, and given some or second charging time, i did try to check it on. I dont know how far it can go. Sakanam battery and jiran and baseline pc mark roughly 12 hours im going to screen on time and based on daily average usage, kaiana social media videos, video chat and a little bit of gaming, so be sobrang heavy and most of the time the wi fi call. Rather than the mobile data screen on display brightness mode mp main lens 2mp macro 2mp depth, sensor 16mp out front selfie, shooter sony pascal, i was expecting some nice shots, so outdoor stuff, ive performed the machinima since okay, no lighting, so the problem and the subject were: Okay, so it was able to take in some nice shots outdoors and pandanus, take in nice selfie shots outdoors indoors and pretty much massasabico.

This phone could be a good selfie phone uh la la if you are a selfie lover, this one y73.