Rapid fire burst, shooting mode, eyed autofocus that also works on animals and a camera interface that looks very similar to this interface found in sony. Alpha cameras. I know because i own two sony alpha cameras, im shooting one right now: the sony a7c and i also have the sony zv one. So this years, xperia one mark four continues that trend with an improved camera system featuring a true optical telephoto zoom lens, with a variable optical zoom range from 85 millimeter to 125 millimeter. The ability to record 4k video at 120 frames per second, a better selfie camera, but perhaps more importantly, sonys also improved his computational photography for pulling off things like automatic hdr, which means the phone now has a wider appeal. Previous xperia 1 smartphones were for serious photographers who knew how to tweak iso and show the speed to get the perfect shot. This years, experiment mark iv can be for that group of series photographers still, but also can now be used by casual smartphone users who like to just point and shoot, because the auto mode is not smart enough ill cover the cameras more in depth in a bit. Lets first talk overall hardware because theres a lot to like here. So i said earlier so many smartphones, always zig, wear out of zag and you can tell thats the case with the xp1 mark iv. The phone is taller and longer than typical smartphones, with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio screen that, when turned sideways its ideal for consuming content, because youre getting widescreen cinematic footage and youll want to do this, often because the screen is absolutely brilliant.

Its a 4k hdr 120hz oled panel now last years, xperia 1 mark iii also offered a similar 4k 120hz oled panel, but this years screen gets 50 brighter and youll definitely see the difference when youre using the phone outside another area of the one more four thats Different from every other phone in the market is that there are noticeable bezels at the top and bottom of the screen. These bezels serve a few purposes. First, they allow sony to use an uninterrupted display, no notch no hole punch cutouts. Second, these bezels give you something to hold on to remember. This is a phone that is meant to be used, sideways like this quite often, and third, the bezels afford enough room for a larger, fuller speaker, grill thats, actually front facing so just by virtue of having two speakers of equal sizes facing me when im watching content. Just makes audio sound more immersive if you dont, want to bother somewhere near you just plug in your audiophile headphones, because the xp1 mark 4 has a headphone jack yeah. This is probably the only flagship phone left in the world to have a headphone jack. Now, while this 4k hdr 120hz oled screen is a little bit of a battery hog sonys addressed that by adding a larger battery inside this phone, it is now a 5 000 milliamp cell compared to last years, 500 million miles. So, despite the largest cell sony somehow kept the mark iv, basically the same dimensions as last years.

Mark iii, which means this is one of the lightest phones on the market at 185 grams theres, a snapdragon 8 gen1 chip inside with 12 gigs of ram and either 256 or 512 gig of internal storage and all the memory standards are the latest. Obviously, now i am a fan of this phones, particularly tall aspect ratio, because this means the phone is narrower from left to right, which means the phone is easier for me to grip with one hand, sony software overlay on top of android 12 is also minimal. So, for the most part you get a clean, android experience. There are a few useful software additions like side sense. This is a bar on the side of the screen that you can activate like a trigger. You can also open apps in the floating window, which i like a lot because it improves productivity and multitasking. So, overall, the software experience is intuitive and easy to use. Okay, now lets talk the cameras, the main event, so the xperia one mark iv has a triple n system covering the usual ultra wide wide and telephoto focal links. But this last zoom lens is ground. Breaking its a periscope zoom lens with a variable optical range between 85 millimeter or around 3.5 times zoom and 125 millimeter, or around 5.2 times zoom now last years, mark iii also had a similar zoom lens, but that lens only gave you optical zoom range at two Zoom levels this year, youre getting optical zoom at every point between 3.

5 times to 5.2, so whether youre shooting at 100 millimeter 85 millimeter, 120 millimeter. It is all optical zoom, so this effectively gives the xperia 1 mark 4. The most versatile optical focal length range in any smartphone. An 85 millimeter is an ideal focal length for portraits, and i really like taking portraits with this lens. Look at the nice little bouquet that you get that depth of field separation between background and subject. When you shoot at this focal length and just like the xperia pro eye that came out a few months ago, this new mark 4 can shoot 4k 120 fps footage at every single lens. That makes for really good five times slow motion video. Now, while the xperia pro, i has a one inch sensor, so it has better light sensitivity. The xperia 1 mark 4 has three true optical lens, so you get a variety of angle and lens range. When you shoot your 4k 120p videos now all the earlier special features that i mentioned, such as eye autofocus, also works on every single lens, so thats very useful. That means you dont just get eye autofocus with the main camera. Even when youre using telephoto zoom, you can still get eye auto focus to make sure your subjects in focus thats very useful for me, because in my neighborhood there are a lot of street cats and dogs, and i always like to take pictures of them. But i dont want to get too close, because you know, if you get too close to the dog, the owners may may not like it, and you get kids for cats.

They might run away. We get too close to them. So i usually like to stay a little bit further back use the telephoto zoom lens, get up to like four times zoom and just snap a photo, because this is an optical zoom and has eye focus. I get really sharp photos of these cats and dogs. Every single time, and because this phone can shoot at rapid fire burst, shooting mode at up to 20 frames per second, i can catch them in the middle of a stretch. The rapid fire burst mode is so useful for shooting objects or subjects that wont stay still and were not just talking about cats and dogs. Here i was using this over the weekend to shoot people playing basketball, cyclists, and it was just awesome to be able to get them in motion because i just have to press down on the shutter button and itll grab 20 photos in one second. So, within those 20 shots for sure at least several of them, if not all of them will be usable. I can post on social media now ive been shooting with the xperia one more for all around hong kong for the past week now – and this is a very enjoyable camera experience, all three cameras produce consistent colors and the main camera produce natural separation between subject and Background for that, nice creamy bouquet look now to take photos, jump into photo pro where youll start out in basic mode.

This is point and shoot and because sony now has improved computational photography, you dont really have to think in this mode, even if youre shooting against backlight, which traditional photographers would not do, but you can do that and the phone will analyze. The scene produce a hdr image with everything well balanced. This is only superior computational photography at play. So if you dont know anything about photography, just use this mode and youre good. If youre serious about photography, if you use a sony alpha, camera youll want to cycle over to the advanced mode, these shooting modes give you more finite control over things like iso, shutter, speed, focus points, etc. So im no professional photographer videographer, but i enjoy using these modes to allow myself to get more creative for my shot. Maybe i want stronger shadows and contrast in one scene. I dont want everything to look perfectly balanced. The way like a google pixel photo always looks like i want a shot that has a specific vibe. I can just change the shutter speed a little bit, adjust iso and get the shot that i like so for videography. You can shoot videos directly in the photo pro app. But again, if you want more control, you will want to use the dedicated video pro app where you can pull off cinematic shots. Like rack focus, i havent talked about the selfie camera much thats, because real photographers, probably wouldnt care about taking selfies but rest assured sonys improved the selfie camera.

You now have a 12 megapixel selfie camera with a faster aperture, so you get selfies that are more detailed and less noisy than the selfie camera. Seen in last years, mark 3., now having a dedicated shutter button, really improves the photography experience. I find myself now like every day im out in hong kong, just taking out the phone and just holding it like this, almost like, you know trying to find a frame that i like just to grab a couple of shots. You know you have a tactile feedback with a button. It feels like youre, actually snapping photos instead of just tapping a digital on screen button. So last year a lot of people, including myself, call the xperia one mark iii, a phone for enthusiasts or for people who own sony alpha cameras. Now this years, mark 4 will definitely still appeal to that group of people, but with longer battery life, a brighter and better display smarter camera software for just point and shoot intuitive software and a never before seen. Zoom lens the xperia one mark iv is just a really polished. Well rounded flagship smartphone. It is not just a phone for camera enthusiasts, it is a do it all powerhouse flagship, so the sony xperia one mark 4 will go on sale pretty soon. I dont have official pricing of this phone yet so i suggest you check sonys website or go to your local sony store to check it out.

When i have pricing, i will put it in the description below so thats about it for this video thanks for watching.