We are here today to talk about the EP lab pro display, but in the intro I want to talk to you about some news regarding my channel, my facebook page and my direct drive Italy group, I dont know when this video will be released, but some collaborations Have started with some big shops to get some small discounts on what all the direct drive material guys. I dont take percentages from anyone. They dont take refills from anyone. I hope this is clear printed well in big letters in your minds. This is because, for me, the channel is a passion. It is not a source of income, as maybe there are some channels that work this way, but actually the thing that a I care more and bring you content, and this also by making agreements with e shops. Producers to give more and more the possibility to you who follow me to take advantage of small opportunities. First of all, an agreement with very recently closed. I do not know when this video will be released with Augury simulation. This agreement brings a small code that you will find below in description for the purchase, guys open your ears, Simucube 2 pro and sport. You know that I consider it at the moment the king of direct drives and you can buy it with a little clash, plus another beautiful agreement with simneeds.com another European simracing e shop. That gives you the opportunity to have a 5 discount on its shop.

Guys go and see. Go see tell how many products it has its a big luck. I think for everyone, but I will always put here in the descriptions, even small codes. As for the Innanato steering wheel, but slowly, they will always increase to give you the opportunity to buy simracing products at the best price. So, having said that, I think its time to talk about the display of my friend Eddy from EP lab. Theme song hi guys. We are here again in the gadget column, to talk about the EP lab display already in the channel. I brought you its sim flag, go and see who has not seen it. There is also the review of the race display, the one that then the race logich in EP lab version, and today we are here talking about its dashboard. Guys. I bring many EP lab products because it really works in an excellent way. The materials used are always of the highest quality. This is because he is a true fan of Simracing and his passion also starts from reality and tries to bring real features into the world of sim racing, naturally putting his signature on it. Guys. This dash is not far behind. I start by telling you that during unboxing, you will find everything well packaged all well packaged and protected inside the package. There are two 4 pin jack cables that are used to connect the display to the PC, a relay in carbon.

Currently designed for simucube, 2 and podium, but of course I dont think there are problems. If you contact ep lab, let you do it for any type of base. There are two m6 screws, in my case, to connect it to siucube, 2 or probably m5. If you have ordered the one for podium and then, of course, the dashbord. Guys, I always like to show it to you, live as well as send you, the various videos that naturally show you even more in detail, but nothing makes you more than watching it live. While Im talking about it, … all made with the utmost care, I start by talking to you about the design, because it is the first thing I noticed when I mounted it guys. It looks like a real dashboard, unlike other dashboards Ive, seen around, which, of course, only trace the linear features of the display. In this case, it is The aesthetic features of a real display have been created mounted on my simucube two. It really looks like the dashboard of a car. Of course, I will try from this review to make you understand what the sensations you will have once had in your hands and a once mounted.. The external finishes are in alcantara, very beautiful, giving a sense of final finishing to the excellent product. The part of the external cover around it is in 3d printing, but of course, with this cover, the effect that it gives is totally of a premium product within anyway.

In the detail of what can be the print, because I see many products and molds, as you know too, it is really done with extreme precision. This should be emphasized, because, even if there is this coverage, the attention to detail in the creation of the product is very high level, …, …, very delicate …. The front part is in plexiglass in typical ep lab style, very nice, with these two serigraphs on the front the back cover. Instead, we find it in satin carbon. All the joints are perfect, guys, look at it in detail as close as possible. All made really really well in the back cover. We find the two square pole jacks that are used to power the display the decision to use two jack is because the power supply of the display, in this case a Vocore, requires very stable voltages EP lab – has therefore decided to separate the power supply lines. This to give greater stability to this product, they will also connect to the jack all in metal. Of course, the use of these carbon metal materials really gives a sense of a real product, not of a product that we will not use to play.. Another thing that we will find in the back is this switch that will be used to remove and give power to the entire display. This is very useful because, very often when we connect our usb devices, however, even if we are not using them, the display receives power and therefore it always remains a little bit illuminated with the possibility of being able to turn it off guys.

There are no problems whatsoever, especially if we dont want to use it.. Also on the back. There are these two screws that are used to adjust the height of the display with respect to your base. Here are the holes these for the simucube 2 and these for your podium. The assembly, of course, is very trivial. Yes, you only need to remove two screws because it can be easily mounted with two screws and the operation is all through Smhub. As I told you, how type of monitor uses a Vocore 5 inches, in my opinion, to date, the best display in terms of resolution and sharpness – and it is also what simhub recommends for its use, so you can choose the dashboard you like best, but this is Where I find that something extra that a company like EP lab offers its customers once you have purchased the product, it will send you all the configuration files both for the LEDs and for the dashboard, has created his own customized dashboard, and this guys requires a lot Of time a lot of effort, especially also with the fact that it is constantly evolving not it is a product that you buy and then everything is left to you, but you are always assisted by the company. This very often is not considered in most products, because then you always try to steal some dashboard or find it for free. In this case, the producer got to work.

He created a really very beautiful one. I will pass all the videos to show you and show you all the work that has been done, and that is behind it, but I think it is actually a great plus that EP lab gives with its dashboard.. Also on the front, we find 8 rgb LEDs that can be programmed in the colors and brightness intensity. Of course, the new Vocore also has the possibility of being dimmable, and you can then choose the intensity of light. That is most comfortable for you guys. As I told you from any point, you look at this dashboard. You will see quality from every point of view and also the aesthetic aspect is the part that most impressed me also because it is different from everything Ive seen to date and Im happy that Eddie Im happy that EP Lab carries out his project by bringing completely New ideas to everything Ive seen to date and Im, happy that he does it through my channel.. Of course, I will leave you all the links in the description to be able to buy its dashboard. I always remember MDS, Sim Parts go and look for it on facebook. Put a nice like it, especially by virtue of all the speech we made in the background. I always remember you too, my facebook group direct drive, italy, come and see me if you are interested in the direct drive world and guys see you next time.