But what makes this model just a little more special is that the mist sprays out in this ring shaped design. That is just really funky and cool. Again, it doesnt necessarily add anything functional, but just increases the cool factor as a novelty gadget and even the rings can be calibrated with music. There is a microphone that detects sound whenever something pops. It will also start to react, and you get this almost collectible, looking guy, that sits onto the front of the submarine which is magnetic every time that you pop it in the colors here change and flash a lot of these interactive details. Although the product itself is still quite simple in the sense that all you need to do is plug it in pop in some water and youre, pretty much ready to go, it doesnt really connect to wi, fi or companion app, so it doesnt have that smart iot Functionality, but it doesnt really need that again, just reacts by you playing around with it its a conversation starter and they even have a whole storyline created for this hey mix character that is driving the submarine, which is pretty fun. It comes in two little boxes. The first one here has all of these kind of accents going on inside of this, which ive already popped open. We have just a another kind of detailed card and then the character itself. You can also open up the visor of the character here to kind of open this up, if you prefer, and the head can even rotate, as you can see there to further change the angle as you please, with pretty good accent work going on, which is, i Think important, fun and cute looking on to the main attraction, definitely presented really well.

I think this kind of fits in the same category as other more niche collectible desk gadgets, such as those funky speakers like the gravistar series, which are obviously really playful, and they may not necessarily offer more utility compared to just a regular speaker or regular humidifier. In this example, but why not? It just makes a little bit more fun and shows your personality. More instructions here are reiterated. Telling us how to pop in the tap or mineral water make sure everything is docked into place and theres three modes looks like for the mist actually tells us that tap water or mineral water is going to be better than distilled pure water, because thats going to Make the rings a bit more apparent. Another user guide in here also documents the entire design, and this other very neatly presented font. So anyways here is the body of the submarine itself. Now, in the separate compartment, we also have the water tank, which is also a pretty interesting shape. Now we can fill up the water line over here about 270 milliliters and theres. Also in here it looks like the charging cable. So, in order to provide power to this thing, its using a standard, usb type c, which is great and also another figurine head for that characters. And last but not least, there is also a power adapter, which is included pretty standard stuff. But this is actually the base uh constructed out of this polycarbonate plastic, but just fill in the water, and then you just put it onto any flat surface or desk.

It does have a few rubber pads that prevents it from gliding around using the sponge. That is located underneath these two caps and thats. Why they give you some replacements if you want to clean that after once, in a while replace this part, that is just sucking up the water into the machine for it to then dispel the fun details continue. We have a matte, polycarbonate plastic feels pretty solid. It says theres one passenger inside, so the whole storyline is continuing some accent windows, this tail, which is again interactive and also the back here with the type c port for power. Otherwise, again, this is what it looks like on the other side very base here, theres a power key that you can press on to turn it on as well as go through some of the different modes. The top here is also where that mist or water comes out from so this cant really house anything. But then we have just that pfizer window, that you can flip open with the led lights and on here you can use either this first character, which is magnetic. He can sit in there like this, swap it with this extra figurine, which is also magnetic because the part here can snap in half. So if you remove that you can put the guy with the submarine head into the base here, which is again still magnetic, and now he looks like this sitting down, then you can still swap it with this other simplified head onto the guys body and one of Them can be just used as a regular figure when not in use it can just sit onto the desk aside from the actual humidifier or, of course, if the humidifier isnt running nothing is being used, you can put it onto the top there again thats when its, Not being turned on and activated so from a design perspective, i definitely am a fan and it just looks really cute.

I have to admit its not going to take up too much space and overall looks pretty fun and now its starting off in the mist. As you can see there being sprayed along there – and it definitely is producing a pretty obvious mist using a very soft rhythm and the ring – i think – extends on average to about – i would say one feet or so in terms of height, and it is pretty obvious, Especially if you have a slightly darker background and shifting perspective to the top there, you can really make out those rings which are getting diffused as they kind of sprout upwards. Now, as alluded to, it is interactive, so things including the color of this uh, led that this guy is sitting on. If you remove it the light, there actually turns off, as you can see, and if we pop it back on again, it will change to a different color youll be left with just a soft glow, which also flashes with the beat of the rings coming out, and I can also put it down again the color again changes now back to white now. One thing i will say, though, is to reach that power key at the back. It is a little bit deep. Maybe if they put that key on the side, it might be a little easier to hit in terms of the ergonomics, but i also get it theyre trying to make it look a bit more sleek from a design perspective.

In a way i actually do wish that. Maybe it has bluetooth, it can also act as a speaker or you can connect it to the app to control those settings instead of only relying on this button. But overall again it definitely works. Lets tap on it again now were in the more frequent mode. So you can see that the jet streams, the circles are coming out much faster now in terms of the beat and similarly the pulsating on the front is a quicker flash. I can tap on it once more and now itll be in the reactive mode. So the actual pulse is based on the sound that it hears so, as you can hear there, it works well if youre speaking, if youre tapping on the desk, it will register that to the beat of the music and react accordingly, which is pretty fun. Similarly, in this mode, we can play with the tail, and it also works in terms of reacting making enough of the vibration that the mist will then come out. Music Applause, Music Applause, but as far as efficacy as a humidifier. Overall, it still produces a similar level of actual moisture in the air that dissipates around the small room that youre in pretty well. So as far as working as a humidifier that part, certainly, i would say, does the job overall thats more or less it. As far as our hands on review of the hey mix tempo x, submarine humidifier, it just makes a simple concept like a humidifier.

So much more fun, of course, theres always improvements that can be made. If they are going for a second gen model, maybe they can figure out a way to change the intensity of the ring, so they can make it higher or lower. That could be also really interesting since right now, all of them are pretty much going up at the same height. Secondly, having maybe some form of bluetooth or wi fi connection to allow you to monitor or even automate, when its being turned on going through, that different settings via a app could also be a fun touch. Theres.