However, this is a 1080p webcam that is supposedly pretty good. Now the webcam has over 2800 reviews on amazon its about 20. In fact, right now, as of this day of filming its going for 23.99 for a 1080p cam thats, a pretty good price today were gon na go ahead and unbox it review it. Compare it in low light mode with a lot of light and then compare it to the logitech c922 pro and the logitech 4k brio were gon na see. If the microphone on this camera is good were gon na see. If this is worth your money and if its worth getting a 20 or so dollar camera or webcam, to take your meetings, this is supposed to be a plug and play well go over the setup, etc. So lets get into this video now before i get into the video, i always ask you guys to hit the like button for us. It does the biggest favor subscribe to the channel. If you have not done so already and check out for the latest product, news and reviews lets get into this unboxing Music, okay, so the ifru or, if roo, uh, webcam uh ifru ifro. I dont know how you said, but this is the packaging hd webcam wide angle, usb 2.0 built in microphone and thats pretty much. It now well go over the specs in a little bit. Let me get my shrink, wrap cutter and get into this unboxing here.

All right so, with the shrink, wrap finally removed. The packaging is pretty easy to open well put together in terms of a box. You have a basic setup here. All it is, is plug and play and select the camera that you are have plugged in in your drop down from the settings of google meetings or zoom or whatever software youre, using its pretty simple to just select that camera. Now. This is the first webcam ive seen that ive reviewed that actually comes in silver on the top and black on the front. So it is a piano black finish. You do need to take this off and it says that, but its very neat, now it does give you a 360 spin. There is a tripod mount, so you could leave it next to you. You could even kind of just angle it at your table like this. Now notice this camera does not have a swivel; it only has a rotation, so you could rotate the camera, but you cannot swivel it like this. Only this hinge swivels a lot of the other cameras. Ive reviewed have an additional swivel here now it says: 1080p theres, one microphone, theres, a power button and a record green light, probably thats going to come on. I do like that. The cable is long. It is a usb a for plug in so itll fit in most devices. As i get this ready here, pretty long cable were gon na go ahead, plug it in well, first test the efr webcam and then well.

Compare it after here is also rubber. I should note just like every other web camera out there. Okay, all right lets plug in the efru were gon na, get it right next to the logitech, and we have it there. While we do this, efu recording ill still be recording on the a6400. This is a 4k about 1200 or so base camera, and it has an expensive lens on it. So its a 2 000 setup were going to compare that to the efu and the logitech as well. When selecting the efr, it just says web camera thats going to be the efru it doesnt name. The camera itself in the software now lets test the effort which is on my monitor next to the logitech webcams im, also going to go ahead and select the web camera or the efru in the drop down menu of my recording software. So you could hear how the efru sounds with that one mic input. So here we go. I have the gain pretty much turned up 3. 4 of the way. This is me talking into the iphone camera. This is me talking into the a6400 professional or vlog camera. That supposedly is a good quality in 4k, the e4 1080p. The audio is being taken from the efr camera, so you can see my motion im trying to move my hands more than i need to im backing in and out. So you can really get that detail of this ether.

1080P webcam to see if its worth the 20 or so dollars its for sale, lets turn off the lights and see how the efu adjusts in a low light, setting notice the low light on the a6400 thats. How dark the room actually is. This is the efr with the low light adjustment and thats how well it does in the low light setting. So if you have a very dark room, as you can see here, your e4 will still be able to pick up the webcam or uh. The light is adjust to the light and pick up your face. Naturally, now again the audio is being recorded from the efr, so i hope it does. A good job lets switch to the c922 lets turn on the lights. Okay, so were gon na go ahead and record now on the c922 also compare the low light, so you can see if the e fu or the if roo, is just as good okay. So right now we have switched the audio to the c922, its on its recording, its recording. My audio – and this is how i sound with the c922 by logitech its a pro camera, its one of the more popular webcams, and you could compare that to the efru or the. If roo, i dont know how you say it again: both are 1080p. Both are 30 frames per. Second lets turn off the lights. This is how the c922 pro sounds way or sounds, but also looks in a low light, setting thats how dark it is with the a6400 and the c922 obviously does a good job with a low light.

Setting, in fact, i think it does a better job than the uh efu. You be the judge, of course, im comparing both cameras, so you can make a best informed decision and purchase the camera that works for you again. The c922 is almost three times the price of the e fruit and it may not be a big deal for you, since neither of these cameras come with a privacy, shutter, etc, and both are 1080p all right im going to switch to the brio here. Here we go, this is the brio 4k. The audio is actually being recorded from the brio4k you could compare. This is in low light mode. Believe it or not, look at the a6400 look how dark it is now. Let me turn on the lights, and this is the brio 4k and pretty much the widest angle without it being zoomed in, and this is how smooth it is. I try to move my hands. Give you a full perspective of these webcams and hope that gives you an idea of where the efu ranks among the best of the logitech webcams. Now this is not a ptz camera, anything that tracks your face, etc. Its a budget entry level, webcam thats, probably better than the one on your computer, and it has a nice silver finish. So, if you have like a mac, it actually looks good on top of a mac, um or maybe a silver monitor. However, the brio is still my favorite camera again.

This is me talking into the brio and i think its probably one of the best 4k cameras for the price and ive tested others. So you can check out all these other webcams on our channel to see which one fits for you, so the efu is a 1080p at 30 frames per second works well with skype, zoom, google meetings etc. So thats not the issue in terms of plug and play itll. Do it all. It has a 82 degree viewing angle, which is pretty good and an hd lens for your best quality videos built in microphone, says it can reach my voice or my voice can reach its microphone within uh nine feet or ten feet or so thats, not bad. The best part its a plug and play there, you have it folks, i just tested the efru 1080p 30 frames per second webcam. If you enjoyed this review, the biggest favor you could do for us is hit the like button and subscribe to our channel again. The efru goes for about 25 and under you could get it its a great camera. It doesnt have a privacy shutter only one microphone, so you could compare that to the sound quality of the dual microphone logitech cameras. I tested it with and determine which actually works. Better for you, so hopefully you enjoyed this review and if you did show some love, give us a like subscribe and check out for more reviews, well be testing, more webcams, more earbuds and more fun stuff for you, thanks for watching and ill catch.