This is anuj from gadget gig., So we are back again with one more TV review and this time we have with us the Motorola Revou 2 43 inch Smart TV. And in todays video we will do the unboxing and will show you the performance of this TV.. So, starting with the unboxing in the front of the box, we have the motorola branding and its an android TV.. At this Side we can see you get the 43inch FHD display 24 watt speakers, 1GB Ram and 8 GB Storage, dual band wifi and you get the Netflix support.. The MRP on the box is Rs. 33000. However, the launch price of this TV is Rs 22999. And in terms of the box content we get the TV unit itself mounting stands along with the screws Some documentation. Then we get the remote along with 2 aaa batteries., Its a bluetooth remote, and I find the quality of the remote controller. Very good. Now lets set up the TV., So we have mounted the stand and the design and quality of the mounting stand is good. In terms of the design and build quality. I find it pretty good. You get minimal, bezels and the overall look and feel of this TV is amazing.. It looks very good, especially with the minimal bezels. So design and build quality wise. I like this tv from motorola.. The side profile of the tv is also slim and looking at the back here we have the neat and clean back profile of the tv.

. At this side we have the io ports and you get the HDMI port which supports ARC Ant AV ports, Headphone jack digital audio out and the USB port. About the display. We get the 43 inch FHD display in this TV. And Performance wise. I find it very good.. The colour output is very good and the overall output is vibrant.. We get the 250 nits brightness in this tv, which is pretty decent. And during our testing we noticed that the output is sharp and the viewing angle is also very good.. We have watched content on Youtube and Netflix and the output is very good.. You also get the HDR support in this tv, so you can enjoy HDR content on Netflix youtube and other streaming platforms. Now in terms of the OS Motorola Revou 2 is powered by android 11., And here we have the layout on the home. Page. You can access the apps on the top and then the suggested content at the bottom.. You also get the playstore support, and with this you can download over 7000 apps specially made for Android TVs., The mediatek quad core processor on this tv also performs well.. The response is fast and its quite good, and apart from the entertainment, you can also enjoy games on this tv. And, yes, you can connect bluetooth accessories, such as bluetooth, speaker controller, with this tv. In terms of the display performance more As mentioned earlier, you get the Hdr support on this tv.

And guys I have been using this tv for netflix and watching videos on Youtube for a few days, now. And believe me. I find the display output very good.. Apart from the HDR feature, you do get the low blue light feature, and here you can reduce the blue light emission, which causes damage to your eyes. And now about the audio. The 24 watt speakers we get on this tv are loud and the best part is that you get the dolby audio in this tv. And performance wise. We find it pretty good.. There are also different modes. You can choose from or customise the audio output. As per your choice., So overall, the Motorola Reviou, 2 43 inch FHD TV offers a good design, build quality and, most importantly, the display of this tv is gorgeous.. You can use this TV for entertainment, sports and even for gaming.. The speaker output is very good.. The 24 watt speakers we have on this TV perform well for both music and movies.. So, in short, if you are in the market for a 43 inch FHD TV, then we highly recommend you to checkout this newly launched tv from motorola. And as usual, if you like it and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description. Below. So thats it guys. This was the unboxing and review of the Motorola. Revou 2 43 inch Smart TV.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this TV in the comments section below.

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