As seen on tv gadget and food review channel today, im going to review the le solar motion lights. Outdoor security, flood lights looks like a thousand lm, which is, i guess, lumen high brightness three adjustable heads 270 degrees, wide angle, waterproof wireless uh for porch yard, uh garage pathway, so you get two and its a two pack, which is amazing. Uh. The retail price is ‘.99 and these things get 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1905 ratings, which is pretty good and thats on amazon. So it says wide lighting ultra bright, efficient, solar charging, waterproof and durable easy installation. So what ive noticed with my solar lights that i use some of them are very high quality. Some are a bit a bit. Lower quality ive noticed that the motion lights seem to be bright and high quality. Sometimes those lights that you put like a stake in the ground that are solar are not always good quality, but its kind of hit or miss with the solar stuff, and some of it lasts for years and years and others. You know eventually die out and you have to throw away or replace the batteries. The solar panel gets all weird and crusty, so i would say the newer stuff seems to be better than the older, especially the things the stake in the ground type lights. Dont really do that well, solar wise, but it seems like the motion lights, that kind of uh you attach to a wall or whatever do pretty well so lets open.

It up see whats inside im, going to test it out inside and then im also going to set it up outside and ill. Give you a video of that as well later tonight. But this has attracted me to get a two pack and if you go to like your local home depot, the price of these lights are actually much higher than amazon. Usually its reverse. Usually, prices online or tend to be a little bit more expensive than local stores, but in the case of these solar lights i would say they seem to be more expensive, uh. You know in person, so you got this huge solar panel, which is great. You have all these little lights here. Um lets see so i guess it folds out like so there. You go all right. So look at this, so you have the light this you know. Obviously the sun comes down and look at these panels. You get a lot of lights all right and then this is the mounting bracket. I guess you just mount this anywhere lets see. Does it slide on it probably slides on thats what im thinking? Okay, there you go so it slides in and then so you see this. This is the mounting bracket, so you put this on whatever whatever you want to attach to and then it can slide off. So if you need to replace this at a future date, you could the little motion sensor right here so lets test that just test this out in a dark room, see how bright these things are.

Obviously theyre going to need more charging. It is a cloudy day, so im not sure what theyll look like at night, but im going to try it out. You get these little screws. This is pretty standard for these. These lights get a little. I dont know booklet thing. There is no instruction. Oh, there is an instruction manual, never mind. There is an instruction manual right here. Uh lets see if anything, pops out, it seems pretty self explanatory yeah its just really. So after the switch is turned on position, the light will be on for three seconds and off the wall, light only illuminates when the ambient light level is below 20 lux. The number of uses depends on the amount of electricity stored during the daytime, which is affected by the intensity of the duration of sunlight, which is definitely true. Based on my experience with other solar lights, temperature affects the sensitivity of the sensor, the light fault, if the light fails to light up after days of continuous rain or cloudy weather, because the battery has been exhausted, the light will function normally at night. After a sunny day, please turn the switch on first light. Source of this thing is not replaceable, so you have to replace it. It says the light source isnt working all right, so there seems to be an on off switch, so im going to do that mode. Switch off so you just turn it on and look at that, so let me zoom out a little bit so the light came on thats kind of cool and let me take it to a dark room and test it out.

So here we go all right. So this relatively dark corner, uh, im gon na turn it on here and look at that check that out lets see if we can get this to come on and look at that so really bright, it lights up this whole wall right here you can see the Photograph over there, so yeah i mean, is it blinding light, no its not blinding light, but it does light it up to enough. You can see the wall thats, what im talking about, so you can see that wall if it was one of those flashlights that lights up an entire football field, it would be blinding its not quite at that level, but it is pretty powerful for what it is, Especially at the price point – and it has a large solar panel – but what does it look like at night? I think thats, the most important test outside so here we go lets test it out. So so so yeah you saw the lights outside uh. I think they worked really well better than i expected actually theyre bright uh. They look good theyre attractive. The motion. Sensors work uh, that was in sun, its not super hot, its, not super direct sun, and you saw that how bright they were and how well they work. So there was a charge with less than a full day of sun, so yeah. I do recommend the le lighting ever, i think its a great price and you get a two pack so great item and im glad i picked it up.