Today we will be talking about boat air dopes, one two one, the true wireless earbuds, but before we begin lets, have a look at the box first. So, as you can see, theres a big image of the earbuds right over here, along with the case you can see it provides you with a dual tone: ergonomical design. It has immersive auditory experience and moving on you can see it provides you with 3x charge. It has a single press, voice assistant, it has instant pairing, bluetooth, 5.0 and it has easy access so without further ado lets start off with the unboxing there. You go so theres a main unit right over here and, as you can see, theres a battery monitor as well, which is pretty cool. Moving on. You can see the buds right over here. They are pretty lightweight when you look at them and ill. Just put it back in the case and ill talk about other things present in the box, so this right over here looks like an advertisement sponsor kind of a guide right over here. There you go moving on. You have the user manual right over here yeah. This looks like the user manual going further. You will find a sticker, a boathead sticker. There you go and lastly, you have a one year manufacturer warranty right over here and in this casing, im pretty sure youll find the charging cable theres. The charging cable right over here and, as you can see its a b type charging cable, just take it out for you, its a pretty short compact charging, cable that they have provided.

And lastly, you have the ear tips, so they have provided you with two pair of ear tips. So i mean i personally prefer the larger ear tips, because i have big ears, so i usually, i usually interchange them with these, and they are very compact for me. So you can do it based on your comfort, so thats, all folks. This is what youll find in the box of boat air dopes. One two one! Thank you so much for watching the video presenting the boat blaze smartwatch with 1.75 hd display fast charge. Apollo 3. Blue plus processor 2.5 d curve display, with slim premium metal, design, 24 by 7, heart rate and spo2 monitor. It comes in color options of active black cherry blossom and deep blue. It comes with complete capacitive touch, experience and 1.75 inches hd display with a square dial. It comes with fast charging watch, it supports spo2, monitor blood oxygen levels; it also has smooths and weathers complete control of your time and multiple sports modes, daily activity, tracker and 380m dust splash and sweat resistance. The delivery box contains user manual and warranty card charging, cable and watch blaze. Product comes with standard brand warranty for further information visit the product detail, page hi guys this is chandan bulani in this video ill, be talking about the jbl. Go to bluetooth speaker that i recently bought about two weeks back, i must say, im totally impressed with the performance. So let me give you a closer look at it inside the box.

You will find the jbl go to a micro, usb cable for charging, a quick start guide, a safety sheet and a warranty card. This portable wireless jbl go to speaker is available in several colors. The one i have here is in black and it measures around 8.6 by 3.16 by 7.12 centimeters and weighs 183.99 grams. This is a full featured waterproof speaker that you can take along with you, wherever you go pair it with your smartphone or other bluetooth devices and enjoy fuss free entertainment like never before. Not only does it offer terrific sound quality, but it also allows you to experience a crystal clear phone call experience thanks to its noise cancelling feature. This even has an audio output. So if bluetooth is not available plug the audio cable into the speaker like this and enjoy your music all the same and now the special feature with its new ipx7 waterproof design, go to gives music lovers the opportunity to bring this speaker poolside or to the beach. Finally, if you are thinking about battery life, the built in rechargeable li ion battery supports up to 5 hours of play time, Music Music. So if you are looking for an affordable, waterproof speaker with an amazing, sound quality, look no further Music, philips grooming appliances always offer great results and have a long life, and today we have the bt 123 to 15 rear trimmer, hey everyone. This is arthur from tech. Insider india – and today i am going to give you a quick overview of philips bt, 1, 2, 3 to 15 via trimmer Music lets start by talking about the design of this beard.

Trimmer, this trimmer by phillips sports system, look and has a comfortable in hand. Feel the model comes in may be able to finish, which makes it look appealing its cordless and easy to use, which provides you with ease of movement while youre styling your beard, an led indicator, lets up when a trimmer is being used, get multiple styling combs with The trimmer this include combs from 1mm, 5mm and 7mm. A travel lock is on offer to prevent the trimmer from accidentally. Turning on, there is also a brush with the trimmer to clean it up. Once you are done, you get a usb cable out of the box, which can be plugged to any adapter in your house to charge. The trimmer now lets quickly cover the features of this beer trimmer combining the added accessories. You get four length settings on the trimmer, providing you options to style, your favorite beard, the blades are stainless steel and skin friendly, which means it wont, get rusty and, more importantly, it will not affect your skin and now the most important part. How is the battery life on this trimmer? You can expect 30 minutes of battery life from the trimmer. It takes about eight hours to charge completely so guys.