It would be ep18163 so either. One of those are the model number for this, but this is a nice portable, portable speaker that has a led light that lights up as well, so it looks really cool as well. I, like this fabric, design that he has all the way around here and a nice uh bit here too its like more like a keyring holder here, so you can just hold it there or hang it somewhere if you need, but you got the buttons here. So you got the power button here: volume control and this is the light button. So let me switch on bluetooth mode now, once its switched on, you can see that light flashing. So when you connect it to your bluetooth device, that light will stop flashing uh. You got the controls here as well to control the volume and then you got the light here. So you can press that light, you can see it lights up and then you got various different lighting. I think theres four different colors to choose from from y and also lets check it out. So you press it again go to blue and then it goes to red and then oh, it goes back to the white color and then switches off. So one two three uh im sure thats. Why so look it looks like the same color as the first one, so theres like three colors in from what i can see, but they look very cool anyways.

You can see. The blue looks really good, especially when the light switched off. It looks really nice and you know the sound quality is very good, so well test it out afterwards. I will play instrumental and well just hear how the sound quality is, how the bass is now. Let me go through some features that you have so at the back here. It takes a micro usb charging port here, so you can charge it there. It aux cable, 3.5, millimeters aux cable here, and it also takes a micro sd memory card tf card here. So you can put a micro, sd memory card and put music in and listen to it. That way, if you want – and it has a built into 12 000 mah battery capacity requires around two to three hours. To give you a full charge, a full charge would give you around seven to eight hours of usage time. It also has a nice 360 surround sound system and a 10 meters range distance, like with like any kind of bluetooth devices, bluetooth, earbuds, headphones speakers, etc. Most of them give you that 10 meters range distance. It has a built in bluetooth 5.1, so you dont lose that connection between the bluetooth device and the speaker, and it also has a tws stereo connection as well, portable and very lightweight. So it looks very cool. Very stylish design, so let me get this up and i can you can hear the sound quality okay.

So i have this connected to a smartphone device, its on full volume as well. So lets hear it and see how how it sounds Music, so, Music, there you go so the sound quality is good. The bass is not amazing, but the bass is still good, but overall for a portable speaker like this, it has an affordable price tag as well. I do highly recommend it, so if you are interested in this, the link would be on the description below.