There is also a mini version of keyboard that is launched recently, but this is the full sized one. So this keyboard was launched officially by logitech last year in india before the official launch. The imported version was available for 20 000 indian rupees on amazon, but after the official launch, the mrp was capped at 13k. It is still quite expensive compared to other markets and costs like twice as much as in other countries. For example, you can get this for 90 dollars in us, so is it still worth to buy this keyboard in india uh? We will find that out in this video. So, firstly, lets talk about the size and dimensions uh. This one is a full sized keyboard. When i bought this six months back, i really wished that there was a shorter version of this available, but there was only a full sized keyboard at that time and sadly there do exist a shorter version now for size comparison. You can see a comparison with macbook pro 13 inch. Overall. This is a lightweight keyboard and design wise. It looks awesome, so why did i went with this keyboard? I wanted to buy a bluetooth keyboard and with bluetooth you have like very less options available, and on top of that, i also wanted scissor switches. So scissor switches are those switches that you will find in most of the laptops – and i was very used to these. So that is why i wanted them.

So why should you really prefer scissor switches if we compare it with cheap membrane keyboard or some mechanical keyboards? You will see that these switches have stable keys and there is no wobble which will mean that it will have consistent typing and then you will have less mistakes and overall you will have a faster typing speed. Also the tactile experience is good. This is definitely not the case with cheap membrane keyboards, where your keys with will wobble a lot, and you will make a lot of mistakes and when we compare it with mechanical keyboards, uh scissor switches basically makes less sound. So i have a mechanical keyboard with brown keys, which do make less sound as compared to the blue keys, but the scissor switches makes even less noise, which makes this keyboard a good one for official environments and for example, if you have a roommate, then this will Be a perfect keyboard for you. Also, these are basically low profile keyboard. Unlike mechanical keyboards, i prefer low profile keyboards since high profile can give you wrist pain if you are typing for a very long period of time. These were some of the reasons of why i went with this keyboard, but it does have many other features, so i have divided the overall review in pros and cons of this keyboard, so lets look at them one by one. So, firstly, lets talk about the pros. The first one is that it has very precise keys, as i mentioned, it, has scissor switches and have already mentioned all of the advantages of these switches, but this keyboard also has a rounded curvature dent in every key, so your finger will just slide into the key And ultimately, you will have less errors and mistakes.

You will seriously love typing on this. No other keyboard will come close to this typing experience. The second one is build quality. The keyboard is built like a tank, the entire frame is made of metal and the keys are made from dense and good quality plastic. It feels like a premium and well built design. The third one is that it has low profile design, which means that there will be no wrist pain if you are typing for long periods of time. Fourth, one is that it will work with any operating system. Your keys are marked for both mac and windows. There is also an option of installing logitech options: application which is available on both mac and windows. It will enable you to do some customizations, like disabling the backlight, and things like that. One sad thing is that logitech options application is not available on linux, although the keyboard will work fine, but you cannot do the customizations on linux. The fifth great feature is that it will support multi device pairing. You can connect up to three devices. At the same time – and you can then easily switch between these devices, then it also has bluetooth pairing, so you dont need to use any mini usb dongle and you just need to use the bluetooth. This enables you to use the device easily with your phone or ipad and the dong. It will also basically keep your laptop clean because you dont have to have mini usb dongle always plugged in you also get this universal usb dongle in the box.

If you dont have bluetooth, you can use this, and this is not like any other dongle provided with wireless devices using this particular dongle. You can connect up to six logitech devices to a single machine with just this single dongle, so this is much better than any other. Those mini usb dongles that you get with wireless mouse and keyboards other great feature is that there is backlighting, so your keyboard has individually backlit keys with white color. It also has sensors to detect if your hands are above the keyboard or not. If your hands are not above the keyboard, it will basically turn off the backlit and it will save the battery so talking about the battery. Another great feature is its battery life. Your battery will work for five months if you are using this keyboard without any backlight, and it will work around 10 days if the backlight is on the battery is chargeable and you can charge it using a usbc cable that is also provided in the box and, Yes, the keyboard will also work while it is charging now lets talk about the cons of this keyboard. The first con is gaming. It is very bad for gaming, since the latency is very high. Also, somehow gaming doesnt feel very good on this keyboard, maybe because of the shorter key travel. I still feel that gaming is much better on a mechanical keyboard with high heat travel and due to these reasons, i still prefer using wired mechanical keyboard for gaming.

The second con is that there is no macro programmability and there is, there are like very less customizations, the keys cannot be remapped and there are very few options for customization in the application provided by logitech. The third con is that it is not that portable right now everything is offline, so everything is fine, but i do plan to travel with my keyboard. Sometimes i will take it to the hostel and sometimes back to the home, so this large size makes travel very inconvenient. The fourth con is that it is not very appealing when using with ipad or a laptop screen, since this is a large, full size keyboard. If i use it with an ipad or a mac screen, it will not be centered properly. Also, if, like i try to use this, then i have to move my mouse to the right. If the above two points also bother you, then i will really recommend you to buy the mini version. Instead, the mini version will also have all the features that this keyboard has, but sadly that was not available when i bought this larger version. The fifth con is that it lacks incline settings, so some people might prefer different incline setting, but this has just this fixed incline setting, so that might bother some people a little thats all for pros and cons. If you look at the competition that is bluetooth, keyboards with scissor switches, then there are very few options available.

There is a logitech k480 and then k380. The distance between the keys is very short uh. It is short compared to a typical qwerty keyboard and it feels very inconvenient uh. These type of keyboards were made specifically to be used with tablet, and thus they are made very portable and small. Then there is also this dell wireless bluetooth, optical keyboard and mouse combo. I didnt went with this because i only wanted the keyboard. Then you also have the apple keyboard. It is almost the same price as this keyboard, but it has very less features, so it doesnt really make sense to go with this at the end, was mx keys worth it? I think it is not worth the 13k price, but it should have been priced similar to u.s market. But, as i mentioned, you have very few options available in the market. Is the indian market for bluetooth keyboard and that too, with scissor switches? So you kind of dont have any options if you want the best possible keyboard, so that is it for this video guys. Please hit the like button and also subscribe to my channel.