Now i received this watch from xiaomi nearly a month ago and ive really been putting it through its paces. So lets just go through a little bit of the technical specifications of the watch, especially the ones that i think are really the most important to people who are in the market for a new fitness smartwatch. First and foremost, it has a 1.43 inch amoled screen and you can see its really nice and bright. So even in bright conditions like if you were running outside, you can still see whats on your watch screen. The weight is only 36.3 grams, which is great because you know heavy watches are a bummer. I can barely feel this watch on my wrist right now. Another important feature is its battery life. So if you just leave it on its default functions and features, it will last you approximately about 12 days. It also has its own gps, internal gps, and this gps is dual band and four system, so its able to interface not just with gps satellites but also beidou, glonass, galileo and qzss, which are you know terms that i dont really use. I just use the watch and go, but it being able to interface with all of these systems means that it can track your distance and pace more accurately. It also has 117 sport modes. My mind was boggled when i saw just how many sports this watch is able to track, because in all honesty i probably need to track only like six sport modes.

Swim bike run yoga cardio weights thats. Basically, it thats so weird, but it has 117 sport modes, including things like skiing and rowing all of those things. So whatever sport youre into this watch will probably be able to track it for you. It also has fitness tracking features like all day: heart rate, spo2, monitoring, thats blood, oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, steps tracking. Of course, these things seem to be basic to many of these fitness tracker. Smart watches out there. So, im really happy that this is like one of the basic functions of the watch and, of course, for a person like me, whos always on the go and frequently accident thrown and drops things into water. This watch has five atmosphere: water resistance, so basically its water resistant up to 50 meters. A pool is like what less than two meters deep. If you dont really have a deep pool, so you can definitely take this swimming. It will be hardy enough to last in water for a long time, so now that those technical specs are over with, i will just get to my experience with the xiaomi watch s1 active. I use them for tracking fitness and i also use them to interact with my smartphone and that that will come later, but lets talk about the fitness tracking first and foremost, and like i mentioned, i only do six um sports or exercise activities really. This watch has helped me track all of them for outdoor running, which is like most of the things that i did with this watch.

It helped me track my pace and the the distance that i was going. Also importantly, it tracked my heart rate, so i knew the effort that i was putting in to the workout. I knew that it, whether i needed to step it up or take it down a notch. One of the main things, however, is that i really did need to like tighten the strap for a more accurate reading, but when i was testing the xiaomi watch s1 active with other similar trackers, the heart rates were basically around the same range as well. So you know its kind of accurate with regard to wrist based heart rate, monitors for open water swimming and outdoor cycling. I really wasnt able to use this watch because i havent been able to get out on the road with my bike or out into the ocean to swim. But i guess the gps tracking for running gives you an idea of its accuracy as well. It was kind of it was pretty accurate within about 200 meters of other devices that i was using with regard to indoor cycling. This watch was able to track heart rate and duration and, if youre, an attendee of like indoor, cycling classes or spinning, then thats, probably all you need for a triathlete. You might find that its lack of distance tracking could pose some sort of issue. But if you actually have a speedometer odometer on your bike, then thats not really an issue, so you can still track your effort.

You can still track your workout using the indoor cycling feature the most impressive feature from all the sports. I did. I saw in the pool swimming exercise mode because it was able to track my rest intervals in between my swim intervals, and i didnt have to hit any keys on the watch to do that. Music, because with a different device that i used to do swims in. I would have to hit the lap button frequently just to make sure that the swim interval was captured properly and that the rest interval wasnt added into the time for the swim interval. This watch basically just lets you swim, keep swimming, do whatever combination of interval and rest that you want, and it just records everything you can also see on the watch itself when youre resting. You can check the previous lap time and the number of lengths that youve done so its pretty much kind of like a swim clock, but on your wrist. It cant trap the drills, though, because it relies on your arm movements to understand how many strokes youre taking and how many lengths have gone by so just a little caveat there. But if youre just doing laps across the pool anyway, with freestyle or backstroke or breaststroke or even butterfly, this watch can track it. For you, another feature of the 117 fitness or sports modes is that it has triathlon in it its very easy to move from swim to bike to run.

It also has transitions, which is so important, and all you have to do is press the one of the buttons to skip towards the next stage in your race. It also links up with strava. If youve previously used strava to store all of your workout data, then its kind of seamless to keep uploading things onto strava. So you can see your history and i think i guess one feedback that i might say is that the me fitness app that this watch syncs to is able to sync the cycling and the running and even yoga to strava, but for some reason it doesnt sink. Pool swimming so hopefully xiaomi is able to make the modifications in the code for the me fitness app so that even pool swimming gets synced over to strava. But you can still access all that data in the me fitness app anyway, so thats it with the fitness tracking lets move on to the smartwatch features, like all smart watches, the xiaomi watch s1 active needs to connect with your smartphone using a bluetooth protocol, and it Does that really well like once, you switch on the bluetooth on your phone, and this is paired to that phone automatically. It starts communicating with the phone and transferring data, also, if youre doing workouts, while theyre connected on the phone. The me fitness app automatically starts logging. The workout for you now here are the basic smart smartwatch features that you might expect notifications.

So you can view notifications controlling music, and there are a few smartwatches out there that allow you to control the camera feature or the camera shutter on your smartphone and thats. Very useful for taking selfies and whatnot, and i was able to try it out with this watch, even if its in beta mode right now at least its there and yeah. It just shows that theyre developing things and theyre willing to try things out for the convenience of the consumer when it comes to notifications. As soon as the notification comes in on your phone, it reflects, or you can feel, a buzzing on your watch, and then you flick your wrist to read the notification. You can swipe it down. It says nothing new and uh. You can scroll through that notification once youve read it though it disappears from the watch and youll have to go to your phone to retrieve the notification, but other than that. It kind of saves me the effort of picking up my phone to look at what kind of notification rolled in, because, especially if youre, really concentrating on work and suddenly a notification comes in, could break your flow. So if you just flick your wrist, oh its just a promo code email, then you can just ignore the notification and go about your work with regard to music control. I love listening to music alongside working and its just a kind of a hassle to keep going to the smartphone, to um to flick between tracks on a playlist.

So this watch helps me to skip back and forth on a playlist without having to pick up the phone and again the phone is kind of a distraction if youre trying to focus so having the smartwatch help. You filter the notifications and the interactions you do with your smartphone really helps you when youre trying to focus on work, so the xiaomi watch s1 active retails at 8999 pesos, which is quite a great value for money, because you get all of these amazing features. A nice watch build actually um im gon na. Take it off my wrist see this. This is the moon, white, strap and the moon white watch body and its its super classy. But if you dont like light colors, then there are many other colors available for you. There are three colors for the watch body and six colors for the watch strap. Additionally, there are 200 watch faces, so you can customize this watch to look. However, you want it to look like um and to help reflect your personality, so yeah. I was really impressed by the xiaomi watch s1 active and i can definitely recommend it for people who are looking for a great bang for the buck. Fitness smart watch all right, guys thats it for today. If you found this video, informative and entertaining, please give me a thumbs up if you havent.