So lets go ahead and take a look at the box and see what we have it betters. Your posture, it is detachable, we have heat dissipation function and then it can fit any laptop from 10 inches up to 16 inches heres the front on the side. Here we have the colors, so you have silver gray, black purple, green red, champagne, gold and pink for todays review. We do have the silver one. This product is made with aluminum alloy anti skid silicone mat on the bottom. We have a protective hook and then load bearing up to 5 kgs and some more information here now, if you guys are ready, im ready lets, go ahead and open up this box and then see what we have inside and go ahead and get this product installed. Looks like this is what we have on the inside. We have the stand, and then it is wrapped around with this styrofoam and then we have a card im thanking you for purchasing, and then we have the instruction manual. So we have a is this bottom right here and then the b, which stands right over here so ill, show you guys how to go ahead and quickly. Install that take all this out seems very, very simple um. This is the bottom, so your laptop will sit on the top right over here and then you have this silicone material, its like rubber. So once you put your laptop on here, its not going to move back and forth and then we on the bottom here we also have the silicone mat.

As i mentioned earlier, silicon vent right here and the quality is great. I really like the finish its. It almost has like this sparkly. You know. Metallic touch, looks really nice, so lets go ahead and get this one installed. So now i do have the laptop stand all installed. It was fairly easy. If you look on the bottom. All the four silicone mats should be on the bottom, so when you actually have it on your desk and you can try to like move it back and forth, but it just stays in one place. Clearance from the bottom to the top of the stand is quite nice. So if you have your laptop on the top here – and you happen to use a spare keyboard, then you can have it set up right over here without any issues. So here you can see my brother doing some school work on his laptop, and i thought this is the perfect opportunity to let him use the laptop stand to see what its like so alhand, tell me, whats your opinion on this laptop stand, so my opinion on The stand so before i had to like look down and it was irritating my neck and back so after long periods of time i had to take a break, but when he got me this laptop stand, i was working comfortably and uh. I had great posture. My back didnt hurt as much or my neck. I also like how the screen is at eye level.

So from the two clips you have seen how alhans posture got a lot better. With the laptop stand.