This is the phone in the laser blue color, Music, some paperwork. This looks like the plastic case wide opening at the back for the camera: module Music and lets check what else is in the box? We have the fat, 67 watt fast charger included in the box. This is the charging cable, Music and theres the same ejector tool. Now lets get to the phone Music chunky to hold in the hand nice shiny pattern. Music lets now take a look at the design and the physical overview of the poco x4 pro. This is a 6.67 inch display. The phone is fairly thick to hold, comes with a glass body, its coated with gorilla glass 5 and has this great design, which reflects light in several angles, very attractive design. And there is the camera module which comprises of the primary camera. That is, the samsung gw3. 64 megapixel camera, then we have the ultra wide camera, which is 12 megapixel and a 2mp macro camera, and the flash now lets take a closer look at the sides. So we have two buttons on the side. One is the volume rocker, the other one? Is the power come side mounted fingerprint scanner now moving towards the bottom? We have the sim card tray, the type c charging port, the microphone and the speaker. It comes with stereo speaker, so if i rotate all the way to the reverse, you see at another speaker here, there is the headphone jack the 3.

5 mm headphone jack. Then we have yet another microphone here and also an ir plaster. Lets now take a quick look at the display and the sound part of this phone. So this is a 120 hertz super amoled display the colors are vivid and bright and its very fluid. Given the 120 hertz design, peak brightness also gets to about 1200 nits, and the screen on time is about six to eight hours, which is excellent. However, one kb, though, is that it doesnt support the hdr plus. The glass itself comes with gorilla, glass, 5 coating, and there is also support for dolby atmos, Music Applause. Coming now to the battery. This comes with a 5000 milliampere battery and this 67 watt charging brick is provided inside the box. This charger is capable of fast charging. The phone from um 0 to 100 percent in about 41 minutes, which is the claim time in real world conditions. We can say that you know you would get a full charge in under 50 minutes Music, yet another technology to keep in mind when it comes to battery and charging is the mmt technology which xiaomi has incorporated here. It stands for middle middle tab, which means the charging starts from the center and allows the energy to be split into two directions. This results in about 26 faster charge, as claimed by xiaomi, coming to the camera module itself. Unlike the global version, this comes with the 64 megapixel camera and the 12 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro on the front.

We have the 16 megapixel selfie camera lets. Take a look at some of the samples from this camera on the phone Music, Music, Music, now coming to the performance of this phone, unlike its predecessor, which was powered by a flagship chipset in this case its not a flagship chipset, but rather the snapdragon 695, which Brings in 5g and is a more balanced phone coming to the software. Lets. Take a look at the software bundled here. So this comes with miui 13. However, its still android 11 one would have wished for android 12 out of the box, but the next update should fix it. So overall, this is excellent. Mid range phone which balances out the various features, such as the battery capacity, the display and the sound, which is stereo speakers and lets now take a look at the pros and cons of the poco x4 pro in terms of the pros uh its based on the Snapdragon 695, which supports multiple 5g bands. There is a 120 hertz super amoled screen. This is the only phone in this price segment providing a 120 hertz super amoled screen along with 5g. There is dolby atmos with stereo speakers. The build quality is good, comes with a glass body and also has gorilla glass. 5 coating, a 67 watt charger is included in the box. The selfie camera is excellent, and the primary camera at the back is good. Coming to the calls comes with a side mounted fingerprint scanner and not the in display scanner.

The video recording on the primary camera is limited to 1080p 30fps and the ultrawide and micro cameras are average. Taking a quick look at the competition, we have the vivo t1 5g realme 9 5g and the samsung m33 5g. None of these phones in the competition provide a super amoled display. Most of them come with the lcd display and, moreover, the samsung does not even include the charger in the box. Given these drawbacks of the competition, the poco x4 pro is really one of the best phones to buy in the under 20 000 segment.