You know the research line is known for his incredible cross friendship when it comes to the dial of the watches recent releases feature beautiful, enamel and porcelain, dials, created by japans extraordinary craftsmen. Generally, this type of craftsmanship comes at a price, so, if youre not willing to spend thousand dollars or more the sequel, ssa, one sorry, the ssa401 might be the watch for you. This is why i bought it, and this is not going to join my uh everyday. Wear of watches, i love the looks of it. I love the bracelet, i love the double clasp, it looks so good. The bracelet is just out of its world. The case is just over 38 mm and these three handers might be attempting offer to people looking for a dressier wash that is little less weekend than the cocktime cocktail. Time watches all which is also offered by sea co. The one picture which was recently bought by me this one is cracked rice bites dark, blue, open heart dial. It comes with a different box as well. It is different from the one which comes with the sequel 5 series lineup, as well as the sequel solar it. It has four r38 um mechanical movement, which offers around 41 hours of power reserve its mechanical movement. The box is made of leather, or at least fox leather certainly gives it a very premium feel, which is a welcome welcoming thought by siko. My first reaction to this open heart dial was: is this really necessary its not exactly a new design? Detail dont get me wrong.

It looks good, but i am conflicted about the impact of it on the whats overall looks you know. In all fairness, i have to say the pictures obviously make it look quite static, and this is definitely a certain charm to seeing the movement in action. When you have the watches on your wrist, but then again the watch also features a hard legs display case back. So you can actually see the movement in action by turning the watch around. It looks really good um. It has a see through case back, just like the sequel. 5 series looks really nice in person. The watch features around 38.3 mm stainless steel case. That makes it suitable for quite a few wrist sizes at just 11.2 mm thick. It makes the presage a very comfortable wash to wear. The blue dial is contrasted by symmetra silver, roman numerals and applied our indexes. The deep blue and silver colors contrast well guaranteeing good readability of the classical looking dial the 5 link design. Stainless steel bracelet immediately stands out. Admittedly, it has to fit your style, but i like it a lot. I was impressed by both the style and the quality of this bracelet, especially considering the um six hundred dollar price tag, uh its its a bit smaller. I mean this is my omega c master three ram, and it is definitely it definitely has a smaller die. Also so even the woman can wear it with ease um with a mix of polish and brushlings.

It is as much and i catch her as a dial. This marauder they start original um. This fear is very similar to this watch. The presage is also automatic, but its not uh um its, not a its you cant wind it using the crown uh on the presage. You can wind the watch with a crown and you can wind it without taking the crown out just like the omega speed master, which is a cool thing. The bracelet features a bit of butterfly clasp with a push button release that was easy to operate and its its also step up from some of the previous less qualitative class that were found in the several sql releases of the past. Now lets talk talk about the movement, which is the seco caliper 4r38. This movement has 21 600 train count. It features 24 joules and comes with power reserve of approximately 41 hours, which is less intuitive. This is one of the things which i do not like about it. The movement main feature is the previously mentioned open up balance at nine oclock, and it also features a hacking seconds which allows for manual winding siko says that it is accurate to around plus minus 35 45 seconds per day. The finishing of the movement is basic, but its not about that when it comes to watches in this price bracket. The purpose of the display case in this price range is a lot more focused on the magic of the mechanical movement and thats.

What these watches display perfectly so uh if youre looking for a fancy watch with mechanical movement, which you see through case back this c cup research, ssa4 ssa401, is a great looking watch. It is something that i will definitely shortlist if i want to buy a watch under honestly im, not quite sure what to make of this open heart concept. I understand it adds the attraction of being able to see the balance of the movement in action and im sure. There are plenty of watch enthusiasts. Who would like to see the heart of the watch as it is the magic of the mechanical timepiece, and that is who seagull makes these watches for? In the end, i think this watch represents what the preside. Collection stands for perfectly uh display of sequel craftsmanship in both the movement and dials, and at this price point im sure this watch will find its way to the enthusiasts who are looking uh for a watch. That offers great value for money and it looks a bit different from its rivals. Um. I really wish it came with a higher power result because lets say you stop reading the watch at friday, you start and your watch will be practically dead by monday. So youll have to wind it up again, so thats all about it.