It looks good and i got it today and it only got it. Take me my friend only to get one day. We ordered it on saturday and we got it today, but anyway, so thats, one two three three days but anyway, as long as you guys know that you guys are very, very important to me thats. Why im out here, talking to you guys about this, russia and putin, are wanting to make threats with the nuke and thats. Why im out here doing this uh this video today and i just want to let you guys know that its very, very, very going to be very, very sweet. When you see me, wear this mask today and show you how to put it together and its going to be very, very beautiful, okay, and if you really really look at this right here, this is how you do over here. You put it on here like this. You strap it on here like this, like that thats that boy right there Music and then you put the other one like this, like a sister and maam kids. The video here is just this very short video today, because i this is my nudes its my first time ever doing a video and im trying to get it down im, trying to see how you get it done, how you do it and, like i said this Is a pd, 100 respirator, okay, investigator and uh, and the standard is astm e295217 Music see that its the little bootlegger guy okay and its made in america its made in america, okay, its made in america thats how it is right there, okay, and the way you Put it on, is you do it like this? You take it like you, this that note thing right in the middle there you put that nose in right there in the middle, and you do it just like that.

Okay, you strap it and pull these right here. Usually they have, they have. They have little buttons right here. You put on the side right here, okay and you do it here too right here, you do it here, and you do it here right here, like this and uh, we listen. I listen to this other guy. He he uh. He amazes me every day what he talks about um, he told me he taught everybody in the world to go, get prepared and go get your gas mask, hopefully its not too late. Hopefully they still got some on sale. You guys theyre 109 plus packs okay, so i got mine for uh, 81.. Okay, regular price is 109, so we got two of them that came out to like almost over two hundred dollars, so that the render valves that we had to hold them with him, 164 and so yeah. You got two mats for 164 dollars. How do you think? How do you like that when theyre 109, but if you see theyre, very, very nice, okay and theyre fog – resistant, no fog, Music, no foggy, you know they can wear these glasses. You get fog right, but here theres, no fog, here, okay, theyre! So beautiful i love them. I love it. I love them. I love them and, like i see today, you guys this is going to be a very, very uh, somewhat video im listening to music, also this Music.

So you know – and i just appreciate everybody today because you know were still living and but you know what russia versus ukraine, ukraine, people, ukraine. I love you guys. I love you very much. I hope the best for you guys, i hope, were going to get the united states is going to get their head out of their asses and go help. You guys that you guys need our help. I know you guys do and im praying for every day that you guys go get help. I love you, you know. Military equipment is not enough. Weve got to go in there and help the american people all the women and children, especially, but anyway i love you guys. God bless.