Now, if you havent already make sure to click the like button and subscribe for some awesome tech videos coming out soon now the cool product that im talking about today is the newer 7 inch field monitor. Now the price on this is 112.99, but there is a 10 coupon on amazon. I do not know how long that will last ill have the exact technical name for it on the description down below, as well as the link for the product on amazon, full disclosure. As always, i did buy this product myself and i pride myself in that. So you guys get the complete, unbiased opinion of my personal experience as well as it pertains to the link down below it does kick back some of the profits from amazon. So if you can support the channel without it costing a single penny extra to you now on to the actual product, my honest opinion is that it gets the job done. It is basically a small portable external monitor that does exactly what its meant to do to enlarge the image that you would normally get on. The small display on any mirrorless or dslr camera for most social media videos or even professionally made videos having a larger screen is an absolute must because it helps you see the actual product being recorded on a much bigger screen now getting into the technical side. For all my tech enthusiasts, the exact specs are a 7 inch ips display 1080p 1280 by 800, exactly 17 millimeters thick a power supply can be a 12 volt.

Ac, adapter or npf batteries offers focus, assist and does not come with any battery supply whatsoever. So if you do go ahead and buy this product make sure you place in a battery or power cable order as well. I personally use two different batteries. One is the sony npf 550 replacement, so its not from sony directly, but it works really well and its only a 2600 milliamp battery, but because it is so small it does not add too much weight to the display. So its perfect for on site, recording or even handheld, and especially for traveling, unlike the other battery that i use, which is the npf970, its also a replacement from sony, so its not oem, but it definitely does the job. It is a 8 800 milliamp battery. So, as you can imagine, it is absolutely massive and adds a lot of weight now this one i usually use when im at my desk, recording tech talks or recording overhead videos, because i know the battery will last me a good while it fully charge – and i Dont have to carry the screen on anywhere, i simply set it or prop it up against the battery itself, and i can see what my camera is recording, especially in the overhead angle, where i cant really see the small camera screen that comes with the camera. It does come in with a camera mount, but the mount absolutely sucks im telling you dont even try it go ahead and place an order for a different shoe mount.

That way. You can have a very good mount for your screen and dont have to bother with the horrible one that comes with the screen. Now, of course, if youre buying this to shoot video, you should turn down the volume of the monitor, as it interferes with the camera. Recording – and that is done with the arrow buttons on the bottom of the screen, the majority of buttons are shortcuts and ill display it right. Here we have f4, which is the focus, assist thats, what it toggles on and off theres the f3, which is the check field button and you can toggle through all of the colors that you can see here as well. The f2 triggers the safe frames, f1 turns on or off the center marker menu opens the menu tab and the two horizontal arrows when not on the menu screen adjusts the volume. The mode is basically input. What determines where the signal is coming from now. For my honest opinion and kind of a summary is that the screen is a very big help for someone who is shooting videos, especially overhead or using professional cameras, to record videos for social media. The screens on a dslr camera or a mirrorless are simply too small and having the ability to carry around an external 7 inch monitor paired with the correct battery pack is an absolute game. Changer, as you can now, you can see what you are recording the menu offers a variety of customizable settings, especially the image flip tab, which i found myself using quite often when, especially when i was recording myself for a vlog or an introduction, or simply turning my Screen vertical, when recording for my social media overall, i do have to give this a 7 out of 10 and the only reason why i wont go up to a 10 is because of the screen color accuracy and because it simply does not supply any sort of Battery pack or power cable straight out of the box, which i know it is stated on the amazon post, but it still would have been nice to have even included the power cable, but i mean it is a 112 field monitor so its because of the price.

I get it its not going to wow you if you shoot professionally and youre looking for an expensive monitor with an amazing color accuracy. Obviously, you would be looking in a different price bracket anyway, but for someone like me, who does social media and youtube on the side? This is absolute game changer without having to break the bank. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video once again make sure to subscribe. To my youtube channel, as well as smash the like button and go ahead and follow me on social media, as i do post on there once in a while.