Of course, you get the bioplay ex earbuds in its case some documentation to get. You started a small usbc cable for charging and three pairs of extra silicone gels and one pair of comply, ear tips. These are basically made out of memory foam and are meant to give you a tighter and more secure seal, say, for example, when you go for running the aluminum and polymer build case, weighs in just about 66 grams, which means it is super light and you can Fit this in any pocket, as they are also on the slimmer side, with a very small footprint. Also, the magnets on the case are really strong, so that means the earbuds will not just drop out accidentally when traveling and in terms of design. The bioplay ex has taken a new approach as they have introduced a stem like the apple airpods and have also included a glass touch surface with an aluminum outer ring for protection. While this aesthetic looks very classy and modern, the glass surface is notoriously susceptible to taking fingerprint smudges. But the best part about this choice of construction is that the bioplay ex are now ip57 rated in waterproofing like the jabra elite 7 pro, which is very rare, to see in true wireless earbuds. I also like how the earpiece is small enough to fit right in the bowl of the ears, while the soft tip goes inside the ear canal at a certain angle, to hold on for a very tight and secure fit.

So i have worn the bioplay ex outside for a couple of hours and then inside the public transport and not once did i have to reposition the earbuds or neither did i get wireless fatigue so overall design and comfort wise. I am very pleased with the bioplay ex the bioplay ex has very modest battery life. In my test i got 5 hours with anc on and with the charging case, i could recharge the earpiece three more times and to recharge the case. You can also use any key, enabled charging mat or you can use the usbc cable to fast charge the earbuds. Now you have to take these numbers with a pinch of salt, as they can vary from person to person due to testing conditions like volume, level surrounding temperature, anc mode and whole lot other things the touch controls on the bioplay ex are epic. I generally prefer physical controls on earbuds, as there is less room to play with, so i feel that physical controls can give you better accuracy rate at registering certain commands, but that is not the case with the bioplay ex. It is silky smooth, and it is very, very precise, and the range of commands that it can register is also so big that you literally dont have to bring your phone out to control music, playback or toggle between anc modes or take a phone call and connectivity. Wise, the bioplay ex has hit a home run.

Firstly, they connect with the latest bluetooth 5.2 technology and, secondly, they support aptx adaptive codec, which is great if you are an audiophile, but where they have sweetened the deal even more is with their certifications for google. First pair microsoft, swift pair and made for iphone, and in my test i have never had a single case of audio dropout or audio out of sync issue, while watching some videos on youtube and the bioplay ex also supports multi point connectivity which allows you to have These earbuds connected to two devices at the same time, the bioplay ex, has opted for adaptive noise cancellation, which changes its effectiveness depending on the environment or the fit on your ears. I feel like bno probably did not get a chance to perfect this algorithm, as the noise cancellation will not blow you away like the way it did on the sony, xm4 or the bose quiet comforts, but they are able to cancel out most major low range frequencies. Like the noise of tires on a road when inside a car but for an earbud that cost this much money, i had a little bit of higher expectation inside each earbud. On the bioplay ex there is a 9.2 millimeter diameter electrodynamic speaker driver with powerful neodymium magnets. What this means is that they are more louder, has more bass and a bigger, sound stage than any of bang and lofsans previous generation of earbuds, and why wouldnt they, as these are the biggest driver they have ever put on a true wireless earbud.

The sound signature is still very much balanced or neutral, which means it is going to be a beast for listening all types of genres, plus you can customize them via the b o app. If you need something extra and as usual, you get exceptional level of accuracy. On all frequencies, which means, if you want to listen to what was recorded on the studio, then the bioplay ex will give a true and accurate rendering of the master mix. However, on lower volume levels and with anc off the base might not come as thumpy and the sound stage might feel a little bit cramped. But it all goes away if you crank up the volume to over 70 percent or if you just turn the anc on. But then again, if you like, deep bass and dont mind your sound getting muddy, then these earbuds are not going to be for you. If you listen to complex tracks like from the album liquid tension, experiment or bands such as tool or porcupine tree or even classical music, where there is a lot of silence in between tracks, then you will find no digital compression, which is brilliant. So the viewplay ex has three earphones on each of their earbuds for calls, and the result is very good. I mean theyre able to cancel almost all possible background noise, ranging from high to low with a great degree of accuracy which makes these earbuds simply outstanding when taking calls outdoors or indoors.

Just have a listen to this sample. Mic test testing the microphone of the buildplay ex mic check; mic tech123123 mic tech mic tag, one two, three one, two three one, two three overall im really impressed with the bioplay ex the main feature for me, when i decide to buy an earbud is their sound Quality and my god have bno delivered the bioplay ex are getting closer every day to monitor grade gearbox, as it can pick up the tiniest of details. If you are an audiophile, then these earbuds are a no brainer, but i do understand that there is a lot to consider and you may not feel as strongly as me, especially when the price tag is so high, but to pure play, excess credit. The call quality and the ip57 waterproof rating are undeniably good features to have yeah the noise cancellation and battery life are quite average, but these are features. I think that i can live without, but thats just me please. Let me know what your thoughts are on. The comment section down below and if you enjoyed watching this video, then please like, share and subscribe.