com and after doing a lot of research and hunting for whats new and most useful ive hit on a bunch of gear from joby today. Ill. Take a look at the joby gorillapod 3k pro kit, which im using with the joby grip tight mount for magsafe in this review. Ill show you what this small tripod kit can do, how it works and ill look at whether i think its a goodbye for you. An early heads up, if you end up liking this video and finding it helpful to please hit that like button and consider becoming a subscriber both those things help me keep making more videos that i hope everyone out there can watch enjoy and learn from. So what exactly is a gorillapod in a nutshell, its a flexible tripod, its small enough to sit on a table or a desk and allows you to have your phone camera or tablet in a stationary position for filming and ive. Even seen. Some folks use this as a monitor, stand for small screens or lighting. Unlike a standard tripod, you can bend and flex the legs of the gorillapod wrapping it around railings or posts, or even around tree limbs, places where a flat surface just wont get the job done. For you, you can even wrap it around your wrist or hold it like a selfie stick. So what is the joby gorillapod? 3K pro in particular, some joby models, mainly the smaller ones or those that are designed for lighter duty, are made using whats called abs plastic, but the 3k pro kit here is actually made of metal and its designed to be a bit more rugged, durable and to Manage heavier weight gear.

Each of the legs is made from 10 articulating aluminum ball sockets with rubberized ring and foot grips, and each socket can be adjusted, rotated and bent into almost any position, meaning the legs are super flexible, but they also stay where you put them. This sturdier version is designed to hold a maximum of 6.6 pounds or 3 kilograms and it easily managed both my point and shoot and a canon, dslr camera. You can mount gear to the gorillapod using the threaded mount or use the arca swiss mount to more securely hold a camera. These mounts will sit on top of the ball head, which you can swivel tilt drop to horizontal and even use to pan smoothly. The flexible construction of the gorillapod 3k pro here allows you to get the perfect shot, even if that means just holding one of its legs. Not only is the joby gorillapod 3k pro flexible, but you can also extend its use with add on products. Joby actually sells a couple of extra arms that you clip right in here to the bottom of the mount, and you can use those extra arms to add things like lights or microphones. To your rig, too, i opted to use my gorillapod with the hybrid griptight mount for magsafe. This mount is genius in that you can stick your phone in magnetically with a magsafe case or flip the jaws into place, and they can grip your phone physically. It will hold phones from about 64 to 86 millimeters wide and it had no problem at all with my apple iphone, 13 pro max, even with a case on and itll also turn 360 degrees.

This flexible mount also has two threads, so you can attach those extra articulating gorilla, pod arms and connect your joby light and a joby huevo pro shotgun mic too. I really love this mount its actually perfect for using my phone, and it is super versatile if a pal wants to borrow it too. In the few weeks i spent with this gear, i used the tripod and the mount in a variety of ways. I attached the joby light to the gorillapod and used it to light. My zoom calls. I used the gorillapod with mag safe mount to get product b roll both as a tripod and like a steady cam in motion. I used it to record videos using both my smartphone and my camera, and i definitely took advantage of its wrapping legs to take some cool videos. Outdoors overall, i couldnt be happier with both the joby gorillapod 3k pro kit and the hybrid grip tight mount for magsafe. These accessories make it super easy to up my production game by providing a stable surface and easy handhold and flexible mounting solution for both my smartphone or my camera. I am honestly having a really difficult time, trying to come up with any downsides or negatives for either of the pieces of this kit. I guess if i had to point something out its that i had a plastic version of the gorillapod tripod and after about six or eight years of use, the joints had become so loose that it would just splay out and tip over.

But that is the smaller plastic version and it lasted about six or eight years of pretty much constant video use and maybe abuse. So you can take that as you will ill leave it at this. I can definitely recommend both the gorillapod and the griptight mount for you and your video or photography productions. The joby gorillapod 3k pro kit sells for about 159 us dollars or 199 canadian, while the hybrid grip tight mount for magsafe costs about ‘ us dollars or 59. Canadian, you can find them both from jobys website or on amazon. If you want to read this review or reference any of what ive talked about here, you can head over to for a full write up there. You can ask me any questions you have about either of these two pieces of gear. You can also post them here in comments below. Thank you so much for watching im erin until the next time you can find me on either twitter or instagram im at aaronlyc. You can also always catch me on facebook, at facebook.